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Moving On Death Poems

These Moving On Death poems are examples of poetry about Moving On Death. These are the best examples of Death Moving On poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Hard Beginning
A Hard Beginning

The cough continues. 
My head... aches, 
but there are needles in my eyes, 
that will not stop poking my lids. 
Everything hurts today,...

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Categories: death, america, art, atheist, caregiving,

my tips for dealing with shame
My tips for dealing with shame

Set up a camera 
Get naked
And stand in front of the lens
Walk in a circle 
And watch the tape...

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Categories: death, community, deep, identity, inspirational,

Circle Of Life
Life's a journey with lots of twists and turn,
leading the way through hitches,
making my soul burn,
Strong men show no fear nor pain,
while traveling the path...

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Categories: death, depression, journey, life,

Mami Owon
It is so true that good mothers are rare.
In the furious face of hunger,
And in the ferocious jaws of sickness
You have always been near.

Mami Owon,

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Categories: death, mother,

Premium Member Judging Others
Judging Others…
whimsical law?

It is a kangaroo court, 
and the clowns have just arrived. 
Dressed in suits and ties, 
eating pies.

They think they know best, 

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Categories: death, betrayal, confidence, gender, leadership,

Premium Member Slipping

What is expected
from perfection?
Do your best,
and none can find fault. 
The level of your challenge, 
needs to be higher,
than your attainable goal. 

Help others rise...

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Categories: death, america, angel, community, history,

Premium Member In A Word












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Categories: death, grief, loss, moving

Premium Member Good News
Good News

Stop talking about things that make me mad. 
I hate when you are on your high-horse. 
I hope it bucks you off. 
Turn on...

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Categories: angel, death, faith, friendship


It looked such a sorry sight
Standing in the shed
Covered in rust and dust
With just a trace of red

A vibrant red with a flash of black

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Categories: animal, car, death, destiny,

Premium Member How Many Deaths
I look back to see how many deaths I’ve faced
The dead lie at intervals throughout
My life

Wisdom tells me to not look back
But I can’t keep...

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Categories: death, death of a

Premium Member If I
If I

Were exactly what you needed…
you would be mine now. 
I would sadly die however, 
as… if that were true? 
I would be in heaven....

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Categories: death, butterfly, hope, marriage, moving

Premium Member Lurking Darkness
Lurking Darkness

Sleep now my love, 
you have earned a great rest. 
It has been hard on you.
It has been hard on us. 
There is still...

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Categories: death, anti bullying, hope, how

Premium Member - Haunted Cemetery -
Death under chilly crow's feets
A place for rest, reserved for kings and thieves
Not lost, but resurrected - on the last days treats

You will never come...

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Categories: angst, death, moving on,

Premium Member conjugation
you disappear
i disappear
all disappears

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Categories: death, future, life, loss,

Apathy or Pain
Who was your first disconnect?
      Your mom? Your brother?

Your father after he passed away?

I did that you know,

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Categories: dad, death, father, moving

Premium Member John is Gone
John was here
right in the then 
John is now
why where when
no matter
just gone

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Categories: celebration, death, destiny, devotion,

Life Plays With Death
I’ve been needing your lies 

I’ve been craving your poison 

I’ve been missing your demons 

I’ve been loving your hater 

While I was playing with...

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Categories: anxiety, cry, dark, death,


Sitting at a table
by himself
glancing at the menu
feeling lonely
reminiscing about
his wife and
how she passed
he lingered a while

On his way out
discretely he left enough
to cover the...

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Categories: death, grief, inspirational, lonely,

Premium Member WEDDING RINGS

Clouds every day
With you away
Often feeling blue and low
Seldom alone though
As I wear our wedding rings
The simplest of things
We used to do
Aren’t the same without...

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Categories: death, grief, life, lost

Premium Member I'M FOREVER DYING
After laying, 
my mother to rest, 
in her bed of pine, 
how I detest, 
that she sleeps, 
so deep,
so peacefully,  
leaving me behind.

Her abuse...

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Categories: death, child abuse, childhood, conflict,