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Sympathy Death Poems

These Sympathy Death poems are examples of Death poems about Sympathy. These are the best examples of Death Sympathy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Torn Seams
Carrying the weight of loss...

After all these years,
I still have unanswered questions
ripping me apart.

Trying to repair
an unraveling life.

I don’t know how
to sew, not like you.

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Categories: analogy, death, grief, heartbroken,

The scab, or For Donna
Covered thinly, by a bloody clot.
Unwelcome obligations to eat, sleep, dress
That your body is still here
is the best that can be said 
of this,
the first...

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Categories: anniversary, bereavement, body, death

Premium Member CROSSROADS

A shadow of your former self

I barely recognized you

Surprised to meet you here today

At the cancer treatment ward

In the lobby of life’s casualties


submitted on February...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, death, destiny,

The gate of freedom
No one could tell the gate of freedom
Except the one made the whole things
Earthly life is locked in the fog of unknown 
And trying to...

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Categories: death, dream, freedom, life,

Death Is Nowhere Near
In the moment as I die, I shall cry
With pity, joy, and sympathy.
Memories rushing before my inner eye.

On the day I die, I'll say nothing,

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Categories: death,

It's hard to say goodbye
I am asking God why?
I just want to cry
You left us today
I finally found the words to say
You went away
I am...

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Categories: bereavement, death, farewell, goodbye,

Rest In What You're Doing
You get what you give 
Now I'm simply returning the favor 
Of all the deception 
You so graciously delivered

Around you I only smile 
Despite the...

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© Sean Wolff  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, death, heartbreak, lost

Taken to Heaven
Please take my friend to heaven
For this to you Lord I implore
Don’t let her at all suffer
I pray for this not to happen anymore.

She’s been...

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Categories: christian, death, emotions, heartbreak,

Premium Member Soulmate Soul
Dear Beloved,

I write this to you my deceased love 
May wildfire words glow from these parchment pages
Like soothing sage to your eternal endless eyes
For I’m...

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Categories: death, goodbye, heartbreak, miss

Another one lost in Despair
We lost a friend, his heart so broken.
His weary woes were left unspoken.
He hurt inside with out release.
It must of brought him to his knees.

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Categories: anxiety, bereavement, death of

Siren Cryin'

She was Shreveport sitting on the front porch
that warm February Louisiana evening
When the cold, shrill code blue    siren news
slowly,   solemnly...

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Categories: bereavement, death, pain, sorrow,

A higher grave
Take my life away from me,

No more false self empathy,

Take my breath, and integrity,

Take this world from my eye,

Remove all which makes me cry,

Show me...

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Categories: absence, death, farewell, goodbye,

Premium Member FLOWERS

flowers at the foot
of a cross
by the roadside

posted on September 2, 2018...

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Categories: death, flower, remember, spiritual,

Ear to Lend
From broken bottles
to pipes and homes

faced sucked in 

when did it start?

when did it begin?

my friend?

why do you feel the end?

Those are emotions not...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, death of

Time to Go
Here i am bed-ridden
With troubles ive hidden
From family and friends
Who no longer care

But i wont complain 
Though theres constant pain
For deep down inside
Its my very...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member - The Barents Sea -

On Coast Guard Nordkapp
My neighbor presumed dead - drowned
Young man nineteen years

Military service
Life ended too abruptly
Deeply missed and loved

Rest in peace, Sindre

Sun :) - A-L...

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Categories: death of a friend,

Premium Member I LIVED LIFE MY WAY
There comes a day
When our time on earth takes us away
Everything in rewind 
Running through your mind
It's all on display 
In the most wonderful way

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Categories: bereavement, death of a

Premium Member Soar Now

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© TJ Silba  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bereavement, christian, death, emotions,

Just when we thought everything was ok 
you both turned around and went the other way
A precious little girl who had a hard time getting...

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Categories: angel, death, feelings, loss,

Premium Member With Poppy Red I Paint It Black
Feeling rife with satisfaction, I paint it black,
hours, minutes, seconds, let it bleed as tears go by.
Time waits for no one, she’s so cold -...

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Categories: addiction, death, sad, suicide,