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Boyfriend Anniversary Poems

These Boyfriend Anniversary poems are examples of Anniversary poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Anniversary Boyfriend poems written by international poets.

Come back
You danced, you laughed and I didn't let go of your eyes
I felt you were that love that I expected
That one day I could take...

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Categories: angel, anger, anniversary, anti

Premium Member Love in Yellow
Love in Yellow

I love bananas. 
I wish we had some bananas. 
I love to write the word bananas. 
I think about bananas, 
and… sometimes. 

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anniversary, absence, abuse, age, england,

I love you
His red hair is almost as on fire as my cheeks when he kisses me.
The smile he flashes me from across the room, can make...

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Categories: anniversary, appreciation, boyfriend, cute,

My light
You are my light in life 

You are my love and my only Light,
I get gloomy, 
When you go out of sight
My love for you...

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Categories: 1st grade, angel, anniversary,

Will you still be the same
Will you still be the same.....?
When I tell you every lie I told,
The Secrets buried deep under the sores,
The smile that fades when the past...

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Categories: 12th grade, anniversary, boyfriend,

Perfect Harmony
You are my mirror,
Shining back with a world of possibilities.
You are my witness,
who sees at my worst and best,
and loves me anyway.
You are my partner...

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Categories: anniversary, best friend, birthday,

I am still walking to your heart - The Reply

The faint sound of footsteps lightly plays in the back of my mind,
Like an old song being...

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Categories: anniversary, boyfriend,

The Lost Lover
I got told to not to talk you.
I wanted to know why.
So I asked, I got told all sorts of lies.
So I wanted to find...

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Categories: anniversary, beautiful, beauty, best

At first, then, and now
At first... I was nervous to find, a lover so gentle and so kind
Then when we took time away, I constantly replayed...
A motion picture of...

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Categories: anniversary, boyfriend, care, cute

Woosh, there goes my life
I need to have a gripe
Minute by minute, hour by hour
Absorbing all your fire power
Shouting at me, hear and there
Ceramic crashing...

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Categories: abuse, anniversary, anxiety, boyfriend,

A ll a fluster the pages flew from 
U nder my arm as I bumped into you.
T ime was of the essence, the meeting due....

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Categories: anniversary, autumn, boyfriend,

Loving You
Loving you is feeling complete,
Loving you is an everyday treat.

Loving you is all I need,
Loving you is flying at speed.

Loving you is all consuming,
Loving you...

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Categories: anniversary, boyfriend, husband, i

1st year(In university)
I was sitting in the lecture room, looking at that girl sitting next to me. She was my ‘best friend’. She had nice...

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© Don Bukana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anniversary, absence, adventure, africa, angel,

Two eyes that shines so bright
Two lips that kiss goodnight
Two arms that holds me tight
That adonis of mine

No one could ever know how much
your coming...

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Categories: anniversary, boyfriend, emotions, fantasy,

I Love You
Often, I have uttered these words to myself
Your feminity has entranced my manhood
My vision is focused on your subject matter 
A quick study of a...

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Categories: addiction, anniversary, anxiety, art,

We Are
I love you
Without knowing how.
I crave you.
So, what now?

I will fight,
I will win.
I'll climb that height,
And I'll wear a grin.

Two steps back,
One step ahead.
It's a...

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Categories: anniversary, boyfriend, girlfriend, love,

Only once
Only once......Will someone walk right in front
of you and prepare you for a better future
Only once......will you have the chance to be loved 
As they...

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Categories: anniversary, art, body, boyfriend,

The story
When I look at him I don't see a love story you'd
Read in a book or even see on the movie screen
I do see someone...

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Categories: anniversary, beauty, books, boyfriend,

Loving You
	Loving you has been the highlight of my life
We talk about loving forever and making me your wife.
You smile and the butterflies inside go crazy

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Categories: anniversary, best friend, body,

Life brings
Life brings tears, smiles, and memories, the tears will dry eventually the smiles will fade eventually, but the memories will last forever. So never reply...

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Categories: anniversary, anxiety, betrayal, boyfriend,