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Holiday Poems

Read and share the best poems for the holiday season. Holiday poems relate experiences or feelings one has during or about the holidays. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer and school holidays, or Valentine’s day many poets have written about these moments. Poetry captures the heart and spirit of these celebrated seasons and is an integral part of holiday greeting cards and well-wishing.

New Poems

Premium Member Special Event
basket and lillies 
a springtime special event
easter renews hope...Read More
Categories: appreciation, easter, holiday, hope, spring,
Form: Haiku

Cross in the sky: Come now Man, it is 2020
Today is Good Friday around the world, which even non-Christians respect, or know about. It is also the first time in history that online worshippers during Easter , outnumber in-person Church worship, and overwhelmingly so.

So, imagine my amazement just now,...Read More
Categories: holiday, africa, america, easter, jesus, places, sky, stars,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Loving Kissing and Cuddling
I love loving all day every day.
Kissing and cuddling makes it all right.
Let's cuddle as we sit by the bay.
Watching the boats until comes the night.

Kissing and cuddling makes it all right. 
Your soft fur I love to rub and...Read More
Categories: holiday, cat, cute, horse, kiss, love,
Form: Pantoum
The Logarithmic Death
The Logarithmic Death

I'm on a learning curve and learned today
a straight line means exponential growth, and
the steeper the line, the faster the death toll. 

You saw the number of death this morning?
The tiresome business is all over again.
The stock of...Read More
Categories: holiday, angst,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Jelly Beans
Just for you
Easter Bunny I drew
Lovely multi-colored
Laughing faces, one after another
Yellow sun with orange rays

Blue, red and green stage
Every color of the spectrum seen
And my Easter cake gleams
Numerous colors around its edge graces
Sweet rainbow of Easter through the ages.

...Read More
Categories: fun, holiday, poems, poetry, seasons,
Form: Acrostic

A Seder on Zoom
We’re having a Seder on Zoom
And Passover foods we'll consume.
We’ll eat as a group
Things like matzoh ball soup
But our seats won’t be in the same room.

We’ll read the Haggadah to tell
Of the story we all know so well – 
How...Read More
Categories: holiday, jewish, technology,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Passover 5780
Refresh, Revive, Rejuvenate
  at the Passover Seders
    Festival of Freedom
  followed by the peace of the Sabbath

Three days to pause, to tell the story
  to delve into its myriad meanings
this year, all within the...Read More
Categories: celebration, happiness, holiday, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wearing Lime For Easter
Birds are singing it is Easter time. 
What do I wear for this special date. 
I see my outfit in color lime. 
Flowers on fabric in groups of eight.           ...Read More
Categories: holiday, bird, easter, flower,
Form: Rhyme

Sue’s tears of joy fell like torrential rain,
as she embraced him at the train station.
Her only son had just returned from Spain,
she was overcome with sheer elation.
Homeward bound, they’re deep in conversation,
with his tales of Spain and his holiday ...
It’s...Read More
Categories: holiday, missing you, mother son, travel,
Form: Dizain
Premium Member Wild Country Bears
I went for a walk and what did I see,                              ...Read More
Categories: holiday, humorous, old,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Mother Nature Revealed
Mother's love

One day at a time

Trees full of blossoms

Hear the birds singing

Earth awakening

Rest time is almost over


Now love all

Air renewed

Time is passing

Use what you have

Rejoice you made it

Everlasting changes

4/7/2020...Read More
Categories: holiday, love, mother, nature, tree,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Finding Your Musette In Easter
Easter                                       ...Read More
Categories: holiday, celebration, easter, food, god,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Happy Birthday Dream
Happy Birthday,                                      ...Read More
Categories: holiday, birthday, dream, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…
How many times have we heard this?
on TV, in a play, in a movie… 
Have you ever read it in the bible? 
The very book of life!
He that made all things, 
you, me and the...Read More
Categories: holiday, abortion, abuse, allah, america, angel, dark, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Truth Matters
Truth Matters

That is what I am. 
That is okay with me. 
I work hard, 
Have a family. 
I support my wife, 
and my own kids. 
I even adopted a couple…

I am made to pay. 
I am made to do...Read More
Categories: holiday, abortion, addiction, allah, america, angel, anger, atheist,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Angels in Blue
Angels in Blue
Saints in Green

The hospital is a cold and sterile place. 
It is not meant to be…
warm or nice. 
It is meant to be a building…
set aside; 
to let life win and death, 
have no chance at all. 

The...Read More
Categories: holiday, angel, heart, heaven, holocaust, horse, how i
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Pineapple Delight
Pineapple Delight

Today is the first day, 
The rest will all just follow, 
and sometimes get in the way. 
There will be good times, 
bad times, 
out of work, 
of out of money, 
and even dreadful mistakes. 
The kind, 
that can...Read More
Categories: holiday, addiction, creation, devotion, heaven, hello, howl, insect,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Filial Child
Filial Child 

Halfway to heaven, 
so thrilled to be saved.
My life, 
changed forever.
Filled with your spirit,
wrestles to serve. 

On fire…
in the night,
running through the streets, 
until I fall… before You.

Dancing for My Lord, 
To a music that has always been,...Read More
Categories: holiday, angel, dedication, heaven, hope, morning, my child,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Have You
Have You

Ever wondered how it happens?
How the last person stays, 
How they make sure, everyone else gets out?

Ever wonder why?
Is that important? 
As long as we are safe, 
does it really matter who sacrificed;
or more specifically or…
even more importantly what...Read More
Categories: holiday, angel, dance, friendship, grandparents, growing up, heart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Passing of Fear
The Passing of Fear
A mark on the door…

It is so quiet here, 
I believe that I can hear a snake, 
meandering across the dirt road, 
along the backside of the west fence. 
Usually he takes his time, 
but tonight, 
he...Read More
Categories: holiday, angel, courage, happiness, humanity, husband, identity, new
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Storm Front
Storm Front

My voice is quiet. 
I have little to say. 
I am listening instead…

I can hear birds. 
Not a couple, but many.
They are all around. 
They are happy.
They are busy.

The wind…
rustling through, the trees.
I can feel, 
the heartbeat…
of my home....Read More
Categories: holiday, abortion, abuse, allah, anti bullying, atheist, depression,
Form: Free verse
Shopping in the clouds
You’ve walked those streets a thousand times and still
                      You end up here. Regret none of it –Dorianne Laux

...Read More
Categories: art, birthday, community, friendship, holiday, joy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bio Modified Independent Traveler
Independent,                                       ...Read More
Categories: holiday, books, sunset, travel,
Form: Bio
Premium Member A Sunny Day
A sunny day for you,
a sunny day for me.
A day to say,
I love you.
A day for you to say,
you love me too.

Written Date: 3/31/2020...Read More
Categories: holiday, day, love, me, sun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Staying Put
I thought I might join a holiday cruise,
But that was before I looked at the news:
Passengers halted at the barrier,
Any of them might be a carrier,
I would rather not be in their tight shoes....Read More
Categories: boat, holiday, sea,
Form: Quintella

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