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Holiday Poems

Read and share the best poems for the holiday season. Holiday poems relate experiences or feelings one has during or about the holidays. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer and school holidays, or Valentine’s day many poets have written about these moments. Poetry captures the heart and spirit of these celebrated seasons and is an integral part of holiday greeting cards and well-wishing.

New Poems

Premium Member A Holiday Season Prayer
A Holiday Season Prayer
Written: by Miracle Man

Lord, in your return let each take thrill,
And direct lost hearts unto your will.

Make fast each stride from evil doing,
Let areas deemed gray become eschewing.

So in an alone mode, no one feels today,
Place in...Read More
Categories: holiday, god, prayer, time,
Form: Couplet

Christmas Sounds
I sneaked down the stairs on my own
To catch Santa working alone
But there stood my mama
Without her pajama
And Saint Nick was doin' some moan

Contest: Holiday Themed Limerick
Sponsor: Tania Kitchin...Read More
Categories: holiday, christmas,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Santas Elf
( Santas Elf )

There once was an elf from nantucket
He threw Santas toys in a bucket
Santa was flamming
because of his aiming
So Santa changed the elf to a puppet

Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

Holiday Themed Limerick

11/17/2019...Read More
Categories: funny, holiday,
Form: Limerick
Generic Heartwarming Christmas Movie
It seems that minutes after Halloween,
before we’ve even seen the first bits of snow,
the Christmas movies are flooding our screens,
and I think we know how they’ll all go.

Start with an actress that’s half-forgotten,
who in teen films once took off her...Read More
Categories: holiday, art, celebration, christmas, film, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme

At Christmas he’s a busy chap -
and rarely has time for a nap
  But to his surprise
  He got a huge rise
When Mrs Claus sat on his lap!

Holiday Themed Limerick Poetry Contest

checked with how many syllables


(Mrs classed as...Read More
Categories: holiday, christmas, humorous,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Words that Hurt
Words that Hurt

Fill in the blank.
Keep writing.
Stop crying.

It worked.

...Read More
Categories: holiday, abuse, anti bullying, anxiety, art, atheist, death,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Lawn Mower Facts
Lawn Mower Facts

Briggs and Stratton is number one, 
Grandpa use to say…
They will last until the cows come home.
Then he dreamed a bit…

The Deere, Oh John, he plows forever, 
If you can afford one, that is. 

Fixing things that did...Read More
Categories: holiday, blessing, butterfly, chocolate, devotion, encouraging, forgiveness, grandfather,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Gun
The Gun

On the wall above the fire place, 
Grandpa’s rifle still sits. 
I take it down now and then to clean, 
but put it back every time. 
That is where it belongs. 

Grandpa shot deer and elk, 
He even shot...Read More
Categories: holiday, allah, america, encouraging, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, heaven,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Holy Night
Holy Night

My dearest friend, 
I know we believe in the same God. 
He loves you, and your family. 
He loves me and mine. 
Let us agree together,
That we love Him. 

Jesus born, a baby in a manger. 
A single man,...Read More
Categories: holiday, allah, angel, children, christian, christmas, culture, jewish,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Making of Cookies
The Making of Cookies

The lost art of putting, 
flower, sugar, vanilla,
and cream together.
More than small cakes, 
a distance…
far past “home made”, 
to the sheer land of magic.

Recipes handed down, 
from grandmother, 
(and grandfather)
to mother, 
(and father)
to daughter,
and son, 
and again....Read More
Categories: holiday, angel, chocolate, christian, christmas, cinderella, faith, family,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Our Christmas Wreath
Our Christmas Wreath

At the door there is a big ring. 
It is made of pine and has several cones. 
There is one for each member of Our Home. 
There are lovely red ribbons, for all those we care about. 
You...Read More
Categories: holiday, angel, chocolate, christian, christmas, december, encouraging, family,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Seducing Santa

I saw mom and Santa having a chat
She told him he was much too fat
She then grabbed his behind
With eyes closed kissed him blind
Then they both fell on the mat

Holiday Themed Limerick
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin...Read More
Categories: holiday, christmas, parents, romantic,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Boxes of Hope
Boxes of Hope

In the attic there is tensile. 
Bright and lovely, reflective pieces
of fluff to begin the journey. 

One, two, three,
a dozen cardboard containers. 
I thought we stopped saving,
and saved less last year?
Everything soon is down. 
A mountain of maybes,...Read More
Categories: holiday, appreciation, cancer, confusion, death, dedication, depression, funeral,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member In Town
In Town

My skin crawls. 
I know he is here, near.
I can tell, and I want to yell.
But I do not. 
I never will again. 
I never wanted to then. 
This is different. 
Things are not,
the same.

You can not come to...Read More
Categories: holiday, abuse, anger, cancer, chocolate, christian, fear, forgiveness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Butterfly, My Love
Butterfly, My Love

You have hair like golden silk. 
You laugh like clear water running over stones. 
Your eyes, they are the color of the sky, 
clear or stormy, matters not, they are the same. 

You have wings unseen. 
I know…
You...Read More
Categories: holiday, celebration, crazy, daughter, grandchild, heaven, jesus, mum,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member A Blanket from the Bin
A Blanket from the Bin

The cold hospital is not an evil place, on purpose. 
It is frozen to slow down the progress of death. 
It is harder to attack that way, (“demise”)  it moves sluggishly…
Allows doctors, nurses, caretakers and...Read More
Categories: holiday, appreciation, death, health, heartbreak, humanity, inspirational, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member California Cold
California Cold 

Rented cars…
every month the cost?
Bread and milk.
To go get my kids. 
I had to. 
My own car was bad, 
unreliable, and dangerous. 

Custody, and Judges decided, 
the penalty I was to pay 
for making bad decisions, 
was...Read More
Categories: holiday, anti bullying, conflict, divorce, forgiveness, funeral, grief,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Mom, I can
Mom, I can

I am six today, 
that is big enough. 
I can be the man…
of the house. 
I can do,
what needs done. 

Don’t worry.
Don’t fear.
I can do anything.
God is with me. 

I learned at Sunday church, 
That David slew a...Read More
Categories: holiday, absence, betrayal, childhood, chocolate, christmas, courage, divorce,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unseen Needs
Unseen Needs

The angel watched the woman, 
filling up her purse, with leftovers…
usually thrown out at the end of 
the gathering. 
She was careful to make sure, 
only to take, what no one wanted, 
what no one had use of, or...Read More
Categories: holiday, bereavement, best friend, confusion, daughter, dedication, mom,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Dust in the Attic
Dust in the Attic

The tree, 
I have to take it down. 
It is heavy and I am tired,
before I start. 
That is not going to stop me. 
Others count on me. 
Well, not many, 
but a few.
I wish that I...Read More
Categories: holiday, blessing, celebration, christian, christmas, december, gospel, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Careful Words
Careful Words

Often our mouth(s) is(are)
two steps ahead of, 
anything we think. 
That is if we think at all.
Which remains to be seen, 
or in this case read. 

Did I offend you? 
How did that happen?
Please don’t tell me, 
as to...Read More
Categories: holiday, allah, america, discrimination, freedom, jesus, patriotic, political,
Form: Free verse
Veterans Day

As we remember those who Served our country this day, Let God hear our prayers and everything we say.
Watch over these men and women who serve with your Mighty light, when they defend our Country while in a fight.
Lord today...Read More
Categories: faith, family, god, history, holiday, military, veterans
Form: I do not know?
Giving Thanks
As We sit with our family and Sometimes  with friends we Love, 
Let's remember those who have less asking the Lord to Watch over them from Above.
Let's give thanks for the food we are about to eat, 
The Turkey,...Read More
Categories: holiday, family, food, friendship, humanity, military, thanksgiving, thanksgiving
Form: I do not know?
so I know
"so I know"

some look on and see both you and me
many winks many touches many smiles
glances tell them what we feel
so I see

some look on and hear both me and you
many whispers many laughs many songs
voices of love tell them...Read More
Categories: holiday, love, romance,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Black Friday
( Black Friday )

Here it comes again, grab your grocery carts and run
They scam your mind, before you even see the sun
Each year it seems too early, Thanksgiving they ignore
All they care about is money, cause all they want is...Read More
Categories: holiday,
Form: Rhyme

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