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Kids Slam Poems

These Kids Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Slam Kids poems written by international poets.

When Can I Decide
We live in a world of brainwashed morality,
A world where the assumed romantic preference is the opposite sex,
A world where we expect people to marry...

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© Haxer Ling  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, children, growing up, kid,

I lose my fingers keeping count
the number of kids lost by murder count
in the eastern districts media houses dread
Patches of brown-black roofs on aerial view

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Categories: africa, slam, society,

That's not love
Don't confuse love. Love is a feeling that will make you feel alive. Love is what you give, not what you get. Love is a...

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Categories: slam, allusion, anger, growth, hate,

The Greatest Nation of them All
Little pebbles of broken glass, litter the streets, but the children run barefoot anyway.
Stubbing toes, contracting disease, playing with cigarette butts and discarded syringes.
The teens...

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Categories: addiction, imagery, slam, society,

The Uncontained
he parlayed a condom full of nouns
in bold thrusts of the quill
for the para structuralist cadres
many of them freeway orphans
who won't even read a stoplight

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Categories: crazy, howl, humanity, slam,

The Perfectionist is Listening
The Perfectionist is Listening

the rich are committing suicide
and taking us with them
the prosthetic limbed bastards
Fort Darwin tottering on fewer stilts
once the masters of the universe

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Categories: slam, universe,

Teacher Dont Teach Me Nonsense
Don't teach me nonsense
Seed my mouth and amplify the need for rare manuscripts 
100 % my degree in exams 
Spelling my conversational law facts 

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Categories: slam, anti bullying, education, poetry,

Two Faced Dreamer
He had a dream while he was awake
He wanted to inject fatness in their flat tummies 
Those kids lazy to kill a fly on their...

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Categories: art, poetess, poets, slam,

A Speaking Poem
I am your words
Look at my face 

I look like your angry poem 
I am your word
I speak with your thoughts, wrongs pipes and fonts

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Categories: adventure, africa, slam, spoken

Hey innocent creatures and fellow addicts
I am famous because of your littered affections
Thank you for keeping me in your body temples 
It’s been a minute...

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Categories: slam, slavery, soldier, spoken

Roast of an UNNAMED Poet
He's packin' magic Viagra
Muse infused grooves set the mood
grab ya' and stab ya' 
we're opposites 
still we speak the same language 
teach and preach truth

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Categories: allegory, history, rap, slam,

Boys Will Be Boys
The stars reached back
Each night
When I prayed that I would wake up and the pain would be over
And that everything everyone had ever said to...

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Categories: slam, anger, anti bullying, betrayal,

For The Love Of Meth
 you got a face that only a mother could love
and it screams for the love of meth
if you counted your teeth by twos 

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Categories: abuse, addiction, slam,

  Renegades Foreva!

Renegade teenage rage babes 
thinkin’ they all grown, all knowin’ 
when they seedlin’s barely sown
bleedin’ teenage angst with teenage crankst
always rhymin’ and...

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Categories: growing up, rap, slam,

Premium Member Traffic Jam Slam
Traffic Jam Slam

Who dresses them up and puts them in cars
gives them their keys as they leave the bars
these drivers who sit at the red...

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Categories: slam,

To see her blog, adorned with pastel tones
Widens the gap that pervades my bones
For now we eat her passing meal of plain white rice
Leaving us...

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© Tom Hyam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, angel, art, beautiful, black

I blame me
I blame me for all my mistakes
I blame me for all the rejection and heartache
I blame me for all the times I stayed silent 

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© humble b  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, allegory, childhood, confusion, courage,

All we want is to be famous, no matter what we are famous for, we will do it
Everyone seems happy
Everyone loves to entertain 
Everyone wants to be famous
But will you make it in this world

Pick Me Pick Me yea
im the best shot...

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Categories: slam, depression, life, music, people,

Girth Control
When you make your wife into a baby machine
You can’t complain there’s not enough food to eat

I mean, what were you thinking with ten kids...

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Categories: people, slam, food,


you try 
hummer  beamer 
white collar job
picket fence home
adulteries and mistresses
to strip me of pride
years of knuckle fighting 
to have it by my side

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Categories: slam, me, prejudice,