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Depression Slam Poems

These Depression Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Slam Depression poems written by international poets.

We Don't Know Us
Crowds of people closing in on every side 
Trapped on all ends  
Just want to hide 
Can’t see my friends 
Swells like a black...

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Categories: slam, anxiety, depression, emotions, hope,

Living With Long Covid After 19
How melancholy I yawn then sigh 

When recalling who I was 2 year's
ago just before Covid-19 struck
I was doing alright getting bye ok
But fast forward...

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Categories: depression, sad, slam,

but caught on a dime, stopped in time. almost but not quite mine.
captured a room, heart in a tomb. almost want to head to the...

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Categories: slam, depression, heartbreak, me, repetition,

Long In the Tooth Male Doth Recount Reflect Reimagine
Long in the tooth male doth recount, reflect, reimagine...
his woebegone damn dental daze today May 5th, 2021 

No particular rhyme nor reason
garden variety indentured flunky...

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Categories: slam, 2nd grade, absence, age,

Let's Play Pretend
Let's play pretend 
Pretend you are the hero and I am the damsel in depression 

You sold me a magic future you'd crafted out of...

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Categories: slam, abuse, addiction, anger, dark,

Premium Member Change
'Not much work since automation
'Push a button's 'bout all that's left
And I January
They'll have a button that will push itself

Change is coming
Change is going

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Categories: slam, angst, career, cry, depression,

It's Not Depression
I forgot what it's like to laugh 
To laugh and be in a moment 
I forgot what it's like to smile 
And be filled with...

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Categories: slam, bullying, deep, depression, loneliness,

The Fight
I’m suffocating in here
I’m the one I have to fear.
Broken glass pierces through the soles of my feet
Yet somehow I can’t accept defeat.
Someone call the...

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Categories: fire, sad, slam, spoken

Who Are You
Who are you?

When the lights are off and your heartbeat is dense,
Do you question your time or space or this everlasting sense?
Does your mind run...

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Categories: slam, absence, anxiety, depression, emotions,

Sad Song
I dreamt of you again last night,
I held you with all my might,
Tears flowed from my face,
As I yearned to never leave your embrace.
The smell...

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Categories: slam, death, depression, dream, love,

Handling Anxiety In 10 Easy Steps
1. Remember to take all of your prescribed medication. Don't ever skip a day because you never know when you might snap.
2. Cancel all your...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, slam, spoken

Death of a Lover
The day she left 
The world shattered
The day I found her
Splayed on the floor
I went back to the winter
When her and I laid side by...

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Categories: slam, dark, death, depression, lost

Do you know what it's like?
Never wanting to wake up.
What it's like to be laying in bed
With all of these thoughts going through your head

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Categories: death, depression, slam,

A Town Called Rotgut
saloons are just another form of dealing with depression
I hate drinking away nights
saying yes to bartenders
saying no to reality 
take a dip in the cold...

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Categories: slam, absence, abuse, angst, dark,

A Grand Slam
An applaud in negative
In writing or voluble,
Appreciate one must
To further spring up,
A poetic grand slam !

Sarcastic comments
Take digs at you,
Aggressive remarks
The missiles,
To drop you dead...

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Categories: slam, conflict, courage, introspection,

Book: Shattered Sighs