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Love Slam Poems

These Love Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Love. These are the best examples of Slam Love poems written by international poets.

The Guest of a Sinner
'The Guest of a Sinner'

“The Guest of a Sinner”

The guest of a sinner
climbing heights to
away from titles
above the crowd,
unrealistic expectations
solely to meet with God
in flesh...

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Categories: slam, allusion, black african american,

Stay with me my love
Stay with me love
and lay in the brightest sun
the one that flows so effortlessly
from me and the flowers around you

I know I could keep you...

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Categories: slam, 12th grade, beautiful, betrayal,

Shadow Life

Shadow Life

And the reaching
And the feeling
And the drops 
from the ceiling

On my head
On my shoulders
Weight of the 
world boulders

And the mornings
Not like night time
Offers brightness

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Categories: slam, anxiety, black love, change,

Sex Batteries Slam
If Sex Be

The Gift or Toy's of Love

Then the Batteries 

Must be what provide the Shock's 

When Chemistry Flops



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Categories: slam, lost love,

Eleven Eleven War is Over Slam
I hasten to place much faith in idle talk 
Reality tells me i am never getting out of here
Rather I am destined to die here...

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Categories: slam, war,

Premium Member One Little Smile
When I look up and see your smile,
knowing it's directed at me.
It makes it all seem worthwhile,
It's all that I need to see.

A smile that...

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Categories: appreciation, love, slam, smile,

Rattling Rim Shot

So you took your best shot,
but sadly it rimmed out
Rocket swish arc reached for the brightest star ... 
only to receive 
a missed blastoff launch...

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Categories: lost love, metaphor, slam,

Good Grief Slam Champ
If you are not a Love Thief
And lack self Belief


And God willing 

At the break come early Dawn

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Categories: blessing, slam,

Slam i want her as my daughter in law Son
You are thicker than summer night humid air
Sweating beneath a ceiling fan
Wishing it would stop

You are the Butterfly to my Moth

You love in spade's 

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Categories: love, slam,

Premium Member A Gentle Slam
Simply unaware....or perhaps I don't care
what others say or do
It's partially true
I'm through

Used to care what they think
of my words, of my ink
not anymore....
So much...

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Categories: slam, community, poetry, poets,

Leaving Alone
I saw you from the distance ;
I saw you in my dream ;
You are the queen of my dream.
When I saw you in actual;
You are...

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Categories: slam, spring, teen love,

Eat the Excrement

Government policies that toilet stink
Presidentially approved 
by a potty-mouth politrician rat-fink

Give the progressive town halls
more executive bathroom stalls
Read the foul language scrawls 
on the Oval...

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Categories: political, satire, slam, truth,

You Cant Handle This Slam
Baby girl let me explain sultry charms
See men fall into my arms
Come to my place look in, have a peak
If I wanted, me and your...

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Categories: slam, rap, rude,

When people say, I can't rhyme

When people say, "I can't rhyme"
Believe me, I don't give them time
"You are lazy", which you want to hide
Instead, you may please confide

Rhyming demands hard...

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Categories: satire, slam,

Premium Member Poser: Slam Time
So you think you can beat me?
You might as well just flee.
All I do is rhyme.
You can’t earn you a dime.
Delusional, you must be.

My rhymes...

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Categories: slam,

Beatle Mania Love Slam
Dear John,
My name is Paul
Let it be
Can't buy me love
In this working class town
Where the Beatles came from
Meanwhile back
Sgt Peper 
Plods the beat
Down Penny Lane

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Categories: love, music, slam,

Political Slam
In the modern age
Of canvassing 
Before Political Elections 
Isn't it funny ?
How threat's seem to happen 
To National Security
So strength and leadership can be 

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Categories: slam,

I'm Home
Don’t cry over my vessel
For it no longer holds me
It was time for it to return to the Dust of the Earth

You’re not suppose to...

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Categories: slam, christian, death, dedication, faith,

Zinc Adulating

Abominable holiday season greeting to the have-nots me and you
Bombshell tabloid sleigh bells got those ear holes ringing
Cut the tax gift wrap ribbon, only good...

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Categories: metaphor, parody, slam, word

Poetic Schedule

Monday ... hit ‘em with a hard ballpoint slam
Shake the weekend ‘nish out of their veins
Tuesday ... hot comb straighten out the political wigs
Give the...

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Categories: poets, slam, symbolism, truth,