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Love Slam Poems

These Love Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Love. These are the best examples of Slam Love poems written by international poets.

Mistress 2 Man
I asked myself

When is the moment any man 
become a mistress unto himself

Is it in fact the day before he falls indefinitely victim under his

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Ponder this before you can't
If memory be a wizened
rainbow string of cotton candy

With i best trying to win in a 
traveling fair a goldfish circling 
in a bag of...

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Premium Member Catch Them Dice
stop telling me, trying to persuade me
that you won’t do what you do no more ‘cause
the first time left me blind but now I see

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Categories: slam, perspective, poems, poetry, society,

Parental Classes
Poor is my life my place

Class is my social cross to bare

As doors i know will rather be
slammed in my face not opend
up for the...

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This 1 is for and on behalf of you and countless others
Tonight i come i write as not me
but for thee

With fashioned , gifted , borrowed , 
lender pen

On behalf of or partial to other's 

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Pining for my love
Wrestler, Sassy Moose Jaw Sal
Body slam scripted

Poem composed: November 24, 2020

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Categories: slam, fun, humorous, longing, love,

Throughout time our numbers have dwindled
Throughout and over a period
of time 

Our numbers may
have been cut taken and dwindled

Yet thankfully love increases
exponentialy upon every anniversary

We light a candle in your...

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Categories: slam,


The spaces an idea or thought
can elevate or drive the spoken
or written word towards

Be they cursid dank and dark 
or brighter than a fireflies belly

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Death Perfect Slam
If i was a betiing man 

I'd go all in and bet my
none exiting inheritance

That just as many people die

On perfect day's

As on the day's


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Some ink runs, not all ink fades
Some ink runs, not all ink fades.

I'll be damned you think you can win that easily.
It's true your words captivate and tease me.
I can't even...

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Categories: slam, betrayal, divorce, first love,

Time Travel
An old wives tale of modern day

Say's do not eat before you swim

So why are cookies compulsory in order
to surf the web ?

A plethora of...

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Categories: slam,

Just how low can i go ?

I really couldn't tell you 

I haven't hit the rock at the bottom yet

Depth is not so much a...

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Categories: life, slam,

JL Giant Poet U Hoo
The Giant's

Of the wonder class
With outstretched looking ears
And pierced whistleblowers lips

Never had a mother
To sew their name into
Their favorite clothes
Or a home with a wardrobe...

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Categories: lost love, slam,

Loud to Death
You tell me i am loud

So much so i could restart the pulse of the dead

So what if i am ?

I am what is says...

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Categories: love, slam,

Truth and love on the rocks
12+ year's but who's counting

Since i stopped marking the anniversary

Of our final touch and kiss

And no 1 to blame but me
And all my baggage of...

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