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Love Slam Poems

These Love Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Love. These are the best examples of Slam Love poems written by international poets.

Upon Receiving Fast Forward to Complaining
In the beginning 

After what began and started out
as a bit of fun and the sheer love
and joy of it

With the simplest innocent of
motivations nothing...

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Shells II Death is Dead Once More For Now
Recall the midwife

To the cenotaph

War is over

For now at least

Nothing but poppy petal buttercup remain 
in tact to blow away this coming eve

Or grow from...

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Categories: love, slam, war,

Uncle Just Play Court Jester
No one tells me anything

For fear I think

Of my brittle nature to the
cold heart truth being exposed

As obviously better than I
they know me

And what fickle...

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i 2 have a Dream
i 2 have a dream

That one day

The poor will have enough
to eat and change to spare

Every child has both a 
mother and father

And clean water...

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SLAM Synchronized Olympics Diving Injustice SLAM
Watching the Olympics news
coverage today

Sadly this is the conclusion 
i came to afterwards

Our British male duo won gold 
in the synchronized diving event

Brilliant yes of...

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His Eyes
when those eyes meet mine
my brains are scrambled, insides liquified
no, they evaporate completely 
butterflies don't live in South America,
they live inside of me
filling me
my stomach,...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, love, slam,

This 1 is Dedicated to you K M N
Critical of when

The true and righteous meaning 
of something is overtaken and 
monopolized for nefarious means
or end


God is given a bad name




Gives Dog's a bad...

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Categories: slam,

When I was 19 years old
I collapsed on my twin size collegiate bed
With my head in my hands
And I sobbed
Because for the first time in...

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Categories: anger, dark, identity, slam,

RL Maybe this means i am finally Growing Up
Slam to Self

If you wish to place higher
in future

Listen to your elders like 
Sir R.L

And don't blame other's if you
fail to listen or observe the

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Categories: slam,

Let's Play Pretend
Let's play pretend 
Pretend you are the hero and I am the damsel in depression 

You sold me a magic future you'd crafted out of...

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Categories: slam, abuse, addiction, anger, dark,

Reason Why do Some Wounds take your longer to Heal than Others
If one was to ask 

Why some wounds take longer
to heal than other's

Maybe it's because

Though the human body
is blessed with miraculous
power's of healing 

Like flesh...

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Categories: slam,

Home James Kansas What i Want 2 Sister
Just this minute finished 
conversing with my sister online

Because i can't visit her or
speak face to face as she still
lives in South Africa where we

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Categories: slam,

Ship Wrecked Home
If i die before i wake

I pray the waves my soul to take

To the bottom of the deepest sea

So i may feel as weightless as

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Categories: slam,

How does an orphan

Vocally display the need
to runaway

What it's like throwing a 
coin into a wishing well

Too curse a spell

Grow not skin but shell

Seek the...

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Poles Apart Slam
If lines and verse are indeed
the tool's we poet's are to use
in order to dictate the thought
process of one's inner soul

Then surely love should capture

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