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Love Slam Poems

These Love Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Love. These are the best examples of Slam Love poems written by international poets.

Honesty about loosing love Slam No Blame no Fault
It was a long time ago
as this story lends

In my late 20's when i dated Nicky
if you could call it that

And I drove a claped...

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Cotton Wool Love Thief Slam
I took a pen to bed with me 1 night
That only i could tell
To comfort all my nightmares away
You see i passed my exams
By counting...

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Clouded Love Slam
A hex,
A spell of dark magic
In witches cauldron to stir

Not for death
But rather to suffer well

In this life not the afterlife

For crimes against my broken...

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Categories: slam, lost love,

Brain Frazzled Slam
My Brain is Frazzled

Been on the Razzle
Since New Year's Eve

Drunk and Disorderly

Body and Mind

Craving a Retreat a Spa

An erstwhile Detox

Clean undies and socks

Deodorant underarm

But most...

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Advice Better Late than Never
Better late than never

I was advised to ask the Doctor
For a home visit

And within just 5 minutes

My Mother was admitted to A&E

Because in all honesty...

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Categories: anger, slam,

Garden Fence Slam
All of a sudden
It feels somehow ok to say i love you now
Whilst praying for the dying
Hoping death forgives live mistakes and misguided hates

The Rushes...

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forever his
she wore the sonnet as clothes
and was naked to all that saw her
she spoke in perfect diction
and pranced around to have all
who wish her well...

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Categories: slam, guitar, jobs, music, mythology,

Slam Telling someone you love them but just can not visit them
I just told my Sister

I Love Her

And it cost me absolutely nothing at all

Apart from my time and cost of the call

Yet left me feeling...

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Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

I have never met Keanu Reeves
Never heard his real time voice
I don’t know how his mind works
Never felt an impact of his choice.

Yet I...

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© Evie HH  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, appreciation, food, imagery, life,

If A Souper Slander My Name
all you write about is them happy old days 
before hair wore thin turned white from grey 
rumour has it bad mouthing my name 

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, anti bullying, character, confidence,

Dear Sissy
Dear sissy,
Do you remember that time when we had that tire rope swing in our grandparents backyard? 
Where every time we got on it, or...

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Categories: slam, age, childhood, growing up,

It's Not You

It's Me

Actually in Truth
That's a Small White Lie 

I have been cheating on you
For a While now 
Having Passionate Sex
With another Guy

And i...

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Categories: slam, lost love,

bumped my oboe against the doir
looking like it should be something special
the right night for us
the need to love
make's this something special
look to the morning
from the crack of dawning
sweet the...

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Categories: slam, autumn, farm, film, funny,

Premium Member Are We Having Fun Yet
You promised again..
That you're a new man
'Things would be different
This time

You said...for sure
You're over her
You're gonna have some fun

We went to a club
Her name came...

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Categories: slam, drink, fun, good night,


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Categories: slam, appreciation, celebrity, food, music,

absence of control
Oh Drugs,
it's been lovely
it's been lonely
it's been a ride 

but i'll never get better
with you by my side 
I'll never get better 
I know cause...

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Categories: slam, addiction, dedication, desire, drug,

The Guest of a Sinner
'The Guest of a Sinner'

“The Guest of a Sinner”

The guest of a sinner
climbing heights to
away from titles
above the crowd,
unrealistic expectations
solely to meet with God
in flesh...

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Categories: slam, allusion, black african american,

Stay with me my love
Stay with me love
and lay in the brightest sun
the one that flows so effortlessly
from me and the flowers around you

I know I could keep you...

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Categories: slam, 12th grade, beautiful, betrayal,

Shadow Life

Shadow Life

And the reaching
And the feeling
And the drops 
from the ceiling

On my head
On my shoulders
Weight of the 
world boulders

And the mornings
Not like night time
Offers brightness

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Categories: slam, anxiety, black love, change,

Sex Batteries Slam
If Sex Be

The Gift or Toy's of Love

Then the Batteries 

Must be what provide the Shock's 

When Chemistry Flops



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