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Love Slam Poems

These Love Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Love. These are the best examples of Slam Love poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Poetry Slam
Does my posture hint who I am
At open mic poetry slam
I prefer to hide behind lime winged words
On my pc or tablet or pen paper...

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Categories: slam, appreciation, poetry,

Premium Member Everybody Wants Good Words
Everybody wants a good word/A pass for fine/Next to leave it alone/ Yet she was mine/ Good intentions/ We had some/ You played to fair/...

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Categories: slam, angst, humanity, love hurts,

We Can Work It Out
We can work it out

If not together

And all else fails 

Than surely alone 

Without suffering the total and
utter indignity

Of our loved one seeing our tears

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Categories: lost love, slam,

The Times They Are Yet Still a Changing and Moving Onwards
Cometh the end of each and every 

January so to with it as well bringeth a 
new year to start a fresh once all over

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Categories: slam,

Not In a Good Place
There’s nothin around me but I’ve found myself stuck
Bleedin and screamin from a pain that’s been struck
But I ain’t tried to seek the person who’s...

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Categories: slam, hip hop, lost love,

I Love Her
I love her
My mind goes on and on when i’m not with her
She’s sweet like dessert
I want her in my arms so I can kiss...

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Categories: love, rap, romantic, slam,

Fragile Contradictions
The things we see can be seen one of two ways
Either full of color or just straight black and white
The coexistence of natural dark and...

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Categories: conflict, slam,

British Traits That Ain'T So Great
We as British people are known around
the world for our own individual traits

Such as we are supposed to be and
thought of as polite

Love ever so...

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Categories: slam,

I Love Everything From Sunrise To Sunset
I love everything that occurs
between sunrise to sunset

When I am and fall asleep 

Even my worst nightmares

As ill take them all day long

Rather than the...

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Categories: slam,

Rockets of Love and Light In a Seemingly Endless Tunnel of Death Personified
Load-shedding be done I don't give a damn

Because Kayleigh just taught me

People are both the electricity and
the juice

The bringer and breather of new
joy and the...

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Categories: love, slam,

Valentine Card Bubble Scarlet Love Letter
To my delight this very eve

My favorite green eyed bubble did appear

And changed my mood

For most definitely the better

The only way I can describe it...

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Categories: slam,

Nail Biting
I have been systematically bitting
my nails since I was 6 year's old 
so I am told

Sometimes way down past where
the skin begins and blood starts


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Categories: slam,

Big Boots Tiny Feet
What's with such

Big Boot's 

With such

Tiny Feet

Is it maybe perhaps because

Right deep down to your inner soul  

You feel incomplete

And the reason why

You love...

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Categories: slam,

5 Week's Later Sadly
Like I said right before 
you came
5 week's would come
and go

One day we would be happily patiently 
eagerly awaiting your arrival
And seemingly the very next...

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Categories: love hurts, slam,

Unwarranted Uninvited Party Pooper Dinner Guest
And here tonight I assumed

This would be just another one
of those average dinner parties

With a stream of boring associates and
their plus 1 partner or other


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Categories: slam,