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Life Slam Poems

These Life Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Life. These are the best examples of Slam Life poems written by international poets.

1 Born Every Minute Price and Cost


The greatest gift on earth

The gift of life itself

Call the Midwife 

1 Born Every Minute

Unfortunately life as we
have come to know it

Is also insatiably...

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Categories: slam,

Not in a Good Place
There’s nothin around me but I’ve found myself stuck
Bleedin and screamin from a pain that’s been struck
But I ain’t tried to seek the person who’s...

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Categories: slam, hip hop, lost love,

GhOsT ZeRo
Only ghosts man these
old frontier outposts now

They rock back and forth on
driftwood chairs on the porches
of the town main street shop's
and saloons 

Hoping and praying...

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Categories: slam,

I Love Her
I love her
My mind goes on and on when i’m not with her
She’s sweet like dessert
I want her in my arms so I can kiss...

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Categories: love, rap, romantic, slam,

Dear Diary Entry Page 13
Dear Diary

I know because I have been forewarned 

That when my name is brought up
and I am mentioned and 
referenced in certain other people's


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Categories: 10th grade, slam,

Choose to Run or Stay
For Anoucheka Gangabissoon
I chose to run but what would have
thing's been like if I had stayed 
30 / 10 / 2022

After my Dad received his...

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Categories: slam,

Free Style Hoedown Dancing with Wall Street Wolves 2 the Sound of Deliverance Banjo Music
Now gather round this here campfire
y'all kind good folk 

Sit down get and make yourselves 
real comfy and toast a marshmallow 

Because this is a...

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Categories: slam,

Having Misgivings
Having misgivings about things
that you have done and did regretting
your past

Unfortunately and sadly is an unavoidable
consequence and fundamental part of life 

Simply no way of...

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Categories: slam,

Play Date No 8
This ain't a playdate

And I am not 8

In fact I am near on pushing the
grand old age of 55

And truth be told I have barely...

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Categories: slam,

Rockets of Love and Light in a Seemingly endless Tunnel of Death Personified
Load-shedding be done I don't give a damn

Because Kayleigh just taught me

People are both the electricity and
the juice

The bringer and breather of new
joy and the...

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Categories: love, slam,

Crossing Bridges And Finishing Lines
So many lines

And bridge's 

Throughout my short life

I have already burnt and crossed 

These are but a few I dare mention 



So many...

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Categories: slam,

1 Day to Ukraine Russia Came
Though I have moved back and forth
so many times throughout my life

I have forgotten half of all the
many lines i have crossed

And the countless relationships...

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Categories: slam, war,

Running out of rhyme
I used to move as fast as cars
runways built in space and mars.
I would dart as far as I could trace 
the words moving off...

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Categories: slam, loss, lost, poetry, self,

Shifting Sand Plateau
In this here vast expansive desert plateau

At the end of the day when the shimmering
heat from the sun dilapdates 

And the only thing that is...

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Categories: slam,

Be Careful What You Wish For
I know and understand in this life

We all have our own individual part's
and roles to play

You have yours as so to I have mine

I only...

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Categories: 4th grade, slam,