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Life Slam Poems

These Life Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Life. These are the best examples of Slam Life poems written by international poets.

Upon Receiving Fast Forward to Complaining
In the beginning 

After what began and started out
as a bit of fun and the sheer love
and joy of it

With the simplest innocent of
motivations nothing...

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Cleopatra Takeaway Egyptian Tears
Cleopatra's take-away 

At the top of our street

Is quite obviously a failing be enterprise

Which it sadly pains me to say

Because there never ever seems to...

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The Promises we make
The meant yet empty 

Promises we make

At any given point in time
throughout our past

However heartfelt are made armed 
with whatever information we have at hand


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Nothing new to see or be here 4
If we we're in fact to know

Ahead of time what is to come
and we're we go

Where and what we
can and should expect

What exactly would be...

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The Curious Case of Christopher PeeWee Flaherty
The curious case 
Christopher Flaherty

Who began and started out in life with
a perfectly normal human sized brain

Born with a wise old head on his
shoulder's old...

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Life is not a Box of Chocs when trying to Step Up
20 so plus teacher educator's

Primed ready

Standing like naughty school children
in line 

Patiently awaiting castigation

From the board , proud parent's and overlord's

Who firmly believe they can...

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Realty or Dream
One fine clear dawn day 

When i awoke from what

At first i thought was quite
obviously a dream

I had a strange epiphany
that what had in fact...

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No time for Liars
  No time for liars no time for cheats
scorekeeper kept my scorecard neat
I played the game clean 
you used a cheat sheet
you got what...

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Categories: conflict, humor, life, slam,

Bleak Reflections
In Bleak reflection

I speak

I think

I write

I later day post

My problems then both
shared and doubled

And so to reflect my
bleak outlook onto
unsuspecting other's

Bleak House

Bleak Life

Bleak in tongues...

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Defrost Knickerbocker Glory Ice Ice Baby
What a rockstar life i live

I just defrosted the fridge freezer

But at least i now have

Plenty of

Ice , ice baby

Only problem is

Pity shame the vanilla

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SLAM Synchronized Olympics Diving Injustice SLAM
Watching the Olympics news
coverage today

Sadly this is the conclusion 
i came to afterwards

Our British male duo won gold 
in the synchronized diving event

Brilliant yes of...

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Infamy , Infamy Life has it Infamy
Infamy , infamy

Whu does life have it infamy

And how do i know this

May i refer you to merely today's
prime example

Earlier i ordered my regular
Chicken Jalfrezi...

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Father nd Father my Child
Oh sweet child of mine

Father n'd Father

I'm so glad i never came

Because knowing me
full well i'm a flake 

And would probably only end
up being want...

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Know this at least i did try 2 reach out 2 U
Confused are you

As i with you

Exactly where and a what point

Did we both in fact get lost

Was it



Was it you

All of which is both now

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Surfing Streaming Slam
Upon a keyboard

Littered with symbols , numbers
and letter's

I surf the so called internet
world wide webb

Type address then click

Into a search engine

Then begin to journey catch...

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