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Funny Slam Poems

These Funny Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Slam Funny poems written by international poets.

So Insanely Selfish and So Unaware You Don'T Yet Expect Other People To Care
I know it's not funny

What it is rather in fact

It's criminally sad

That someone in the first place

Could become or ever be

So full of their own...

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Comeback God sacked a craft sassed to last / 
Grasp no slack or sag with the rap slap/ 
Pressure the bag and tip of the...

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© Kyle Gee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, art, character, crazy, education,

Lucifer Aint It Funny How Scott Always Seems 2 Get Off Free Ohh Father
Ain't it Funny how

Lucifer once said to his father 

Some certain individuals 

No matter how guilty they are 

Or evidence doth incriminate them

Always seem to...

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Dear Diary Entry Page 13
Dear Diary

I know because I have been forewarned 

That when my name is brought up
and I am mentioned and 
referenced in certain other people's


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Categories: 10th grade, slam,

Roses Violets and You
Roses are red, violets are blue
Colors of pew are all over you

... CayCay
February 9, 2022...

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Categories: slam, funny, giggle, nonsense, roses

Peaceful Violence Protest March
Funny how

Eco-warrior's , marchers and so
called peaceful protestors

Love nothing more than when
one of their marches descends

Into fighting mindless thuggery and
random violence

So they can then be...

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Categories: slam,

Talibans Favorite Comedian
Don't know whether

This is true or not

But i heard it through the grapevine

That i am the Taliban leader's

Favorite comedian

So much so they want me 


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Categories: slam,

You Missed My Call
A story with a twist, so sit down so you won't miss this!

Now I'm sitting at home, and dam I'm all alone, wishing this man...

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Categories: slam, addiction, fantasy, funny, poetry,

Eventually Even Stupid I Figured Thus Out
Eventually i

As naive


Stupid as i is

Exposed and solved the clues

Not that they we're in fact

In any way well hidden

Or disguised

My personality lends
itself to being used


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Categories: slam,

False Romance
She went from hating me 
to up for dating me 
I led her on most gratefully 
and left her there to wait for me 


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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, humorous, slam, truth,

Diy Have You Any Tools I Need 2 Fix
Someone reached out
and asked me

Have you any tool's ?

A question to which i replied 

Are you trying to be funny
or facetious

Why apart from me the...

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Categories: slam,

Nothing Strange As Folk
Nothing strange as folk

And to sum this up

Funny how its deemed acceptable
to gossip behind people's backs
and embellish stories with non 
white lies and to be...

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Categories: slam,

No I Am Spartacus
I am Spartacus

No, i am Spartacus

No, i am Spartacus

So am i

Me ?

No sorry i am just here 

For the free bar and buffet...

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Categories: funny, slam,

Lockdown Nothing To Do But Catch Up and Write About It Slam
With the world in lockdown

What is left to do ?

But log onto soup

And write about it 

It's a sorry state of affairs

In solitary confinement

Such as...

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Categories: slam,

Want Want Want Slam
I want to buy a racehorse
So i can name it

I want to have some money left
The day after i have been paid

I want to be...

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Book: Shattered Sighs