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Lyric Slam Poems

These Lyric Slam poems are examples of Slam poems about Lyric. These are the best examples of Slam Lyric poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Are We Having Fun Yet
You promised again..
That you're a new man
'Things would be different
This time

You said...for sure
You're over her
You're gonna have some fun

We went to a club
Her name came...

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Categories: slam, drink, fun, good night,

absence of control
Oh Drugs,
it's been lovely
it's been lonely
it's been a ride 

but i'll never get better
with you by my side 
I'll never get better 
I know cause...

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Categories: slam, addiction, dedication, desire, drug,

Shadow Life

Shadow Life

And the reaching
And the feeling
And the drops 
from the ceiling

On my head
On my shoulders
Weight of the 
world boulders

And the mornings
Not like night time
Offers brightness

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Categories: slam, anxiety, black love, change,

Premium Member The Cowboy Zone
He pulls his hat down tight
With a loco look in his eyes
'Like he's crazier than that bull
He's drawn tonight

He's got a suicide grip
On a one...

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Categories: slam, addiction, anxiety, business, confidence,

Farrago Go Again With My Gallimaufry
A nascent hodgepodge
     of gobbledygook from me,
or alternatively yours
     nada soo true lee,
this incipient harm

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Categories: slam, 10th grade, 12th grade,

MGK Diss, Picking The Lyrics Apart And Taking A Shot Part 2
Go at anyone but didn't think it would be you,
I'm thinking okay but who on Earth are you,
now let's pick it apart and unearth the...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, celebrity, hip hop, rap,

Leaving Alone
I saw you from the distance ;
I saw you in my dream ;
You are the queen of my dream.
When I saw you in actual;
You are...

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Categories: slam, spring, teen love,

Premium Member Cold One
Silence sits between us on this sofa
Even after I apologized
'Thought I might.... be in for some lovin'
But lately...I just haven't seen no signs


Tonight..I'm sitting here...

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Categories: slam, anxiety, conflict, football, how

Slam-en Mental Metal
“Slam-en Mental Metal”
Posted on July 16, 2011	by lyricvixen

“Slam-en Mental Metal”

here to my mental, metal brake down
throw me to the wall
shove me in the back

Hook::here come...

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Categories: slam, age, anxiety, bullying, celebrity,

Scat Skene
Raised above the cello ding ding ding                  ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, cheer up, fun, humorous,

Hooker's got paid
I can repeat the beat without knowing what I’m saying               ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, abuse, anger, angst, anti

Premium Member LOVE'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT - Collaboration with White Wolf and Space Cadet

quite a shame, try to treat love like a game,
mother never said -- ya could of been bolder
only thing left you got’s cold, your...

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Categories: slam, love, love hurts, rap,

Didn't Mean To
It was a heartfelt indulge of an act
The night like knights we lighted
Like a king yah served my want
Like a deal we moved on and...

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Categories: slam, art, heartbroken, lost love,

Premium Member Don't Blow It
       DON'T BLOW IT.
Slow down; life is not so real
Break down; 
love is all you can feel.
What little time...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, song,

Premium Member The Final Stand
And I witness
Your deplorable “glory”
Hunching over my tattered spine,
So we can have something in common

You walk with glorified shell-shock,
Another sentient tongue, 
Straddling on the Eros...

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Categories: slam, abuse, bullying, life, people,

Premium Member Enlargement Pill
I took a pill in the morning
for a discrete rendezvous
Then another that evening
just before my date fell through

You know I must have been dreaming
cause she...

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© Ryan Lucas  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: slam, confusion, crazy, humor, humorous,

See You
You were so tired
You couldn’t wait to go lay down
Mom was standing in the kitchen
I was outside locking things up
As you went through the back...

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Categories: slam, angst, cry, dad, death,

Premium Member Santa's Seeing Red
Santa’s Seeing Red

Late one evening up at the pole
Santa was watching TV
He shook his head as he started for bed
After seeing how people could be

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Categories: slam, anger, christmas, conflict, dark,

Premium Member Slam and Eggs
Best sung in a country music way
with a redneck attitude ,  Hoorahhhhhhh

This is a work of fiction, and 
any resemblance to anyone or contest...

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Categories: slam, satire, song,

Premium Member The Tragic Savant
“It” embraces “togetherness”
Like blemished mascara on a retired call girl

“It” would speak in aggressive audible banter,
As if crystallized bullhorns were
Onto unwelcome seating arrangements

No boundaries.
No consideration.

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Categories: life, slam,