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Encouragement Hope Poems

These Encouragement Hope poems are examples of Hope poems about Encouragement. These are the best examples of Hope Encouragement poems written by international poets.

Premium Member He Is My Strength
He is the strength 
Beneath all my belief
He brings me hope and peace
Kindness, faith and grace
All the love that I can imagine
His wonderous might
Is beyond...

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Categories: hope, appreciation, blessing, courage, encouraging,

Premium Member Newton'sThird Law
Remember Newton's Third Law
Forces result from interactions
Are equal and opposite
A lovely definition to remember
I hope that
My love to my hubby is repaid
My love to my...

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Categories: devotion, faith, god, hope,

Premium Member You Are ALIVE - 2
You smile down
Your lemony dawn
Whispering joy
Through my thoughts
Inspiring my heart
To listen to the grace
Pouring over me
With a song of praise

You laugh through the skies
Brightening my...

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Categories: hope, appreciation, blessing, faith, god,

Premium Member Rules

In life, it is a give and take. 
However, for some it is just take and take. 
For others, it is only fulfilling to know

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel, celebration, heart, hope,

Premium Member He Is Worthy - 2
When it comes from the heart
There is a whisper of insight
Soft feelings pouring out hope
Gentleness breathing light
Across the moments, the smiles
Of joy promised by His...

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Categories: hope, blessing, faith, god, inspirational,

To Your Knees

Life brings you to your knees that’s what it does. When it does then you stand up strong and wiser and you move on ....

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Categories: hope, faith, god, inspirational, life,

In the stillness of the night
In the stillness of the night
when the world is asleep
and the place is at peace,
I bask giddily in quiet solitude.

Nothing’s quite like it. Feeling as...

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Categories: hope, anxiety, appreciation, art, community,

Premium Member Joy, Hope and Kindness - not for contest
Joy, Hope and Kindness
Inspire my heart and soul
Lift me up with their brilliance
Reassuring me that all is good
With my dreams, my yearnings
The feelings that remind...

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Categories: god, hope, inspirational, joy,

Premium Member Sing to the Heavens

Sing to the heavens
All you who are weary
Burdened and depressed
Feeling like there is no way out

Sing to the heavens
All you who know worry and doubt

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Categories: hope, god, inspirational, jesus, joy,

Premium Member His Light Falls
His light falls across the morning
Shimmering on emerald trees and leaves
Caressed by tender, velvety dewdrops
As they begin to melt, to breathe
… warmth in hues of...

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Categories: faith, god, hope, inspirational,

Premium Member He Is Mine and I Am HIS
He walks with me
Always in stride with me
Never too far in front
And never lagging behind
His step is just right
Always in step, at a pace
That is...

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Categories: hope, blessing, god, inspirational, jesus,

A Dream Delayed
Yes? You may call it cliché,
This song or cry of love,
Its desperate and dark petals
Falling as the year bleeds out
To frost. The leaves dried or...

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© John Blake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, hope, longing, love,


What kind of life is this?
Sometimes I sit and reminisce
I think about my distant past
The life for me that didn’t last
Nurture your soul...

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Categories: hope, appreciation, cheer up, friendship,

Premium Member Love's Kiss
Pain has left me sure
I’d never feel delight again
Knowing that this world
Was a place of anger – 
Sorrow and despair

Regrets have colored my heart
In hues...

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Categories: hope, courage, encouraging, endurance, extended

Premium Member In The Light

When you think positive thoughts
There is a light surrounding you
Glimmering with delight and insight
Filling up your heart with gentleness

When you think optimistic thoughts
There is light...

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Categories: hope, appreciation, blessing, encouraging, inspirational,