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Husband Friendship Poems

These Husband Friendship poems are examples of Friendship poems about Husband. These are the best examples of Friendship Husband poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Treasures

She firmly gripped the cardboard box as though
it housed the formulas for happiness,
longevity, and peace, as if it held
a million dollars and a bag of...

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Categories: fear, friendship, weather,

Premium Member Guess Who
Who was a family show singer,
when her young daughter tried to be a dead ringer.
He brought her to life,
then she became  his wife.


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Categories: friendship, child, color, dance, family,

Flagger- PS
My partner called out cars she sent
as we stood at opposite ends
of the work zone, and when
hers had passed, I called out mine
sending them along...

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Categories: friendship, allegory, career, friend, home,

Relationships are built 
On foundations.
Where some are firm,
Others are flimsy.

We often forget
What relationships are.
With a change of title
Comes immense pressure.

‘Boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’
In terms of ourselves.

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Categories: emotions, feelings, friendship, friendship

Premium Member Nameless
"A mother's love is made in heaven." Quote Written By Poet

She was a young and beautiful bride,
then her handsome husband died.
The fast car came out...

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Categories: friendship, baby, happy, mom, parents,

Far and Wide
From lands a far and wide
where dreams take refuge then hide
in the distant starlight glow and ride
on the beauty of the morning afterglow which slide

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Categories: friendship, appreciation, birthday, celebration, for

What More Than This
ye that loveth might she love me

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Categories: culture, desire, friendship, music,

The B Company
One fine day hubby dear announced,
Silicon Valley be the place, where he will bowl.
I could not go, tears rolled down.
Two months more, he was sure,

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Categories: baby, boy, friendship, fun,

Intimate Truth
"When your best friend turn out to be a spy due to money , tears will become your daily drinks. "
                                           Quote by poet

Intimate truth,...

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Categories: friendship, death of a friend,

Premium Member Chapter 24 -- Dolly Damian Friends and Family Part Ii
The fifth floor was decorated 
With fancy art work. Molly 
Rang the bell. After a few
Minutes an attractive older
Woman answered the door.
She threw the door...

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Categories: friendship, confidence, family, feelings, friend,

Samuel saw her screaming for help in the sea.
Esta failed to save her friend  who was drowning 
And some people could make fun of the...

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Categories: friendship, 12th grade, boyfriend, confidence,

Premium Member River Avon
Strolling by the River Avon, I found somebody,
     Strolling to nowhere, I found a person.
I looked at the river, I followed...

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Categories: friendship, 2nd grade, adventure, allegory,

My Little Hanky
I was given a
little hanky
as white as could be.
And with every stitch 
you could make me
into what ever you
want me to be.
Or maybe just fold

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Categories: friendship,

Premium Member There's Something Very Special
There’s something very special
About not knowing how to win
The lessons like forgiveness
And the sorrow of a friend
It begins by leaving softly
The regrets that never pass

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Categories: friendship, absence, best friend, courage,

Premium Member Bartender Tales Ii: Changes
Kerris  spoke to Damian the junior 
Bartender on the phone.  "Yeah, it's 
8 o'clock now.  I'll be there  at 9 to

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Categories: friendship, beautiful, blue, engagement, friend,

Book: Shattered Sighs