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Fathers Day Family Poems

These Fathers Day Family poems are examples of poetry about Fathers Day Family. These are the best examples of Family Fathers Day poems written by international poets.

Military family
Crying is draining I come from a military family where maybe you get a pat on the back,  or a grunt, if you did...

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Categories: family, christian, devotion, fathers day,

Oh Father
Oh Father!
A man full of fun and laughter.
Endowed with magnanimous heart
As big as the earth.

Your blazing words
Left indelible impression on my memory.
You aren't a hero...

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Categories: bereavement, care, earth, family,

Happy Fathers Day
The sun rose again this morning
Another special day to be alive
So much to be thankful for
Especially with you guys by my side

I don’t believe that...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, daughter, family,

Dear Ol' Dad
I didn’t really know my father
Until It was far too late
He reached out so many times
To engage me…but I couldn’t wait
Far too self-absorbed
In my self-centered...

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Categories: appreciation, children, dad, family,

a made-up memory
Dad overstepped
Where I swept, there...
Then crept around...

Toes near my pile!
What a trial! Now
His smile -- clean, but --

Dustier feet! ;)
Being neat? -- I
completely... tried.


That was...

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Categories: family, cute love, dad, daughter,

Premium Member My Daddy Was a Ketchup Man
My daddy put ketchup on everything.
He would not taste his meat without it,
and he always had meat.

Pizza and spaghetti were things the kids
could abide, but...

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Categories: dad, family, father, fathers

Letter to Japan
Sealed with steamed rice glue
In brown envelope...

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Categories: eve, family, fashion, fate,

Premium Member Father's Days
like waves crashing against the shore
like wind blowing thru the trees
during a storm
you have given me something 
that my heart cannot ignore
your melody i sing

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Categories: dad, daughter, family, father,

A Tender Heart
A tenderness only he can explain,
Fluid like the rivers that filled his heart.

A free spirit, yet family played a constant role. 

Kicking back while the...

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Categories: family, birth, body, creation, death,

James Gallagher

Think slow lyrics like Leonard Cohen. Think of his melody. His open talk that’s flowing. Now think of your life. Describe it in poem. Will...

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Categories: bereavement, children, family, father

Premium Member Disfellowshipped
I know you think i'm a horrible person 
From what you have been taught
Your mind and time wasted 
without a second thought

I realize that years...

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Categories: brother, family, fathers day,

Happy Father's Day
Happy father's day, dad.
Oh, my bad. 
You were never my dad.

You were supposed to protect me,
You were supposed to be there, 
You were supposed to...

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Categories: family, absence, betrayal, corruption, dad,

The masculine nature of man,
That's the 'he' in him.
The great super ego.
The drive to be the boss.
The strive to be the best.
The non-negotiable choice 

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Categories: aubade, family, father, fathers

Premium Member Walking the Streets of Gold
Father’s Day is near, and it brings tears to my eyes.
My Dad is in Heaven now, and hears my cries.
He was a humble pastor with...

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Categories: family, father, fathers day,

Daddy's Girl
Like a tree 
Firmly planted in the ground
He stands tall and sturdy
His dark eyes 
Full of forgiveness and understanding
His strong hands 
Callous from ...

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Categories: dad, daughter, family, father,

TO Dad

Shout it out aloud
We are so proud
Truly  glad 
Have you as our dad

You’re a star
Even from afar
You know your ace
We don’t say it...

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Categories: dad, family, father, father

The Pillar-Father's Day Poem
Is it Babu The frail voice hummed
Were the last words of the Pillar
A pillar that rose like a phoenix
from the non existence to BE
A man...

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Categories: age, family, father, fathers

Happy Fathers Day
He starts as just that, a he.
Just a random face in the crowd.
As he grows up he falls in love, 
makes choices, sets examples, 

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Categories: dad, family, father son,

Great Grand Father
Great Grand Father

Two years ago I sat at our dinning room table and told a short story
To my grand children.   The story was...

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Categories: blessing, childhood, courage, family,

A letter to my Father
I only see you when i close my eyes,you come to life in my sleep you live in my dreams/
I hope you remember my face...

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Categories: age, cry, death, family,