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Mother Daughter Family Poems

These Mother Daughter Family poems are examples of poetry about Mother Daughter Family. These are the best examples of Family Mother Daughter poems written by international poets.

Bleeding Memories
In a world unknown where time's river flows in a different arc.
My mother is without kin, no birthing marks.
No drugs seduction, no choices dire,
No shadows...

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Categories: daughter, family, growing up,

kings and queens
We are all of us kings and queens
I don't mean in family genes
But: God loves us to smithereens
We're adopted to royal means
(Jesus is King, Mary...

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Categories: family, jesus, love, mother,

Attitude with latitude
Attitude with latitude

originally written January 19th, 2019
and tension defines the dynamic

Valiant prince sip pulled effort
rebuffed, snubbed, thumbed
courtesy eldest daughter
uncontested vainglorious woke
mine genuine apology,
viz sincerely yours...

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Categories: family, abuse, anger, anxiety, betrayal,

Time may change me
But I can't trace time
-David Bowie

piercing morning winds threaten
to strip the trees of their
orange, golden and crimson gowns;
the resilient foliage
gripping tightly to...

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Categories: family, addiction, anxiety, autumn, daughter,

Premium Member A Family of Strength

                     For My Mother and...

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Categories: caregiving, family, granddaughter, love,

Like Mother Like Daughter
Like Mother like Daughter 
 You will always hold a special place in my heart
There is an invisible bond we have that will  alway...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, daughter, family,

A Quick Call
The rain hit hard.

Pounding and banging on the windows
like fists of lament

Then the darkness came
A reminder to call loved ones

Being one of the lucky ones

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Categories: age, family, for her,

Premium Member Chapter 79 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Birthday Party
Dolly woke first kissed Damian 
On his cheek. He was still asleep.
Today was July 27th  Dolly 
Thought, "Oh my Goodness."
"Today is me and Molly's...

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Categories: family, birth, confidence, dance, devotion,

Premium Member Growing Up
I remember…

The little girl words falling from my lips,
In whispers and whimpers, coloring
Light in misty feelings, flowing like the gentle
Music, rhythmic, pulsing – revealing
Where sincerity...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, encouraging, family,

Premium Member Unspoken Words
Unspoken Words
April of 2008 

I know you would love to tell me
 all the things that you feel
But before you do, you got to decide

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Categories: betrayal, children, family, heart,

Goodbyes Are Final
one cannot love one sided
love is dependent, vulnerable 
like the fragility of a child

my child

18 years gone
call you an adult?
not in my house

it was like...

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Categories: family, farewell, mother daughter,

Premium Member Chapter 24 -- Dolly Damian Friends and Family Part Ii
The fifth floor was decorated 
With fancy art work. Molly 
Rang the bell. After a few
Minutes an attractive older
Woman answered the door.
She threw the door...

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Categories: confidence, family, feelings, friend,

Dear Mother
There's so much I wish I could tell you,

All the things that I've been through,

How the boys broke my heart and took me for granted,


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Categories: africa, family, love, mother,

You'Re the Best Answer
Love is a blessing. 

You're the best answer 
By Michelle Morris

You're the best answer
To the questions in my world 
I've loved you through lifetimes
My eternal...

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Categories: blessing, family, inspirational love,

Premium Member From a Wife's Perspective
My frustratingly obstinate hubby 
Drives me crazy
Always loudly fixing the unfixable 
Without any success.
He kept on tinkering stubbornly 
Under the kitchen sink
Despite my fervent plea...

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Categories: family, home, humor, husband,