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Grandfather Family Poems

These Grandfather Family poems are examples of Family poems about Grandfather. These are the best examples of Family Grandfather poems written by international poets.

Premium Member - The Last Organ Grinder -
    The young mother died,
    before she could hold her newborn child
    Paternity was unknown

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Categories: family, fate, life, money,

Premium Member Three Legged Table
As a child, 
I loved to watch Grandpa build. 
His basement workshop, 
was filled with tools. 
Tools hanging on every wall, 
wood neatly stacked in...

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Categories: family, child, fun, grandfather, love,

Premium Member Dear Asia, Letter From Grandpa
Dear Asia.
I was awakened in the middle of the night
with you on my mind. By the time the clock
struck 12:40 AM, the tears had...

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Categories: family, granddaughter, grandfather,

Premium Member Memories and Ghosts
In the two days since my arrival, Granddad and I exchanged only a few predictable, cursory words.

“You sleep okay?” Granddad asked.

Although his silent house had...

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Categories: family, grandfather, memory, silence,

Premium Member Ring Eternal
rivers to the sea, trying 
to attain wholeness even 
when the pain of losing you
dares to drown me.

As your hands grasp mine
the waters of...

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Categories: beautiful, creation, dedication, family,

Premium Member Chapter 121 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: the Family's Grand Gathering and Family Rumors
Date:   June  2048
The grills were set everything was 
In place. CJ informed "More
 than 350 family members 
Are expected to be here...

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Categories: family, birth, confidence, deep, devotion,

Premium Member Six Million Dollar Man
Your eyes are failing
It's been a while
Although you've got
That cheeky smile

Their service contract 
Long expired
So grandpa you should 
Have retired

Your speedy legs
Once raced the best

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Categories: age, family, grandfather,

Premium Member An Old Shovel
I remember when Grandpa used me everyday,                  ...

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Categories: family, grandfather, old, remember, sky,

Premium Member Chapter 93 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: the Affluent Festive Funeral Family Reunion
There was a twenty minute lull
Before the paramedics arrived to
Remove Greatgrand Dad's 
corpse. When the paramedics 
Arrived they examed Greatgrand 
And confirmed the family's dread.

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Categories: family, birth, life,

In this poem-request, I hope I don't sound overly pushy or snotty :-)
But I pray more Depends can be donated so old people can go...

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Categories: age, care, family, grandfather,

Premium Member Chapter 77-- Damian Delilah Mallory: the Hakim Family --Members
7 am morning time. Damian was 
Awakened by his father's phone
Call. "Damian get out of bed, on
Your feet man. We have to attend 
A conference...

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Categories: courage, family, fate, father

The Head's
The Head's
A narrative poem
Lionel Derbyshire

My grandpa the mountain
I strive to scribe.

Around a Indian ocean
Heft steady the weight
Of her flat mountain
Twains a head and peak
Of lion...

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Categories: africa, earth day, family,

The name that rang like bells throughout my home
Like the song of cumbia and regeton that your body will dance to
As you would call out...

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Categories: age, children, family, grandfather,

Son Say Goodnight To Grandpa
“Son”...”say goodnight to grandpa”

Spurred by mother dearest 
as well as other politesse
drummed into her second born
fobbing blandishments as incentive
tumbled off fingers of prodigal son
tripped wordsmith...

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Categories: family, 12th grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Chapter 60 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: the Family Seventeen X
During the days before the 
Vacation began FIRST: there
was a thunderous knock on
The door of Damian Hakim's 
Residence. Damian Junior ran
To answer the door. ...

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Categories: family, beach, business, child, confidence,