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Mother Poems | Beautiful Poems About and For Mothers

Mother Poems. Read and share your gratitude and admiration with beautiful poems about and for our moms. Nothing can replace a good mother in our lives, and we often want to share words of appreciation with the woman who raised us and who shares a special place in our hearts. A mother’s love profoundly influences her child’s development, which is why we owe so much to these beautiful women. Sadly, they are not always with us, and not a day goes by when their memory is not with us.
A Mother's Journey
In shadows deep, where burdens dwell, A mother's heart, a timeless spell, Her journey etched in tears and pain, A testament of love's refrain. Through sleepless nights and weary days, She walks a path, an endless maze, Her spirit sturdy, never...Read More
Categories: care, dedication, mother, mothers
Form: Narrative

The Equation
Memories from 2020: I was reminded that a lot of us were unwanted births and that at least women (in most countries around the world) tend to have more choices today than say 20 to...Read More
Categories: mother, abortion, birth, caregiving, children,
Form: Free verse
Unspoken Words April of 2008 I know you would love to tell me all the things that you feel But before you do, you got to decide what is fake and what is real Our memories are so distorted We...Read More
Categories: mother, betrayal, children, family, heart,
Form: Rhyme
making sandwiches
I wake in the hour of ghosts, alongside the songs of owls & swim through la mer d’etoiles to the bakery The door rings at my entrance, flour coats the table like sand. Culled fresh les champs de blé for the...Read More
Categories: children, mother,
Form: Free verse
HOMELESS POETRY These are poems about the homeless and poems for the homeless. Epitaph for a Homeless Child by Michael R. Burch I lived as best I could, and then I died. Be careful where you step: the grave is...Read More
Categories: mother, america, child, childhood, children,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Arms Full of Linnet Wings
“Arms Full of Linnet Wings” In the garden that afternoon she planted seeds in their ripe minds their eyes looking up to hers their irises dazzling in the late afternoon sunshine wide open as if waiting hungrily for more food she...Read More
Categories: love, mother daughter, muse,
Form: Narrative
My Country
How can I thank you, my Lord, For having given me a chance To take birth on this holy land? Though many perils it went through, On earth, it’s a perfect heaven. For the world, it’s a ‘Vishwa Guru’! An abode...Read More
Categories: heaven, mother, peace, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Mommy dearest
Few families are perfect... But some are more toxic and damaging than others. May each new generation learn from the mistakes of the past and forge a better way. Mommy dearest By Michelle Morris 22/04/2020 Mommy dearest, Where were you? When...Read More
Categories: mother, abuse, child abuse, childhood,
Form: Free verse
"Morning time to rise and shine." The two mothers started their Own chant "MORNING TIME THE MOTHERS SAID CHILDREN GET OUT OF BED." The kids protested throwing The Covers over their heads. The women began threatening Them, Saying, "do...Read More
Categories: mother, celebration, child, children, conflict,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member My Mom, A Woman Made Of Precious Diamond And Pure Gold
Mom, my mother is a woman made of pure gold Perfect ruby and exquisite diamond Whose divine decoration Is extremely beautiful and charming. Mom is the most wonderful woman on this soil The one who warmed my body and soul. She...Read More
Categories: mother, beauty, celebration, happiness, happy
Form: Free verse
Mommy Issues
My real mommy's love oft eludes me, living in her shadow. My roleplays of being a mommy means there's a void in me. My mommy type friends always filling that same void within....Read More
Categories: mother, angst, childhood, depression, mental
Form: Sijo
An Invisible Enemy
Have you ever felt like there was an invisible force stopping your abilities. That you struggle against it so hard emotionally and mentally. But every time it's like dead stop until finally. You scream out in aggravation LET...Read More
Categories: deep, love hurts, mother,
Form: Rhyme
These hands
These hands By Michelle Morris 20/02/2021 These hands are sacred, They have held so much in their time; From baby bath bubble moments to Writing poetry in notebooks - Transcending space and time... These hands have blessed my life, And that...Read More
Categories: mother, god, heaven, inspirational love,
Form: Free verse
WHERE IS SHE NOW? Born on the eve of Christmas, so they say Although they can’t be absolutely sure. The Parish Priest discovered me that day Wrapped in a shawl outside the narthex door “I’m sorry,” said the note tucked...Read More
Categories: birth, mother,
Form: Sonnet
How, I never said
I told you I love you, but never how much, I said sorry, but never how deep, And also thank you, but perhaps not how sincere. You knew you were thought of, but not how often, You knew you...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, mother,
Form: Free verse

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