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Mother Poems

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Mother Poems. Read and share your gratitude and admiration with beautiful poems about and for our moms. Nothing can replace a good mother in our lives, and we often want to share words of appreciation with the woman who raised us and who shares a special place in our hearts. A mother’s love profoundly influences her child’s development, which is why we owe so much to these beautiful women. Sadly, they are not always with us, and not a day goes by when their memory is not with us.

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New Poems

Premium Member Running Out of Ideas is Impossible
Running out of ideas?
That is impossible if you have a:
TV set
toilet paper
drum set
spiders web
grand child
space aliens

...Read More
Categories: mother, write,
Form: List

My new journey
On Sept 1 an action towards myself forever changed everything in my life.  I lost contact for a year with mother and daughter. It was heart wrenching.

I felt as though my heart was ripped out of my chest. I...Read More
Categories: mother, best friend, child, family,
Form: Bio
A Beautiful Noise
A Beautiful Noise

When I step outside
early in the morning.
I can’t help hearing
birds singing.
Greeting the day
in their special way.
a cacophony of birdsong
Mother Nature’s music
A beautiful noise.

Our fine feathered friends,
birds of a feather.
Giving their voice
in fair weather.
In the city, 
in the forest.
And...Read More
Categories: mother, bird, care, day, environment, happy, nature,
Form: Free verse
Quel dommage
You said quel dommage that 
we don't share the same language,
yet still it was your body
which remained silent 
to the mother tongue of love....Read More
Categories: mother, body, french, heartbroken, language, love, sad love,
Form: Free verse

Hi there,
Please take your seats,
Welcome, I greet
You four young ladies
Applying for this
 Wonderful post,
Call me Bill, I’m your 
Interviewer and host!
I hope all of you enjoy
Gym and exercising 
For you will surely get a
Lot of that,
I ensure and promise you
That...Read More
Categories: mother, joy,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Throughout Open Windows

I try to create silence in the colors
when I decorate my home
The rooms have their own high pitched atmosphere
Where the artist has painted
the smallest and finest details
My favorite artist is, Mother Nature
Nature has its own palette
and soft brushes
Maturity and renewal...Read More
Categories: mother, art, beauty, nature,
Form: Free verse
Optimizing freedom zest
Challenging mother’s tidiness best
My son whirls himself around
Oblivious that he’s wheel-chair bound.

Loosening mobility gear
His spastic hands hurl things everywhere
Zooming beyond glee’s ecstasy
He’s waged war against my mess-flee policy.

Entangled around disarray’s coil
My mind screams, devoid of nagging turmoil
Special child...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, character, christian, devotion, mother, mother
Form: Rhyme
Painful bloody tears
My child, the one i left under the care of flies
My child, the one i didn't give a chance
Mother's heart still bleeds with pain
Pain of losing you consciously 

My child, my hands can't carry your blessed body
Cos i'm unworthy to...Read More
Categories: mother, 4th grade, baby,
Form: Free verse
WR Potter
W. R. Potter
Brother from another mother
Fellow baseball bat slugger
Could outhit me
Could outspit me
Could outwit me
Could outdrink me
Couldn't outlive me...Read More
Categories: mother, baseball, friend, friendship, i miss you,
Form: Rhyme
Someone's daughter
Someone's lover
Someone's sister to
Someone's brother
Someone's aunt and
Someone's niece
The list is endless
It doesn't cease
Someone's wife and
Someone's friend
Someone's mother
It still doesn't end
Someone's Godmother
Grandmother too
Among these people
Have you found you?
Nobody is nothing
Or no one you see
The someone in question
Is no one but...Read More
Categories: mother, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Gift for the Rest of Us
What is he doing here? My sister asked, rude.
Sure they had dated but he was a really great dude.
I invited him, my brother and I both said.
We looked at each other and winked in our head.

You are not welcome, she...Read More
Categories: mother, family,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Honorable Mention
When just a child the poet's mom said "Son,
Throughout your life beware the sin of pride.
Remember this when every day is done,
What counts the most is who you are inside."

At first he thought his mother's words unfair
For recognition surely has...Read More
Categories: child, happy, life, mother, pride,
Form: Sonnet
Not everybody is happy
I like to cry. I like to cry until my eyes are swollen like balloons, ready to be popped and to explode with sadness. I like the stream i call tears escaping from their prison, although they were innocent victims...Read More
Categories: mother, deep, depression,
Form: Free verse
True Pain
The truth is
nobody really cares
they say they do
but really,
they don't even remember.
They aren't reminded each day
of this gaping hole in our hearts.
Reality is transposed
and it's us four against the world.
No matter how many prayers,
how many messages,
how many hugs.
No amount of...Read More
Categories: anger, death, depression, mom, mother,
Form: Blank verse
Deer Ruby
Deer Ruby,

Daddy doubtful hardly Dorothy know you ...
it’s the bare bones, Toto truth

Variety gossip on the street
by parrot beaks chirping canary peeps

Said your mother had a one-night-stand revue;
a private audience of one, burlesque interview

Receptionist Rita 
wardrobe malfunction rumor denied:
Saying it...Read More
Categories: mother, dark, fun, mystery, psychological,
Form: Verse
Pale Shelter
Born without a Phallus

the first and last child of his parents
named after the famous Arigbe leaf
a wild magical spice
only used by women who need to spice up their love lives
his father’s love for his mother lacked spice at the time...Read More
Categories: mother, angst, depression, love hurts, metaphor, poetry, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Kenny and Co
Kenny loved sandwiches of spam
His Mother would rather eat ham
His Dad loved salami
His sister was barmy
And only ate bread butter and jam...Read More
Categories: mother, 10th grade,
Form: Limerick
Crazy On A Thursday
Everyday is a new day
Except Thursday the symptom always replay
Madness, mental instability, psychological disorder.
Call it what you may
It’s the same thing every Thursday

Her frienenemies taunted and teased her all day long
But on Thursday, they singing a different song.
A new girl...Read More
Categories: mother, adventure, bullying, crazy, discrimination, humorous,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Snipers Dream Humour is the best medicine
A Boy,
his Mother named Fred

Is better known to his Friend's

By the caustic nickname 

Snipers Dream

Because of the size of his head

Slimline was 2XL all around was constantly eating
Fatt's was shaped like a cigarette 
and hardly ate at all

Tall Paul was...Read More
Categories: mother, funny,
Form: Free verse
Generic Heartwarming Christmas Movie
It seems that minutes after Halloween,
before we’ve even seen the first bits of snow,
the Christmas movies are flooding our screens,
and I think we know how they’ll all go.

Start with an actress that’s half-forgotten,
who in teen films once took off her...Read More
Categories: mother, art, celebration, christmas, film, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
The Night Hawk

Whom shall I tell my tale of woes?
who shall sing with me 
my song of oblivion
the evil that descended hearth-stead,
in the tail of a winter night,
swooped upon us like a bald eagle,
as vicious as a hungry wolf,
raped my...Read More
Categories: mother, anger, black african american, corruption, cry, imagery,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member The Making of Cookies
The Making of Cookies

The lost art of putting, 
flower, sugar, vanilla,
and cream together.
More than small cakes, 
a distance…
far past “home made”, 
to the sheer land of magic.

Recipes handed down, 
from grandmother, 
(and grandfather)
to mother, 
(and father)
to daughter,
and son, 
and again....Read More
Categories: mother, angel, chocolate, christian, christmas, cinderella, faith, family,
Form: Narrative
Death wish
How I wish to be a flame
To enlighten those in the dark
To grow to a fire to char -
The evil designers on earth

But I am just a man among the wolves
I succumb to their rules
And they spit fire on my...Read More
Categories: mother, anger, angst,
Form: Verse
Baby Nathalis and the rats of Caracas
Andrea Lopez was 12 years old and pregnant. 
She lived in Caracas Venezuela.
She had to stay with her friend Daniela. No-one  took any notice.
She was going to call the baby Nathalia after her Mother.
One night she woke with stomach...Read More
Categories: mother, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
Only when yours truly busies himself
Only when yours truly busies himself...

Feigning to emulate NON GMO
garden variety English major oh just so
ho-hum, this ousted son and cingular bro
biological byproduct of papa's yoyo

after mama taut Peppy how to grow
big and become vein, her issuing blow
by blow stroke,...Read More
Categories: mother, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Personification

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