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Children's Poems | Modern Poems for Children

Children’s poems can be funny, inspirational, goofy, and more. These are all types and themes of poems for children or about childhood. This poetry resource includes rhyming, classic, long, and short poems for children and many more fun categories. When reading and writing modern children's poems, age does not matter. You can be a young person and write about things you enjoy, or you can be a child at heart and share your memorable childhood experiences. The key is to have fun and write about things that appeal to today's kids.

New Poems

We have Company Hey, We have company; Company to the right, Company to the left. When did they get here? Where did they come from? I didn't even see them arrive. Well how do...Read More
Categories: children, 1st grade, 2nd grade,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member WISDOM SPOKE
foot in a blender skin sliced thin, jagged bicycle spokes spinning how i learned to wear shoes dad’s rottweiler-yelling as mom assesses claustrophobic on commode dinner would get cold cut into throat, nose, neck, spine* red beets** heel to toes ice cold perched and prepared by ER...Read More
Categories: children, emotions, hurt, parents,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Six Blessings
She had six children in the fifties Three girls and three boys, all healthy And willing to give back to this world Hearts who would listen to God above ~~~ She gave the world her very best Six of them, all...Read More
Categories: blessing, child, childhood, children,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Poems about Children VI
Poems about Children VI Playmates by Michael R. Burch WHEN you were my playmate and I was yours, we spent endless hours with simple toys, and the sorrows and cares of our indentured days were uncomprehended . . . far, far...Read More
Categories: child, childhood, children, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Poems about Children V
Poems about Children V Pan by Michael R. Burch Among the shadows of the groaning elms, amid the darkening oaks, we fled ourselves Once there were paths that led to coracles that clung to piers like loosening barnacles where we cannot return,...Read More
Categories: children, autumn, baseball, child, childhood,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Poems about Children IV
Poems about Children IV Salat Days by Michael R. Burch Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Paul Ray Burch, Sr. I remember how my grandfather used to pick poke salat ... though first, usually, he’d stretch back in the...Read More
Categories: child, childhood, children, dad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Poems about Children III
Poems about Children III Miracle by Michael R. Burch for Jeremy The contrails of galaxies mingle, and the dust of that first day still shines. Before I conceived you, before your heart beat, you were mine, and I see infinity leap in...Read More
Categories: adventure, child, childhood, children,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member CLOTHES FOR SIX
It was the sixties. We had an awesome arrangement with both grand-mothers. Dad’s mom sewed for the two boys and mom’s mom sewed for the four girls. They was a godsend. ...Read More
Categories: blessing, children, clothes, grandmother,
Form: Haibun
Night For The Knight
Roads covered by dark night, Thou there is plenty of orange light. Samhain has arrived, Remplir your bags to strived. Headstone on the left, Don’t worry, toffees won’t be theft. Trick or treat on the right, Once he was The Knight! ...Read More
Categories: angel, blessing, children, death,
Form: Rhyme
A damaged world
Can you complain if you don't stand up and become apart of the change I am not happy with the state of the world or life I don't have time to fight alright ...Read More
Categories: black african american, children,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IN THEIR EYES
vulnerable seeking approval wanting nothing more than a glance a smile a sign of affection the teeniest confidence builder getting them started on the ladder to their future posted on October 25, 2020...Read More
Categories: children, confidence, dream, future,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The cure you shared
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You turn and risk two smiling eyes my way as I walk in.. how pretty you look sitting upright in that little bed. Quietly whisper, how well your bridal gown now would fit, imagining our dream wedding...Read More
Categories: beautiful, children, husband, miss
Form: Rhyme
Hoarding Chest
Musical capsule, gathers intimate maternal relic items Nurturing sentimental trinkets, from adoring days past Delicate, silver plated, rotating, safe deposit vault Plays childlike methodical melodies, fondly with regard Keepsake gems, orderly placed, fine infant treasures Tributes...Read More
Categories: baby, birth, children, memory,
Form: Free verse
Therapy of Pie
Every child should learn to bake pie. Here is the very reason why. To make a pie requires great love, And that is where the secret lies. When daily life does push and shove; Scent of pie like protecting glove, Can...Read More
Categories: cheer up, children, creation,
Form: Rhyme
Categories: birth, blessing, children, hope,
Form: Free verse

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