Traffic Report

In other news tonight....
Brain traffic seems to be more congested than usual. Suzie Synapse has this report..

In what is shaping up to be a massive, and now, long term traffic jam on the Brain Stem Straight, politicians have engaged in a twisted temporal tantrum, refusing to come to an understanding. Frequent and surging data dumps have reinforced the noise level, causing the Intuned Tunnel to be diverted out. Any organizational efforts thus far have been a complete failure, largely due to the recent electoral common sense total recall. Cerebellum Court is still muscling through a vicious whirlwind of fictional facts, destabilizing any remaining balance of trust. It's very difficult to see what's going on in Occipital Central...most of the data is disturbingly distorted. The Parietal Park District looks as if it were in a state of paralysis as the data backlog has been idling for so long, there seems to be a numbness to any objective stimuli. No telling how long this will last! Forecasts from the Frontal Fortress suggest the unusually unreasonable planning to problem solve by none other than the underutilized Mr. Kushner as the head of HEROD. The newly formed, social media based, Human Emotion Regulations Oversight Department. This report has been brought to you in part, by the Siberian Cyberbot Corporation. "Directing the rushing traffic of future minds everywhere!"

                                 -Jeannie Minor

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 4/17/2017 1:01:00 PM
Hi Jeannie, great twist and turning :))) hugs from Ireland
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Jeannie Minor
Date: 4/17/2017 8:17:00 PM
Thanks Niall, glad you enjoyed it. I was starting to wonder if I had churned out yet another epic fail! I actually had to research it to get all the parts and functions paired properly, so, I had fun with it!
Date: 4/7/2017 9:25:00 AM
How wonderfully creative and well done Jeannie, I really enjoyed this piece...
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Jeannie Minor
Date: 4/7/2017 11:51:00 AM
Hi Charlie, thanks for stopping in. So glad you enjoyed this piece. There was a bit of research that went into this one but it was a really fun creative writing exercise.