The Old Wagon

Poet's Notes

Memories are a blessed gift from God.  Promises to keep are important.

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The old farm wagon stood there
Beautifully restored
I promised our son I would dust
It was in Unit 54

Two years later I was there
Placing a tarp o’er the top
Feeling better at keeping my word
I dusted and dusted before I stopped

Raindrops began falling down
The melodic sound on tin
A reminiscent sound of long ago
Listening to what used to have been

Ah! The promise kept, job complete
Even if late, I was satisfied
Then the rain began pouring
By the buckets out side

Finding a stool I sat down
Leaning my head against the wall
Closing my eyes to rest
I was transported to a Fall

Our son, let’s see, he will be
Age 54 next Spring; lives far away
He loved his Poppaw on the farm
He had the wagon restored in a fine way

He wouldn’t have known, other than
My wagon story began to play;
I sat there thinking - remembering
Shucking corn that Fall day

“Bill and Betty stood patiently
As we were in the field corn husking,
Filling that worn wagon one by one--
The rain outside continued 
It was pouring in abundance
Bringing me back to today
My! Such a rain – in superabundance!

“Daddy told me that I could go
The party was in town
If I would help shuck the corn
He wouldn’t let me down

I worked as hard as could be
The dried husk made scratches on my arms
I’d get that corn ear then throw in bed
Threw one ear up; it came down on my head
Once the wagon was filled that day
We went to the corn crib
With all the dried corn we pulled
Piled in the wagon bed

Riding us to the corn crib door
Where ear by ear the corn was pitched
Until it piled high for animal’s food
And we felt totally rich”

Mercy! The sound from outside
Sounds like a deluge from the clouds
Rain falling loud, fast and hard
Though I’m peaceful from any crowds

“Let’s see, I think, the last time I was there
In the cornfield was in ‘54
Many years ago; yet, it seems recent
Remembering the corn, stalks and more

That old wagon – wonder if it recalls
When its’ bones were worn and dry
And how being dressed in finery feels
Hoping to be used again by and by”

The rain stopped – must have been inches
Water standing outside the door 54;
We wiped up some water, locked the unit
A wonderful afternoon to explore

The mind is a marvelous thing
Thank you God for memory
I kept my promise, listened to raindrops
While Bill and Betty used their energy

The rain subsided for the time
The mind stimulated from yesteryear
The wagon stood proud and clean
I wonder, “Did I pull 54 corn ears?”

-Evelyn Pearl Carpenter Anderson

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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