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Spirit Shadows of Sadness

Part Two
San Francisco, California
Melodee’s apartment with a view of the bay

“It’s the month of May. The 29th no less. The number of sorrow for me.”
“Cassaro, everything is sorrow and suffering for you.”
I glared at her.
“What was it you that told me, Cassaro, that the month of May was considered the month of death?”
“Yes, in Roman times. Now, it revolves around Mother’s Day, the giver of life.”
“Ah, how times change.”
“Who wants…”
“I’m painting,” slyly Melodee eyed me.
“Of course, I’m Death’s favorite…” I reluctantly rolled my eyes.
“You are my favorite too.”
“Ha! Ha!”
I could see my beloved Fate/friend had been already painting. She was African-American and had been a Fate for over 700 years. Long black hair flowed like curled satin ribbons, dancing in the wind of the open living room window. Her eyes were two onyx orchids in full bloom, and her mouth rushed like a red river between her high cheekbones. A full-length purple dress framed her on her tall, lithe body, and long polished boots with spike heels adorned her feet.

The Afterlife
Gerald Carpenter’s Chamber
Great sadness and apprehension draped over me in my ionic steam form, as I did not to perform my obligations tonight with his soul. The rapture of this life. His life, gone at 17-years old.
If I could only merge with the miasma of mother nature, move with the wispy wind and become a silent shawl around a budding oak tree to witness a cluster of cardinals and fly through the forest together. Then, smolder like a dozen carnations in a sunlit afternoon. I was tired of my warnings being ignored. I felt my skeleton engulfed me like a jail, and I wanted to break free of my bones and sleep in the afterlife too. My brain was a book ready to end, but Death kept generating chapters for me to continue as his helper.
Death appeared.
“Pinstripe Mouse.”
“Yes, Skeleton Cat. Tempus fugit.”
“You are my bellator.”
Sparkling lights blinded my eyes. Swiftly, I spun and saw Gerald’s soul plunge into a plume of my enemies’ hands.
“What is happening?”
“The Soul Chambers are opening!” Death shrieked in morbid misery.
Before I could speak, act or react, I watched Death’s skeleton dismantle completely, and he transformed into a thousand Reapers. Anger shot out of thousands of eyes like sun’s rays upon the earth. His bones erupted in opal flames, and he carried the stars upon all of his regal robes.
“I’m coming with you!”
“NUNC! Gerald’s father is now in impeding danger! You must re-charge and go back to earth, now Cassaro! NOW!”
“But…” I howled like a pack of wolves.
“Talk to the bones!” He held upon a thousand skeleton hands in my face.
He disappeared.
I steamed back to earth.

Canon Beach, Oregon
My beach home

I found three starving kittens outside my front door and quickly let them in. 
Before I could touch the brandy, I noticed a sealed scroll upon my antique writing desk. 
Sighing, I unsealed it, noticing it was from my arch-enemy Esmerelda, a corrupt Fury.

To Cassaro, the woman of sorrow,
Now your souls I shall borrow
No more will you survive
For I have put in a divide
May your heartache continue
And be fruitful
Alas, just drink for it will be all you will be able to do

My heart, a ruby red rose dissipated in my sapphire soul.

I had to fight for life, for Death, and against my arch-enemy.
As if the wars in my head weren’t enough.

May 19, 2018
Theme: The rapture of this life
Contest: Let Your Pen Drip
Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 6/5/2018 9:39:00 PM
Congrats on your win, Chantelle. Well done.
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Date: 5/23/2018 10:44:00 AM
Chantelle, congratulations on your win in my contest with this brilliant write, well done ~
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Congratulations for your win :)
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Congratulations on your placement!
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