Rose Dust

Rose Dust

I have danced in the bed of ruse dust
where lust was always made
I found myself playing in the hands
that Dark Angel gave
where I patently waited in a darken room
holding on to my heart praying I never loss it
every summer of late June
I could see the sky innovation so quickly 
Into that cold September
I will always remember
While the night slowly moved along
My mind played back that sad old song
while I counted the days of the torment he gave
I could see all those times you had given me roses
they turned black into rose dust
It was like the Universe started changing 
to a place of darkness
where love could never shine through
I remember his eyes while I walked away
Oh, the pain he gave to me 
out into that cold September rain
My life never was the same
I thought maybe love will shine it light on me
But nothing came my way but only darken dreams
Oh, how he made me scream
things are never what they seem
I would always take many walks by the sea
Dark Angel, names the sea after me
the moon he names too 
I could always feel his eyes upon me
I would look around 
but I could never see him
But I know he is near bring on fear
he is always following me
every time he looks at me, I could tell he has 
no care in his eyes for anything
his heart is could as ice and he isn't very nice, 
at times, he surprises me 
when he gives me roses
then he would say,
Moonlight give you heart to me! 
Shed you tears and let them fall
I will drink them up like white wine
Come Moonlight, let me see you care for me
then he would whisper in my ear
I will always be your king
you will always be my queen in darken dreams
you will never escape me 
then I looked at him saying 
I could never give my heart 
to a slander as you
Oh, how the angry wind 
started to cry at me again
Then Dark Angel, taken hold of my hands
Then we started dancing
upon the wet blood stained sand
while he started give out his commands
the rain started pouring down
the sea started making weird sounds
that is when I had fallen into the arms of he
the one who calls himself my king.

Poetic Judy Emery © 
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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