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Resisting Styx

I resist in the River Styx

death of this soul.

But am I swimming to

or fro?

From the Underworld

escaping toward life

or submerging myself

from the surface

for the invulnerability rite?

I forego the boat

even though I hold the obol;

staying dry defies

my overly-passionate and bold


Hades and Styx

are stunned into inaction

by the audacity of my

relentless determination.

These wrathful souls around me

pay me no attention

though I recognize their actions;

we have their kind on land.

The sullen sinking soften me;

perhaps my mission is to save

each one of them.

This sadness should not be a sin;

I think they have been misjudged.

Perhaps I can negotiate with Hades;

yes, I realize the sound of my crazy.

But my crazy is why I am swimming

in this sea of death;

I see it as my mission,

not my sentence.

And I am not afraid.

I think Achilles' heal is a myth,

or maybe my full submersion

bypasses the weakness of blindness

plaguing all of those other eyes

who have turned against each other

in disguise and ire;

the irony is their yelling

has no sound

while eternally drowning.

I wonder though, if like the sirens,

song could transfix in reverse

the damage done.

Because I am a believer,

perhaps the last one,

in the wet murkiness,

I sing my best, most beautiful song.

The sound vibrates and echoes,

the disturbance distracts,

breaks the spell,

and the lifeless react.

The tumult of the wrathful subsides.

The sinking sullen begin to slowly rise.

The water's murkiness becomes a bit clearer.

Enough to allow the Overworld light in.

Free will, it seems, still exists in this river.

Those who choose begin to move nearer to me,

and I guide them up and out, a leader.

Styx and Hades, I fear will stop me.

But both nod and smile

ever so discreetly.

Now I know my true identity:

not a goddess,

just a defender

of humanity,

a keeper of love,

the only thing

that sets us free,

for disbelieving

is our Achille's heal,

and the secret truth I hold

is that myth is not real.

Again and again,

into the feared river

I will dive,

and expel from my lungs

songs of hope of

survival and new life.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/23/2018 2:45:00 PM
So long I thought about stopping reading a few times, but oh, how glad I am that I didn't. I love the waves of doubt, sadness, and the struggle to the beautiful conclusion. It is a fav for me.
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Tears Avatar
Tektite Tears
Date: 12/23/2018 2:49:00 PM
Your own words couldn't have reached me at a better time. Thank you. <3 You encourage me to keep writing.