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I come to Pos' ey Soup' ers Rec' ip' e Res' cue

 ( Looking at the poems of the day or year or whatever it was- saw a poem . . . A poem? Actually called a recipe. Inspiration! --- Trans°mutilate a recipe into fungal posery. The PoserSoup diablos (devils) will probably gnaw it to moldering cracki' bits but . . .

WARNING: PROFANITY - author makes use of the term: "sociological phenomenon" and perverse references to "a ducks".

Bõn appetìt.  ---  Don't be scared kids - it's only french )


Start with:

50 lb. blackened feet from The Blackfoot Casino™.

Slowly stir in 16 oz. Ming Dynasty viet-minh slave's amber-trapped sweat.

Scrape 8 oz. fromunda cheese from unda a duck.

Spin-dry vegetables at CERN.

Add concord grapes when no one's watching.

Rescue bones from puppies by threatening a timeout.

Slap or tickle thighs to dispel lingering doubts or dislodge magic coins

Ritually encircle the pile with Cinderella's fella's mozzarella.

Ignite it by prayers to Baal.

Stir the sludge 'till the grandkids pubess or the mountains "He | She".

Add grass and horse hooves to taste.

Eat a peach.

Insult your guests.

Heimlich the mayor.

Jesus returns.


 (  If interested in the zeitgeist of the "Woodstock Generation", download and listen to "Betty Boop" cartoons. She's singing about knife-fights, drug-use and prostitution. Disney didn't write our songs.  - R.W. x19 ) 

1950s Groucho Marx "live" TV show - interviewing young female participant:

Groucho: "are you married"?

She: yes.

Groucho: you have children?

She: yes Groucho I have six.

Groucho: (looking surprised) you have six children?

She: yes Groucho.

Groucho: how do you explain that?

She: I guess my husband loves me.

Groucho: I like my cigar too but I take it out once in awhile.

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Date: 10/18/2019 7:18:00 AM
That was wholly entertaining! ...and Groucho, hilarious. Thank you Robert. xomo!
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Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 10/18/2019 4:01:00 PM
...and yet he lives
Warlov Avatar
Robert Warlov
Date: 10/18/2019 11:22:00 AM
And not a peep from the live audience which made it even funnier. I almost didn't recover. I'd have literally died laughing.
Date: 10/14/2019 11:25:00 AM
haha, the ending was brilliant. I liked the reference to Cern in there. You have a very interesting brain, Robert.
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Warlov Avatar
Robert Warlov
Date: 10/14/2019 2:56:00 PM
Gratis - which is "thank you" in Spanish. The pronunciation, for the edification of the children is: "grassy ass" . . . Ooooooooooooooppppssss!!!!
Date: 10/12/2019 3:40:00 PM
angella bengella qua qua gee, - echedee beachedee tomboree, - ampai yetta duma petta poda. --- New kids on the block --- Hell's Kitchen --- Romanian? --- choosing up sides to play Skelzies. --- I'm six. --- I'll bet they're all "curses".
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