Dark Angel wings that will never fly
Dark Angel ripped and torn 
my heart out from me
he even broken my wings
''Wiggling and whimpering'', 
of a pain I will never forget
Obsession in his eyes over me
with so much jealousy
his darken soul filled with scorn
covered with hated tears
Dark Angel is afraid to let anyone near
painted fears are what I bared
in my mind over time 
he pains that sears with words doubts
he touched my body 
then started touching my hair
with a touch of lust
with deep words of hurt
Obsession of bloody screams
are like a wounded animal
He read my dreams for freedom
something he could never see
what it is he truly is looking for
he loves working on my mind 
play around with my heart
my body he loves so much
He gives me no choice to live or die
he takes my name and call me 
and changed it to ‘’Blue Moon’’
the he changed it again to ‘’Moonlight,’’
He looked deep within my eyes
with fierce of anger
Dark Angel broken my wings
just to hear me scream
then he would say
I will never let you fly away
He surrounds me and puts me 
In a dark cold room
with heavy chains on me
in this upper room 
in ''Paris ‘‘at the old convent building
Were lies are being told 
by a priest of a ghost
miss leading the way
giving out his voice to a darken world
that no one cares to see or hear
Dark Angel covers me in shame
of his own darken lust
In the dark he feasts on my insecurity
His obsession is what broken him down
my wings are torn 
My spirit is broken
I feel so shredded and abuse
My eternal darkness is with he
this is where I'm headed
No love will ever find me
I'm trapped in the hands of Dark Angel
He feeds off my fears
Dark Angel tells me
I must obey all his commands
because I have no love of my own
You belong to me
you can't understand
how much you mean to me
I now became Dark Angels little toy
I have something to say my dear
Come, come near
I want your all give me your heart
I want your body mind and spirit
I looked at him with a smirk on my face
telling him it will never happen
but only in his dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1989
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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