as unkind flotes ravish'd this firstb'rn ship
timeth hath passed as in sloweth motion.
howling winds b're down on h'r fragility

a fastening of refashion'd twigs aloft at flote,
as swirling valleys of wat'r swarm'd its decks.
afeard souls, too. Below t'rrifi'd passeng'rs,

huddl'd clutching the wooden beams, children
screamed, babies wailed, men and distaff pray'd.
ye captain 'rd'r'd - the ship to “run with the winds. ”

its maiden voyage swallow'd by the waves.
a wooden ship untested, batt'r'd in a restless tumult,
of raging winds. A baptism quite unexpect'd.

f'r four-and-twenty hours saileth'rs scurri'd
liketh agitat'd ants to fasteneth whipping sails.
then the unthinkable. This fat'd ship beganeth to leak!

by vig'rous candlelight, human chains athirst 
conscript'd souls, urgently bail'd to rescueth the ship. 
 flotes heaved, as untam'd brine steadily riseth. 
an hungr'd men lab'r'd, day blurr’d into night. 
 skin shrivel'd as aged, tho' salt sprayeth stung their eyes. 
fi'rce winds blew as it sailed into the black nowh're 

en'rmous swells liketh colossal tsunamis broke ov'r
the st'rn, as consum'd breathless souls hurriedly gasp'd.
famish'd their weak restless bones f'rvently stain'd.

its sinking imminent, the ship lurch'd wildly side to side.
with hearts racing desp'rate men did hurry to its aid, tossing
ov'rstuff'd chest, trunks, and barrels into fell waves.

then midst the roaring thund'r and lightning,
cameth an apparition of a dram round lighteth, liketh a faint star,
aquiver and streaming 'long with a sparkling blaze.

f'r three hours this flick'ring visiteth'r, aflame, tarri'd
the midwatch, till dawns lighteth. A strange sight forsooth!
a did welcome betokening the endeth of the st'rm wast near.

at mid-m'rn the sky beganeth to lighteneth, unnoticed,
as needful ov'r weary bones forswear huddl'd asleep.
rous'd from their stup'r as a voice did cry, “Land!”

at lasteth, adrift, into shallow wat'rs, its batt'r'd hull,
did arrest. A grinding hurtling railing its arrival.
the ship wedg'd on rocks to drops of sorrow and shouts.

all hundr'd fifty passeng'rs and crew all account'd
f'r, their nightmarish journey miraculously ended,
shipwreck'd upon rediscov'r'd enchant'd isles.

moth'rs and fath'rs happily hug their children.
whiles oth'rs instinctively knelt in solemn prayeth'r.
those gents w're alive, castaways reimagining life reb'rn

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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