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It's About Time

Poet's Notes

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This piece is a prime example, dear reader, of what I sometimes come up with when I have too much "time on my hands". And I'm sure I haven't captured all the "timely" expressions. Please feel free to suggest others to add to the list...

It's about time:
time out of mind, time capsule, time travel, time frame,
time zone, time to get cracking, time will tell,
time to spare, time out, time off, time apart,
timetable, timeclock, timeline, 
time for bed, time on my hands, time has not been kind,
time flies, time stood still, time marches on,
time to go, time step, time to kill, time is up,
time is of the essence, time is on my side,
time to sow, time to reap, time bomb,
time limit, time after time, time to grieve,
time is my friend, time is against me,
time waits for no one, time ran out,
time to put up or shut up, this time, next time,
once upon a time, once in a lifetime, the test of time,
the time of your life, the sands of time,
one more time, story time, quitting time,
one time too many, payback time, on borrowed time,
the time has come, these are the times that try men's souls,
now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country,
no time to lose, no time like the present, in no time,
in the nick of time, out of time, 'til the end of time,
losing track of time, as time goes by, from time to time,
now is not a good time, all in good time, for a good time call,
let the good times roll, remember the time, take the time,
the arc of time, the best of times the worst of times,
telling time, when I find the time, more time than money,
lunch time, launch time, high times, behind the times,
if I could put time in a bottle, in the meantime,
that time of the month, for the last time, in due time,
Daylight Savings Time, halftime, break time, 
ETA, closing time, Central Standard Time,
record time, spare time, timepiece, peacetime,
all the time in the world, most of the time, sometimes,
a time for everything, wasting time, doing time,
Greenwich Mean Time. 
Time makes slaves of us all.
Time takes its victims without remorse or hesitation.
Time heals all wounds.
Nothing can hurt us the way time does.
It's show time!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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