I need an alter ego so what about Trim Shady, 
growing up I saw doctors they thought I was crazy, 
others said he's evil and lazy, 
got slapped with a metaphorical belt daily.
Ritalin I was fed, 
sedated with meds,
I'm not ashamed of ADHD
but I'm sure my family are ashamed of me,
the situation be what it be,
but I'll always be me.
Some people say I'm brainless
and those people think I'm a pain in the @nu$,
this is such a random status,
please feel free to delete us,
me and my alter ego 
unfriend me and go.
This is a freestyle
 po po po-Em,
and now I'm go go going......
But everyone knows 
that's not how to end the show,
I guess I disappear 
and let the audience cheer,
then wait a minute or more 
before the encore,
and hear that roar 
it's what they paid for,
a roar 
to when your 
sports team score.
But what do I sing? 
depression robbed me of everything.
While others have plenty 
I'm starting new,
I lost my twenties, 
can you relate to me?
Have you ever feared the world because you had anxiety?
Before it consumed me I liked to party.
I was outgoing, never at home, 
only alone in my sleep,
avoiding the come down, 
woke up when the phone rang, 
hang over sorted with a sports drink,
get it down to rehydrate 
at a hasty rate, wipe the slate clean.
Full English to make me lean, 
then place the pillows, tuck the sheets and arrange the cover.
Shower, shave, dress, spray, 
An hour to rave and become a mess away,
sports drink two, hooray,
I'm now over the hang over.
Party two, in hour twenty two.
Pub crawl, tipsy by now, 
telling my friends I love them all,
having a ball, 
8 hours in throwing up on the wall,
put a mint in my mouth looking for a pull.
Wake up wondering where am I
who's this next to me?
Oh i remember, 
my god she's ugly,
she looked different when we met by the bar, 
I hope we didn't travel far.
Sneak out the door whilst looking around the floor,
for the evidence of protection, 
can't see it hoping I've not got an infection.
Get dressed without underwear 
walk out without a care,
Not sure where...... 
I am, 
Should have stayed in bed for round two,
discover a baggie in my pocket it's what i didn't consume.
Here goes, start the day with a buzz, 
and party on without a fuss.
Bus stop, get on the bus, 
battery dying, got to be quick, 
meet me at 3, 
two ten bags and a g.
On to day three, 
another party.
So much fun when I was young, depression started to control, 
but I'll be back and in the end I'll be able to say I stole back what depression stole, through life I stroll, inevitably toward victory.
I'll get back to the old me, without doubt I'll succeed.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 4/10/2018 11:00:00 AM
Trim you really should be speaking these. Many here wouldn't catch the flow and depth of it unless they heard it the way it was meant to be said. Awesomeness ~from your ADD sister ;)
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Nick Trim
Date: 5/14/2018 8:15:00 AM
I've been able to restructure the layout now i'm a member as it was at the limit of characters allowed before but now i'm a member I have more lol
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Nick Trim
Date: 4/10/2018 12:25:00 PM
well i do sit on my own and practice tbh lol when i perfect it ill record it, My The Trim Shady Show works as a song, my Bath City the Anthem works as a song and Big Ego also works, i could actually rap those and record it, i like it when people laugh at me lmao, i will do it one day though ha ha