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Dragon Unleashed

Hmm...words, thoughts, and prayers seem to be against me
To do unspeakable deeds they try to convince me
Unanswered questions
Unwarranted lies
This smile is but only a disguise
A facade put up to mask the hurt
This pain is deep yet your reply is curt
Unheard cries
Unnoticed agony
Peace of mind is rapidly evading me
Still waters run down my face 
As if flowing from misery's pond

My emotional progression is sneaking along in a rather dangerous direction
Sadness and hurt morphing into loathing and fear
A dangerous pairing the latter two
I'd stay at bay if I were you
My hate for you is dulled by the scary thoughts of losing another
Yet that fear drives me, no propels me to terminate the thorn in my side

I have visions
Perfectly planned instances of your utter demise
Nevermind the innocent parties that would be effected
There's no more compassion
No more human decency
I'm just returning your respect for me
If you have to give it to earn it
It's looking like you'll never have it
Primal instinct to protect what I have is automatic

This is a cruel game we play
One that gets more serious everyday
One that will surely end my way
Heed this promise for your own sake
Stay the heck out of my way
I've been patient for far too long trying holding back this beast
Well now you can consider the dragon officially unleashed
But don't be too shook up by me in this written form
This is only ink on paper
Just a sweet girl with a poem

Typhani M. Roberson

Copyright © | Year Posted 2011

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Date: 2/11/2011 7:58:00 AM
Welcome to Poetry Soup.. so enjoyed reading your creative write tonight.. hope your time on Soup will be fun and filled with sharing with luv..
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