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Don't Love You Yes I Do

Don't Love You Yes I Do

I Don't Love You 
Yes I Do 
I don't love you 
except because I love you
I measure every grief 
to every gift you ever given me 
could this heart 
love a man like you 
I go from loving 
to not loving you
Sometimes my poor heart
keep's crying for you  
like some sad love song 
that keeps me holding on to the blues
like an old Flu
I know I don't love you 
but then I get confused
thinking I do
from waiting
to not waiting for you
is as sad as that old lonely song
that keeps playing on
Thing you have me to do 
Shame on you 
my heart moves from cold to fire 
like the air of midnight 
Sometimes when I watch you sleep
I often think 
are you dreaming of me
that is something that makes me hurt
because I shouldn't have to wonder
if you love me or not
or if your dreaming of me
I love you
only because you ask me to
but in my heart 
I don't know if you hold that spark
You are the one 
I did say I do to 
I hate you deeply
but hating you is making me sick
you keep coming back to me 
in darken dreams
Oh, how you make me scream
You tell me to say the words
that hurts me deep 
The words of Love that could never be
why I am so sick 
you tell me over and over 
Love is all about Pain
because my love for you  
Make me crazy you say
things I don't mean to say 
You get me to say them more
the measure of changing 
Your words are making hast 
making me live in constant pains
that brings on rain
But you say this is love
Maybe January will see the Lights of the city
they will look so pretty 
light we can take another walk 
to show you I have a heart
Dark Angel takes me in his arms
asking me to call out his name
Over and Over
I would call out 
Dark Angel,
In the Park of Paris 
My heart wants to break
but it is already broken
''No,'' I don't Love you
yes I do because you tell me too
But only In this story 
things always change in darken dreams
I am the one 
who cannot live without the Light
for what is right in God eyes
but I know I am not alone
God is with me
this is my testing  
I will die for my true Love
but not the Love of Pain
that brings on the Rain .

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 10/17/2017 7:58:00 AM
Judy love does not hurt. you are confused This is a confusing poem,either you arein love or you are not. have a nice day my friend.
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