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Divine healing

Sirens wailing, red lights flashing, muffled voices

I was numb and confused as though I was in a trance. 
My vision was limited to only blurred images, I didn’t know
if I could move because my body felt heavy. 

Didn’t know if I was alive or if I was in a dream like state. 
‘He’s losing ground’ I heard,  sounded as though this person was 
standing over me.  ‘we need a doctor’ 

startled  I uttered  ‘Oh Lord”, or I seem to remember that I did. 

Immediately after that everything vanished, I mean the lights, the noise,
No one was talking. It was black all around me.  
Nothing stirred me nor did I seem to feel that I was actually among them.

Frightened and bewildered I wanted to know what’s going on, where did 
the people go, and above all, where am I.  At first there were people 
moving me about, must have been several people around all talking 
as though they were desperate. Then I felt like I was not there at all. 

Thought I said ‘I’m here’ no one answered, I had to be dreaming. 
Suddenly a very bright light came across me as though it was the 
sun a short distance away.  Never saw that before, but I didn’t feel 
heat from it.

I could not see any images in any direction, nor did I realize what 
was coming over me. Felt like I was in a sci fi   feature. 
I could not make sense of this whole situation. I was frightened. 

I then felt myself becoming warmer, some feeling in my fingers occurred.
Slowly more sensory became apparent although I didn’t know what to 
make of that.  

I felt my head being lifted as though someone was trying to sit me up. 
But  why didn’t someone tell me what they were doing?
I felt my chest rising, as though I was breathing,   my body sort of in a whirl. 
Was this the start of a funnel like tube?

A  different from  a  normal voice spoke
‘I am here to help you’,   well thank goodness they got the doctor.

What happened in between the commotion and now was a mystery.
 If only someone would tell me where I am.  Why don’t they?

My vision started to clear and able to focus on shapes and colors. 
My hearing was more acute now, could hear more distinct words. 
Something was beeping steadily in the background.  

‘Don’t’ move’ someone shouted at me. Now why would they say
that when I can’t move, or at least I know I can’t.
What happened I asked. She replied ‘you left us’.

How could I leave them if I wasn’t there in the first place? 
Very unclear to me how I got  there to start with. 
“people rescued you and brought you to this hospital’
Okay now things are making sense.  Glad that people 
are willing to tell me things now. 
So all the lights and sounds was the rush to get me here.
but what about the bright lights and then it was dark around me?

Who was holding my head lifting me up, I asked her. 
‘No one’ she replied. 
She said I had called out   ‘oh Lord’, ‘but we don’t have a doctor by that name”.

I slipped back into my dream like state again furiously trying to figure that one out.

Eureka, I know who that was, it was the Lord.
He heard me when I said Oh Lord, and came to my side.
With his healing hands he revitalized me. 
He answered my call, the uplifting feeling I felt was the restoration
My call answered …..  A divine revival 


Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 11/23/2017 8:10:00 AM
Doug, wow! What a story .I was riveted to each word, seems to me I have been in the same place. You are an amazing storyteller.
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Date: 11/22/2017 3:09:00 PM
Well, you really know how to tell a story, this was excellent and some great vocabulary...
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