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Death Of The Enemy

Poet's Notes

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Death of the enemy

If you in your life once saw
A man head filled with grubs
Intestines screaming out at you
Far from the ones he loves
And seen the horror on his face
Though enemy he be
Then you’d look at war, my friends 
And feel the same as me.

I carried him within my arms
This enemy so fierce
He died before my eyes, you know!
Into my heart it pierced
The horror that be war, my friends
The ugliness of it
Although he was the enemy
It hurt me quite a bit.

For he was just a human being
Far away from folk who loved him
He died in so much misery
I saw his eyes go dim
And my heart went out to him
For he too, I had killed
I did not fire the blessed missile
Yet guilty I was still.!!!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/31/2018 9:22:00 PM
Wow! What a gripping, powerful and emotional poem, Peter. Oh, the horrors of war. Exceptional, expressive and incredible poetry, my friend. Warmest wishes for a happy new year.. ~Susan
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 1/1/2019 4:51:00 PM
I thank you so much Susan for your kind words. Always a pleasure to hear from you, my friend May year 2019 be wonderful for you. All the best from me to you....Peter
Date: 12/31/2018 1:36:00 PM
- There are so many stories ... that never gets told - Great written, my friend :) - I wish you and Vera a wonderful and peaceful new year :) - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 4:54:00 PM
Thank you so much for your kind comments Anne Lise. Hope you have a wonderful 2019, my friend....peter
Date: 12/31/2018 7:55:00 AM
You have brought war to the forefront of my mind; I have always despised it, but after reading this poem, I despise it much more, Peter. Much much more, which I did not think was possible after watching the black and white videos of Viet Nam War in the 70's after supper.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 5:01:00 PM
Hi Caren. I found this poem in my arcihves. it as written a long time ago. War is the most ugly thing in this world caused by ugly politicians. I joined the army just after I emigrated to Australia, because I wanted to be part of the country.A very foolish move I think Now. Thank you for reading, my friend...Peter
Date: 12/31/2018 7:43:00 AM
Very expressive and emotive work. That would be horrible to see the carnage of war no matter if it was friend or foe. My oldest brother served in North Africa and he had problems the rest of his life . I think it is what they call PTSD today. Sara
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 5:04:00 PM
Hi Sara I had many years of PTSD after I served in Vietnam. I cured myself through A heap of meditation which I still do each morning and will till my demise. Thank you for your kind comments, my friend….Peter
Date: 12/31/2018 6:12:00 AM
how profound, sidney/ peter... my fater was a genral and fought in wars so i can relate to this... happy new year!...huggs
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 5:06:00 PM
Hi Nette, I was a medic in Vietnam, and I learned all the horrors of war. Thank you for your kind comments, my friend. Seems like your dad was a great man. Have a wonderful new year, my friend....peter
Date: 12/31/2018 3:40:00 AM
Touching poems of great beauty and lasting desire of finding the Acceptable.Congratulation. Maybe new generation should be taught that liberty and responsibility are twins and the borders between Acceptable and Unacceptable cross through inner realm,too.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 5:08:00 PM
So true Ovidiu. Thank you for reading and commenting, my friend. Have a great new year....peter
Date: 12/31/2018 2:40:00 AM
The war to end all wars was fought but mankind never learns from his mistakes. All soldiers are the puppets of mad politicians and leaders. Happy new year Peter. Tom.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 5:12:00 PM
G'day Tom You are absolutely right on this one. So many people who served in Vietnam, have never got over I, and are still suffering. I am lucky that I cured myself. Thank you so much, mate for your kind comments...Have a wonderful new year...peter
Date: 12/31/2018 1:47:00 AM
Nicely done, Peter, I enjoyed reading, how many would have cared the enemy.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 5:13:00 PM
Thank you so much Eve, always nice to hear your kind comments, my friend...Peter
Date: 12/31/2018 1:46:00 AM
Very heart felt, great write.
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 6:28:00 PM
Thank you so much Arthur for your kind comments. Hope you are having a wonderful new years day, my friend....Peter
Date: 12/31/2018 1:35:00 AM
War is brainwashing there is no such thing as the enemy.The world is mad and the men and women even madder. War is just a game played by mad men
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dugan Avatar
sidney dugan
Date: 12/31/2018 6:36:00 PM
G'day David. I agree with you, my friend. This whole world has gone Balmy. I spend time reading the truths from the net, and I come to the conclusion that the big boys are trying to crush the poor. If we as the masses don't work together and go against the idiots. We will be turned into slaves, Just the way the author of '1984' pictured it to be. it seems very sad for our grandchildren. Thank you for your comments, mate....Peter