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Bunker Hill I

Tenacity for cause stands undeterred by occupation holding it in chains, for British harbored troops had duly stirred the populous conceding to disdain. Dissention roared to smite the King’s demand for boarded soldiers fielded by the throne, his writs of purpose, rendered by command, had sanctioned thus, and subjects must condone. But quartered ranks were circled by discern as rallied riled militia filled the rise, though British lead dismissed with no concern, since once afront, they’d tender no reprise. Tis but a boast, dissension would stand down as agitation sparks the British crown. As agitation sparks the British crown concern evolves as retribution swells. Within her ranks, a hunkering abounds below the crest as disposition quells. Her mighty force had huddled in abodes beyond the lethal range of musket fire while mass militia stalked the higher roads to press advantage in the pending ire. As turbulence is rallied in arrays of taught contingents, steadied by command, the harbored Reds, aware of brash displays, lay idle as they cede the higher stand. As Reds declare the insolence absurd, their destinies shall face the passions stirred. Their destinies shall face the passions stirred for spiting with flotillas to the North. His warring vessels, sailing undeterred, ‘tis but a taunt for fury to come forth. Such occupation breaches all respite thus, lending cause to front the show of force. ‘Tis apropos to ready for the fight and hail the swords of battle in recourse. Let not the face of tyranny dismay through aimed deceit with villainous intent, arise in force, let fortitude convey tenacity for cause shall not relent... for confidence and valor will rebound within the rabble ranks on higher ground. Within the rabble ranks on higher ground, confusion settled for a lower rise, for Breed’s became the hill to face the crown though Bunker would adorn their battle cries. Throughout the night a stronghold would emerge to form a fortress braced to face assail. The British ranks lay readied to converge upon the sconce to quell the rising rail. But dissidence intensified their stance as new reports ascended to the crest. Militia’s tide stood ready for the chance for regiments to face their maiden test. While Continental seeks to stake its claim, oppression’s ire insured its deadly aim. Oppression’s ire insured its deadly aim as British ranks assembled ‘neath the hill, for Reds perceived, they gathered to defame the monarchy and disrespect its will. ‘Tis but a nuisance tending to the heights that overlooks the skies of Boston town, let not your pride be blinded by the lights of arrogance that doubts the British crown. But nay a soldier, tending to the rise, considered such a rendering a ruse, for when they saw the white within their eyes they’d set alight the goose-quilled cannon fuse. A hubris lead leaves readiness benign as forces on the battlefield align. As forces on the battlefield align, the confidence in Red grew ever sure, though naval range fell short to break their spine, a frontal charge, dissent could not endure. The readied ranks positioned for attack as random files deployed along the bank. By due command, each bounding lobster back thus, waited for the call to press their flank. But patience held the reigns upon the hill as orders stemmed to stand against the rife, a steadied hand brought forth the needed skill to lead his Continentals through the strife. Though galleon cannons faltered in their aim, the world has heard the shot for freedom ‘s claim. The world has heard the shot for freedom ‘s claim along the harbored shores of Boston’s pride. And, when the Reds unleashed their deadly game the dissidence, in redoubts, would abide. The sturdy force pressed forth to front abreast the battlements entrenched atop the rim, a fearsome charge should seize the pallid crest as disarray retreats their hellish vim. But as the lines approached their bulwark wall a steadied temper drew an honest bead, as powder flashed, the British lines would fall and nay retort would cause them to concede. No longer would their force be deemed benign as guns discharged into the Boston line. As guns discharged into the Boston line the tattered rows collapsed beneath the rage, retreat was sought for fronts to realign and reinforced to once again, engage. Again, their course began its vain ascent to reach the redoubts burrowed at the spire and once again, the bodies fell like wood beneath the strafe of Continental fire. But unrelenting ranks would overwhelm Dissention’s stance, as powder stores run dry, when waves of red engulfed the bastioned helm, affix bayonets would be their battle cry. A fierce riposte had caused them to take heed though greater numbers caused you to concede.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2022

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Date: 11/23/2022 6:43:00 PM
So excellent, Mark! You are a master of the sonnets, and well deserved! :)
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Date: 11/22/2022 5:42:00 PM
Great Googly Moogly, Your poetry is exceptional. It makes mine seem so sophomoric. You weave such a great tapestry of imagery. My hat's off to you Sir.
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