The banks are wet
The air is cold
streams of memories 
are everywhere I look,
where Dark Angel is prison in my mind,
I remember that cold September night 
that given me so much fright
when Dark Angel taken me down that night,
His touch
His words I will always remember,
I still see from far away into a darken dream
the castle of Dark Angel 
upon the tallest mountain,
I had ever seen,
everything was evergreen 
woods of deep smelling pine
fair flowers all around the valley grounds,
but I also felt the great depression 
that will overtake anyone’s souls,
I remember a time where the 
Black Magic woman casting her evil spells
on all she could see, in clouding me,
spell of darken dreams 
that cuts deep into your soul
she hangs on to your heart 
and never wants to let it go
that is a part of her evil control,
while her puppets wherein mask 
while they dance around
on broken glass;
Oh, how they would scream 
Begging the Magic women to stop their pains,
Oh, how it made me scream 
To see all these things in darken dreams,
The old dead sea was anger as it could be,
Storms are brewing;
Rain of tears are falling;
Frogs are hopping 
Trees are swaying into the night,
Oh, how I held on for the ride 
I hold on to my soul 
but still a part of me let go,
things are getting so out of control
Dark Angel I cried
Why are you doing this to my life?
But he didn’t want to give me a sight
Into his darken eyes of his lies,
I know I will never find an honest soul
darkness is all they know
Dark Angel will give wonders of worries 
throughout the days 
for the rest life of life of hate 
this is the life Dark Angel gave,
to the heart of pain 
the flood of tears is everywhere
no souls are spared 
the expressions on the evil slaves face 
they have much hate in their eyes,
Oh, the ships that are out on sea 
started to sink like a disease
that is killing all that is in the way
of the angry storm, 
I will never see the light of day
in them darken eyes,
I started crying with the storm 
Dark Angels, rage is all over the place,
I'm afraid and very weak and too afraid to think,
I try to explain what I was feeling
it didn't matter to them anyways,
Oh, pale lips come to me
Your lips are rosy as they could ever be
give me a kiss 
and I will let you taste death,
Dark Angel walks over to me 
I am hearing bad things 
I hear things I must not speak 
I must stay strong and meek
but Dark Angel has a battle of his own to keep?
I am in way to deep 
I'm losing this fight for my own rights 
Dark Angel kissed me 
I feel I could no longer breath 
he is taken the life out of me 
He given me the pain of rain
that will never go away 
September will always be remembered.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1988
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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