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I could see by the way you look at me 
all your melodies of life left your eyes
but you kept your head held up on high
avoiding life true tragedies 
but your tune for love still burns
even if your words come out raggedy tunes
love still finds you,
Your heart has alot to say , in better days
even so, time still plays on your mind
I apologize for my harsh words 
that slain you in past pains
but knowldge comes with hardship
abandonment by love 
cuts deeper then a sword
where  life can be a struggle 
by the wounds of a broken heart 
where at night the cold sets on in
and the mind remembers the sin
But you still manage to support yourself 
even if life persuades your mind
in wheeling times
that phantoms out your life 
I remember that time so very well 
you put my life in a living hell 
the pains shadowed over me 
like a heavy cloud of rain
I can still see the shutters clattering
in the manic wind
winter became an old friend 
I can still feel your cold touch 
it still chills my skin deep within
I don't know why you keep my by your side
you act so harmless at times 
But we know that isn't the real you 
you love to keep me confused about you
I can still see you are lacking harmony
But that isn't new to me 
I hear that ancient wind crying at me again
it is now like music to my ears 
that lets me know danger and fear is near 
you left me in a dark stated of mind 
in a cold darken room 
I was so isolated from the world 
you broken me down 
by telling me I will never be found 
You told me love is painful 
it is like fire and water 
Love can burn for hours at a time 
But when love changes to darkness 
it kills and drowns out your spirit 
and leaves in you a big nasty mess
the heart is cut deeper then life 
things never seems nice 
But for me this is all you can give 
is the pains that you where left in 
you surrounded me with lies 
that cut me so deep , you watched me bleed
you loved it when I screamed 
sometimes you would groan with me 
like you where mocking me 
I would fall down to the bloody floor 
where you left me and closed the door
whose me in memories 
where the hammer makes sound of blows 
out side in the snow
Oh, how I felt so cold left all alone
somewhere I know you are thinking of me 
I know you want to set me free
but your heart wont let you be 
because you don't want the host 
of your own past too come back
you don't want the coax memories 
where you was left out to bleed
I see your eyes changing in my dreams 
you are trying to speak again to me
I try so hard to neglect you 
but you will never left me forget you
in my mind you remain
but this time when I seen you
your eyes are closed and you seemed to me
like you are very serene
I don't know what that means 
I hadn't see this before
your words seem very impassive
like you are anchoring the darkness 
But as soon as you started opening your eyes 
You where back in your sins
you left no details for me to go by 
Oh, this makes me want to cry 
I can tast your creepiness
while you walk around like a lost zombie.

Poetic Judy Emery 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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