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A Child And Her Moth

Poet's Notes

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She was pretty as a picture
Sugar sweet. And terrified
She gazed up at the nightlight
Where no evil things could hide

She was quite brave in day time
But night terrors ran so deep
Without her trusty nightlight
She would never get to sleep

She glanced around her bedroom
Feeling sleepy, she lay down
But as she heard a tapping
Her small face turned to a frown

She opened her eyes quickly
Need to look, don't want to see
She couldn't sleep till she knew
What the tapping sound could be

Around her dim light fluttered
A small creaure of the night
A pale and ghostly spectre
Wings of dust and glowing white

She gasped and snapped her eyes shut
Pulled the quilt above her head
Then a voice of sunshine
Sounded right next to her bed

'Don't be afraid my sweetheart
I'm not here to do you harm
I guard you as you're sleeping
There's no need for your alarm

I search the room for monsters
Keep the scarey things away
Protecting you from shadows
Till I'm born again next day.'

'But what are you? ' she whispered
'I'm a butterfly, my dear
If you saw me in daylight
I know you would have no fear'.

'But butterflies are rainbows
They are cheerful, they are bright
You are dull and faded
You are darkness. They are light'

The butterfly laughed softly
'I know that is how it seems
At night I give my colour
To bring beauty to your dreams

Come morning I start changing
I'm reborn and I'm made new
I earn my right to colour
As I watch and protect you

So sleep now. I am watching
Nothing bad is hiding here
Sweet dreams my little lady
You are safe. I will be near'

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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