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Dizain -

Contest Judged:  5/19/2020 10:29:00 AM
Sponsored by: Constance La France | Send Soup Mail
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Contest Winner Medal 1 The Mysterious Image Aditi Mishra
Contest Winner Medal 1 Her Image Drifts Nette Onclaud
Contest Winner Medal 1 Curiosity's Footprints Emile Pinet
Contest Winner Medal 1 On Poetry Janis Thompson
Contest Winner Medal 1 Undead Jack Horne
Contest Winner Medal 1 Just To Be Near You Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Contest Winner Medal 1 Give Not Your Heart Michelle Faulkner
Contest Winner Medal 2 Just Like That Sandra Haight
Contest Winner Medal 2 It Happens That Way Larry Bradfield
Contest Winner Medal 2 New Beginnings Connie Marcum Wong
Contest Winner Medal 2 Washed Ashore Edward Ibeh
Contest Winner Medal 2 Playful Puppy Jan Allison
Contest Winner Medal 2 In My Strange Lane Andrea Dietrich
Contest Winner Medal 3 Lost In My Ardent Dreams Eve Roper
Contest Winner Medal 3 Lemon Cake Kim Rodrigues
Contest Winner Medal 3 You Are Not Alone Reason A. Poteet
Contest Winner Medal 3 Breeze of May Caren Krutsinger
Contest Winner Medal 3 Your Enamored Touch Subimal Sinha-Roy
Contest Winner Medal 3 International Space Station Tom Cunningham
4 Clouds Mary Taylor
4 Echoes Beyond the Blue Joanna Daniel
4 Your Emotions John Gondolf
5 Restart Mohan Chutani
5 A Friend In Pain Mark Anthony Bartolo
5 Blest To Be a Blessing Beata Agustin
5 Childhood Sam Kauffman

Contest Description

What to Submit.. any theme

Dizain.... NEW only accepted in this contest,  one .... or more stanza's connected by theme_***your title and poem should make sense***


A dizain is a type of poem that follows a prescribed format of syllables per line while adhering to a certain rhyme scheme.

To write a dizain follow these guidelines. A dizain should be comprised of a 10-line stanza which includes 8-10 syllables in every line and is written in accordance with this rhyme scheme: ababbccdcd. True rhyming is best but I will accept near rhymes, but the poem must rhyme on some level.


*Please do not break up the stanza into 2 parts... as it is a 10 line stanza.


Preparing Your Entry

Check spelling, grammar, and presentation.  Check syllable counts and rhyming. Punctuation is optional.   

A Note  - If possible could you NOT use the poem you write for me in this contest in another ongoing contest until this one is judged.  Thank you. 

Contact me by soupmail if you have any questions. 

I will be using Rhymezone, HowManysyllables (however,I do not always agree with HMS and will use my judgement in those cases), and PS Grammar Checker to verify all poems.