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Words: syke, sykes, syl, syle, syll

Syl Poems

Syl Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syl poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syl.

New Poems

Premium Member Program Sonnet
Program Sonnet
Integer, Parameter:: L=14, S=10
!L number of lines, S number of syllables per line
Character (Len=6):: Syl(L, S)
Character (Len=80):: Line (L)
Do I=1,L
	Do J=1,S
! here is where you insert 
! the poetic thought the computer 
!cannot produce

Do...Read More
Categories: syl, computer,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member In My Sleep
I close my eyes and soon drift to another world,
and I find myself in a lush garden;
I hear ocean waves crashing on a shore,
a quiet voice is talking and I say, "pardon?"

Soon, I hear a lot of chatter and muttering,
and...Read More
Categories: syl, dream,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member IRIS

Dainty as a maiden embellished in deep violet,
She flutters through grassland, emitting a tangy perfume
And her bodice, luscious, drifts on an organza garment 
That reflects queenly admiration from a sunlight blessed:

How butterflies wheel around this goddess’s appointed space
Cruising, parading to...Read More
Categories: syl, appreciation, flower,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Seguidilla 1
Midnight in droplet puddles
murky cobble stone
after a crisp whiz of rain,
men sound left alone.
Portal kept silence
into a magical dew
of faint world's absence.


Contest:  'SEGUIDILLA' Contest 
Sponsored By:	nette onclaud

1. Midnight, not a sound from the pavement.
Verify syl count More
Categories: syl, fantasy, imagery, rain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member emPHASIS

In french Québec, they put the em-PHASIS on the wrong syl-LABLE
At least they make an effort, it's better than the French to speak I'm able
I heartily applaud them
Left in '76 that was when
There was a mini revolution and things became...Read More
Categories: syl, language,
Form: Limerick


As mauve of autumn waves her velvet cloak
Each treetop, each leaf upturns a  glazed hue:
That  between dusk and morn, the winds evoke
A  heartbeat tempo of evening’s debut--
Oblivious to chills with  beams on oak
Parading their grandeur ,...Read More
Categories: syl, autumn, beautiful,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member KINDRED

Kindness at home breeds love
Keeping family warm…
Kids, parents join hearts to
Knit times with gaiety;
Knowing sweet acts open
Keys of faith…and household
Kneels in worship as one.

Contest: Pleiades K   3/11/2017
Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Verified by 'gaiety'
considered as 3-syl word 
...Read More
Categories: syl, family, love, together,
Form: Verse
Premium Member ''In My Sleep''
I close my eyes and soon drift to another world,
and I find myself in a lush garden;
I hear ocean waves crashing on a shore,
a quiet voice is talking and I say, "pardon?"

Soon, I hear a lot of chatter and...Read More
Categories: syl, dream, garden, music, surreal,
Form: Quatrain

In that stillness of a meadow
Quite uncanny yet deep,
When birds were mute and every tree
Gasped  feebly…   all asleep,

Throughout one hazy evening mist
Along my grief’s replay;
The tempo of the air echoed
From crackled weeds  that day.

For in the...Read More
Categories: syl, longing, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Part 2 , FULLY BOOKED
While pensive is silver moon
calm and tender is the night
I immerse in memories
with tears in my eyes.

June 23, 2016.
PART 2, FULLY BOOKED - Poetry Contest
Title of the novel : Tender Is The Night 
Sponsored by: nette onclaud
dodoitsu: 7, 7, 7,5...Read More
Categories: syl, emotions, missing, night,
Form: Dodoitsu

Premium Member FULLY BOOKED Part 2
In sentient shades of silence
The heart endures from tyrants
Love lives lachrymosely long
My heart shows its prong.

PART 2, FULLY BOOKED - Poetry Contest
By nette onclaud

~compose ONE dodoitsu: 7, 7, 7,5 syl count: 4 lines
*The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter ( Carson...Read More
Categories: syl, august, betrayal, emotions, hurt,
Form: Dodoitsu

As clusters of blooms rustle to sashay,
Peonies, roses, and lilies delight
With hints of peach, of gold in fine array!

Their rich fragrance wafts on a summer day
Adorning the lane with dewed petals bright;
As clusters of blooms rustle to sashay.

How these florets...Read More
Categories: syl, beautiful, flower, wedding,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member FACING THE HURT

To ride the sea is a pleasure and a curse
as huddle of gulls, starfish dart from nowhere
enchanting frolic on breakers, they traverse
into buoyant laps with crystal tides so rare.
My arms swivel a distance while I immerse
from deep lures of an...Read More
Categories: syl, courage, fear, hurt,
Form: Ottava rima
My Second Hand Toyota Revo
Advertising triolet poem with narrative:

 Toyota Revo

A four-wheel drive,even purchased as second-hand
Still runs smoothly and safe, never trundles around
With its superlative engine, mileage is grand
A four-wheel drive, even purchased as second- hand.
Best gasoline saver, once we've Toyota brand
A snazzy car...Read More
Categories: syl, appreciation, car,
Form: Triolet
Premium Member OBLIVIOUS

I strut the lane of vagrancy
With breaths choking from evening’s plea,
As lampposts dip across the night
When love undone grates my delight;
Reflecting scenes... a cracked marquee.

Trapped in the void of emptied lea
A begging howls... my cries decree
For sparks to glow, to...Read More
Categories: syl, absence, sad love,
Form: Rondeau

Blue tunnel glimmers where dome meets the ray
in cadence of  lulled sleep, its final veil...
the flight grows misty in a blooming sway
as my soul climbs the ladder of bright trail;
where heaven’s portal dips in moonlit spray...
Awed by Mother Mary’s...Read More
Categories: syl, happiness, heaven, uplifting,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member RITES OF HARVEST MOON --HexSonnetta

When harvest moon alights,
to sail like gauzy lace
on through a cloud’s embrace...
I watch her mystic rites,
as beaming, she excites
my lithesome hours of grace.

How glorious the view
atop a mountain crowned…
with lilies all around
that settle on her queue,
beguiling eve, anew
when sparklers reach...Read More
Categories: syl, beauty, moon,
Form: Sonnet
The Sweater
The Sweater

To a frigid wind's quiver,
Graces a warm embrace,
Of passion knitted in hot threads,
My sweater hugs his chest,
To a frigid wind's quiver.

Syl- 7/6/8/6/7
Written August 3rd, 2015
© Dr. Upma A. Sharma 
Inspiration- pic no #6
For contest "A prized refrain" by Nette...Read More
Categories: syl, love,
Form: Verse
Somewhere Back Into The Childhood
Putting a reverse gear,
I'll go back, 
Where no religion or 
Boundaries, could be listed. 
One cared only for dolls.

By: Archana Garg
Dt: 9th January 2015

Total syl. count: 28
For the contest SOMEWHERE sponsored by nette onclaud

...Read More
Categories: syl, childhood,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Somewhere
when our lips finally meet,
and the rush of the world stops
It's there, in the fragrance,
love will be forever warm

contest Somewhere
Frederic Parker 1/7/15
29 syl...Read More
Categories: syl, kiss,
Form: Free verse
probability in life
face uncertainty; 
art of seeing the hidden
trial and error

Syl. count 5/7/5...Read More
Categories: syl, life,
Form: Haiku
On the pier
I sit on the pier sad
Imagine I was sun
Solitary, no one
near it, shuns all.

tired evening sun lowers
sea embraces it slow
the salt lessens sun’s glow
it cools in dark.

night sings a lullaby
music plays on the tide
mermaids merrily glide
it must rise strong. 

Mohan...Read More
Categories: syl, sun, , Lullaby,
Form: Verse
invisible pull
relativity connect;
independence sought

syl. count 5/7/5
Date write: 8.7.2014...Read More
Categories: syl, miracle,
Form: Haiku
keenly expecting
to rise out of a quagmire;
ready for the worst

syl. count 5/7/5
Date: 4.7.2014...Read More
Categories: syl, emotions,
Form: Senryu
What I gave
Audacious you ask
After gaining all I had;
What I gave to you

Senryu: syl count 5/7/5
Date: 26.6.2014
Mohan Chutani...Read More
Categories: syl, love hurts,
Form: Senryu