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Friends Sad Poems

These Friends Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Friends. These are the best examples of Sad Friends poems written by international poets.

I had a friend but, I had to let her go
We are both upset and the tears did flow
I had a friend...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, courage, friend, goodbye,

Song of a heartbroken scribbler
Happy Sad Day to me.
Who cares about the high cholesterol,
I will immediately gulp this Brownie candy.
Let the triglycerides increase,
only chocolate can set me free
because it's...

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Categories: sad, 10th grade, 11th grade,

3am Thoughts
I want to start over
With each a clean slate, 
Without bringing up the past 
Or rehashing mistakes.

I want to get back to “us”
And push the...

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Categories: sad, forgiveness, heartbreak, hurt, love

If one of our failing friends will not talk
How would we walk the forgiveness walk?
Do forgive them anyway

How does one forgive, live, pray, alone?
Maybe texting...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, bible, discrimination, international, prayer,

The Feeling
The Feeling.

How long can someone be expected to hide,
That horrendous feeling that grows and then festers inside?
You wonder when it started and how on Earth...

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© Kay Dee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anxiety, depression, feelings,

Heroes and Villains
I’ve listened to stories of every kind,
Of heroes and villains, of friends left behind.
I’ve read all the books and watched all the shows,
Where the heroes...

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© Sarah Hach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, books, confusion, evil, fantasy,

Your Answer

Your friends would have viciously gossiped and jeered,
your parents have shouted: "No way, how bizarre!
What does he live on, to be sick he appeared?
Hands off,...

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Categories: sad love,

A Love I Cannot Pursue
Slow, creeping, warmth
Go, gently, leave
Before you turn into passion and leave me to grieve
A love I cannot pursue

Smile lingers on
While trust grows
Falling backwards to a...

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Categories: sad, best friend, emotions, love,

It's Sad
Its sad 
Its sad when all of the emotions you feel inside
You cant cant put into words no matter how hard you try 
Everytime you...

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Categories: sad, cry, deep, depression,


Today is the day, years ago, my Father was buried.

Nothing seemed right in the world any longer!

I cried, prayed and wished, I were stronger.

With grief,...

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Categories: sad, death, father, how i

It's Not For Me No More - A Song
*Spoken* Man, let me tell you about this girl…

She has a smile that shines on her face
She has a smirk that can make my heart...

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Categories: sad, break up, emotions, heartbreak,

Premium Member from a dad NK
the big hot sun  
work for one   
now for fun 
we can run 
yes my son 
you have won  
playtime is...

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Categories: sad, love, mom, son, sun,

school of misery
A packed lunch of sandwiches 
meant to take away the weariness 
that comes with going back to a set prison 
meant to change our lives....

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Categories: 12th grade, anxiety, sad,

Real Not Fiction

Real Not Fiction
A hole is a hole said the Mule
As he stuck his stump up a slapper
This saying was mirrored by another
Who told a story...

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Categories: hurt, journey, romance, sad

Premium Member Rose Garden
"A Rose Garden and Tea Time Go Together." Quote By Poet   

As I sit sipping tea in my rose garden of pink,     ...

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Categories: sad, beauty, butterfly, flower, love,