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Friends Sad Poems

These Friends Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Friends. These are the best examples of Sad Friends poems written by international poets.

We Left Our Childhood Behind
Remember when we used to play
In our backyards every day
We built castles in the sand
And chased each other hand in hand

Remember when we used to...

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Categories: sad, childhood, feelings, friendship, innocence,

Premium Member Mamma - Silent One
Mamma you work very hard for our family
Always giving and never taking
Mother's Day is on March 10 in the UK
Mother's Day is on May 12...

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Categories: sad, angel, family, life, love,

Premium Member Guess Who
Who was a family show singer,
when her young daughter tried to be a dead ringer.
He brought her to life,
then she became  his wife.


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Categories: sad, child, color, dance, family,

Premium Member Stir
"Life can get in the way of life. Make sure you stir in lots of love and happiness." 
By Poet

My life
recipe for
a long and happy...

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Categories: sad, happy, kiss, life, smile,

Familiar strangers
When you saw me on the carrousel
You knew you had found love
You waited till I had fun with my friends
Before approaching me with steady steps;

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Categories: sad, devotion, heartbreak, longing, relationship,

Premium Member Mixed Poetry At Life's End
Life has a beginning and a end, 
for me when and where will it all end by friend. 
I wish I knew how many more...

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Categories: sad, crazy, family, friend, heaven,

Premium Member Bunnies Welcome Spring
As a kid I had three bunnies,
they were free I paid no moneys.
It was Easter time,
I had won them and they were all mine.
I had...

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Categories: sad, animal, child, dad, easter,

Your Flirting Kept Me Hurting
I never knew that I could hurt
So bad till I saw you flirt
With a girl behind the bar
Smiling brightly like a star
I was gonna get...

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Categories: sad, feelings, hurt, love hurts,

Premium Member Spring
no more
warmer days
birds are singing
squirrels scampering
pretty flowers blooming
kids playing and having fun
lawn mowers are humming away
looks like spring has sprung into color
spring is the very...

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Categories: sad, bird, flower, fun, kid,

Number 902 My Moonbeam
 "For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams" Edgar Allan Poe

 My true love was always my moonbeam
 To breathe her light

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Categories: sad, addiction, heartbreak, inspirational, poetry,

Premium Member It Started With A blank Canvas
It started with a blank canvas,
the world I should make but I am anxious.
Making fields of pretty flowers,
to the deep blue seas takes many hours.

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Categories: sad, animal, bird, love, men,

I Used To Have
I used to have a reason 
to get up and fight for truth.
I used to have light in my eyes 
to know I’d be with...

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Categories: sad, sorrow,

Premium Member Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet loved her curds and whey,  
give me a box of cereal with cold milk and I will be on my way....

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Categories: sad, children, fun, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member The 4 Seasons
Winter is very cold 
the wind is bold 
snowman made the centerfold 
brown snow is old. 


Spring is in the air 
flowers now blooming...

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Categories: sad, animal, cool, fun, snow,

Premium Member Rambling
Quote By Poet "Time is a funny thing. It is here, it is gone.
Never to be found again." 

As l get older,
I find the same...

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Categories: sad, baby, day, kid, mom,