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Cry Sad Poems

These Cry Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Cry. These are the best examples of Sad Cry poems written by international poets.

Laughter in the Shadows
In chambers filled with laughter, light, and carefree sound,
A discordant echo hangs, heavy and unbound.
A specter in the corner, draped in deep shadows,
A chilling truth...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, conflict, death, feelings,

Premium Member These Silly And Shameful Faults
Being so awfully insecure
among confident people 
seems ridiculous and brittle; 
I'm very humble by nature,
it will not take me anywhere:
I'll end up gathering crumbs! 


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Categories: sad, abuse, betrayal, character, conflict,

6:53 PM
I thought I got over 
The feeling of 
Wanting to die
In 12th grade.

I’m walking in a dead town 
Desaturated from its life.
The foggy weather doesn’t...

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Categories: sad, 12th grade, depression, mental

A Birds Cry for Freedom
I have been encaged all my life for mans pleasure and fun, 
my precious life had sadly ended before it even begun. 

In human terms...

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Categories: sad, bird, cry, freedom, hope,

Premium Member - Weep -
      - "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." - 

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Categories: sad, angel, cry, death, feelings,

Premium Member Where's The Pink-Footed Goose
Where's the pink-footed goose that evil-minded Warde
tried to catch? Didn't the bird follow his shrieking horde?
He was parched on the white oak over the small...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, bird, dark, freedom,

for what i am
I’ve always wondered why people enjoy sunsets more than sunrises, I thinks it’s the same way people prefer the novelties of life, I reference myself...

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Categories: sad, confusion, cry,

Thinking how all those weeks went by so fast; now long in past.
Cry alone for how we are so far apart; we may fall apart.

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Categories: sad, cry, lost love, love


For the rest of my life, you will never be forgotten
Every day I will think of you again and...

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Categories: sad, cry, dad, father son,

Premium Member fly away
Peter had to fly,
was that just last night?
I have attachment issues.
I hate saying goodbye
- it always makes me cry
an embarrassing tear or two.

Holidays go so...

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Categories: sad, boyfriend, humor, parents, paris,

Angry Choices
Angry Choices

You swooned at me, and I fell in feet first.
You made me feel as if I was brilliant.
But it was all a hoax.
My thoughts...

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Categories: sad, abuse, anger, break up,

Premium Member - Air -
            ~ Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. ~

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Categories: sad, change, death, nature, pollution,

Broken by Happiness
I was broken today,
By something so nice.
Music, meant for happiness,
To break me, only a few notes, would suffice.
It's happy mood, it's writing,
Made me feel so...

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Categories: depression, desire, sad,

Reality Matters
"Heavy hearts like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water"

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Categories: sad, sometimes,

Premium Member Can Absence Rekindle My Flame
It's a puzzle with one missing piece,
it won't let me complete this game;
sweetness is not found in a Reese
candy bar, it's such an urge to...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, cry, emotions, heartbroken,

Book: Shattered Sighs