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Life Sad Poems

These Life Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Life. These are the best examples of Sad Life poems written by international poets.

Memory of you
Coming to my mind
After some time
In my own world
Forgetting about you

Appreciating everything with you
Right time 
Right place

You were something
Almost special
The sweetest one I...

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© Sue Sanzz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anger, betrayal, farewell, goodbye,

Premium Member Bio Modified Independent Traveler
Independent,                        ...

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Categories: sad, books, sunset, travel,

Premium Member A Sunny Day
A sunny day for you,
a sunny day for me.
A day to say,
I love you.
A day for you to say,
you love me too.

Written Date: 3/31/2020...

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Categories: sad, day, love, me, sun,

I wish life came with a manual script to assist us not to bleed while defining our emotions 

I wish somehow when the word love...

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Categories: sad, 10th grade, 11th grade,

This Fragile Life - Tribute to Bob
Fragile Life

Tonight I learned,
quite by accident
that my dear friend
lays dying of the virus.

I called him this weekend,
in all this craziness
to check on it a...

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Categories: sad, anger, angst, best friend,

Premium Member REPORT CARD


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Categories: sad, corruption, death, death of

Premium Member No More
No more hand shaking,                     ...

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Categories: sad, death, food, sick,

Premium Member Being With You
Under the canopy of the pine trees we lay,                ...

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Categories: sad, day, sky, star, tree,

Premium Member Woven Are These Pages In Poetic Verse
Woven are these pages in poetic verse,

With bare threads of our deepest feelings,

You will find laughter, tears and remorse,

and words of wisdom, prayer and healings.


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Categories: sad, angel, anger, wine, wisdom,

Premium Member Gossip
Oh gossip where is your sting,
you are here today and hurting others for days to come.
Oh gossip how shy you are,
pretending to say nothing to...

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Categories: sad, hurt, today, words,

Premium Member Butterflies Around
Butterflies around,                       ...

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Categories: sad, angel, blue, flying,

Premium Member The Day My Life Changed
The day my life changed when I was seventeen,                ...

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Categories: sad, dad, food, friend, hurt,

That certain people
In my life
Impacts me so much
Just from being themselves

The way they speak
Melodious to my ears

Character they show
Morals and values
Put me to shame

Actions towards...

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© Sue Sanzz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anger, dark, emotions, hate,

How Many Dreams Stolen
How many lives must be taken?
How much blood will be split?
How many tombstones must be ordered?
How many souls will be taken from us?

Each day the...

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© Megan Ryan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anger, dream, poetry, political,

Premium Member Finding A Treasure In The Sand
As I walk the sandy beach,                   ...

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Categories: sad, beach, blue, daughter, me,

Premium Member You Ask What Matters Most
I hear them say,                     ...

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Categories: sad, old, today, youth,

Premium Member A Dream
A dream of a sweet soft kitten,
a cuddly kitten to hold and love,
daily friendship and fun.

A dream of the morning daybreak,
bright colors now appearing,
sun coming...

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Categories: sad, anger, cute, day, dream,

Doom assails us here;
It consumes our today, 
It guzzles our tomorrow 
Belching what's left of us
With a rooted arrogance
That elongates the chain
Exchanging pleasure with pain!


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Categories: death, emotions, sad,

Premium Member o captain, wee captain
bright paper boats and paper planes

          quick, racing from the day's remains


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Categories: sad, child, death, dream, heaven,

Angst of a broken heart
I love you more than you notice
I know you love me too
I wish love was the strongest
I wish it could be true

But our love just...

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© Owls Hym  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heartbroken, sad love,