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Life Sad Poems

These Life Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Life. These are the best examples of Sad Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Reflect That Emotion
Lethargy holds life broken, dream notions molded
and harshly sits heavy, deeply within my chest.
Glum stillness chokes fresh, moving air until listless
inside pale walls too groggy-bleak...

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Categories: sad, angst, depression, emotions, grave,

My Eternal Grief
Move on,... time will heal it all
Scab makes my wound look so hard.
Anguish gnaws my heart,  tears crawl
My grief does not go away.

Stabs of...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, death, feelings, grief,

The Decoration
The water-pool was 
thickly covered with
a decoration for the
The fishes in the pool
died after some time
due to suffocation.

Some days later the
roses rotted.

Long live the

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Categories: sad, beauty, celebration, flower, life,

Time Wasted
Time Wasted
Time kept on slipping, just under our feet, what would you consider life, the win or defeat? Moments often wasted never tasted so sweet,...

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Categories: sad, change, destiny, history, inspiration,

gypsy of the railways
Gypsy of the Railways

I march to a different drummer
My life it is my own
I'm an explorer of experience
That is how I'm known

I've seen snow in...

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Categories: sad, 7th grade, adventure, america,

Mind session
Mind in a session
Life always testing
Choices have you stressin
Laying down seem like best option
But comes with depression
You feel oppressed
You wear a smile at its best

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Categories: psychological, sad,

Premium Member Shadows
to suffer
deeds of others
carrying the blame
for those who carry none
a heavy burden to bear
sadness descends in black and white
shadows create a darkness within...

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Categories: conflict, dark, heartbreak, sad,

After The Bread
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 2/4/2019

Why you're upset, oh stone, 
by the thoughts on the crossroads
imprisoned in silence, 
that your soul's poor in words? 

It's good...

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Categories: life, nature, sad, travel,

Premium Member Nobody Knows
Rancid tomato
decaying slowly.

Every ounce of me
pressed out.

Throbbing head and
aching bones.

My body crushed
under expectation.

Not knowing how long
life will sustain. 

Ruptured wounds
slowly decompose. 

Losing color from
my veins.


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Categories: sad, analogy, anxiety, cancer, depression,

Just An Imitation
Just An imitation

The sunrise, awoke me from a crazy dream
Relieving scene’s locked up in the past it seams
I try to feel, but I just can’t...

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Categories: depression, loneliness, loss, sad,

Premium Member THERE IT SAT

It was a gorgeous house
Dated in its style
A stone-walled bungalow
Quiet sitting up on a hill

I’d never seen a sign of life
And the stories lurked about

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Categories: dark, home, house, sad,

Premium Member Look Away
At me
But don't see
What i am now
A weary woman
Disappointed by life
It's said life is not easy
i believe that without a doubt
so feel free to look...

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Categories: conflict, pain, sad, woman,

Premium Member The Cosmic Ghost Writer
Welcome to the resistance, exhibit the sentences sent here to demand reference,
Where we seek deliberately, affecting the cause and effect of a perfect world engine,


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Categories: dark, planet, poetry, sad,

These Days
My eyes are numb, I’m feeling so dumb.
Nights I don’t sleep, morning sleep is much deep.
My situation seems pity, with thoughts much bitty. 
So lazy...

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Categories: depression, hurt, sad,

I Never Meant To
I gave you a bed within
my mind I may need 
to close myself off
so I can see life, for 
what it truly is like 
without you

Flee my subconscious

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Categories: hurt, nostalgia, pride, sad,

The Kiss That Has No End
After The Kiss By Gustav Klimt

Tomorrow is not here today
My love, today is our last day. Let us lay 
Together in the cool of night....

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Categories: sad, art, goodbye, grief, romantic

Poor Judgement And A Lost Mind
I've spent my whole damn life isolated on my own,
born to walk alone, it's the only way I've known.
It's like you couldn't do it because...

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Categories: sad,

Premium Member A Rose for the Thorn
She planted roses
for my deathbed
and spit in my coffee.

Poured vinegar
into this heart
on my sleeve.

I held her up
in a high place while
she mocked.

Plotted and planned
when no...

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Categories: sad, analogy, culture, discrimination, hate,

so little time is said to be given to us in this life yet we discount the rain falling gently on our skin just as...

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Categories: life, sad,

Veiled Terrorism
Untold  brutal tales of wives battered. 
World all over, violated wedding vows, 
in merciless kicks, her screams drowse. 
Black-eyed Cindrella, dreams all shattered. 


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Categories: sad, abuse, bullying, cinderella, depression,