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Depression Sad Poems

These Depression Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Sad Depression poems written by international poets.

Too Late To Apologize
With these eyes I can see,
my fingers writing,
what my heart feels,
a message to my late mom.

My letter was written,
then left on my desk,
it was meant...

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© Ayman Issa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, death, depression, funeral, memorial,

(To Armstrong)
Remember those days when mists of uncertainty
Shrouded our timid hearts.
We never left the hearthstead,
The fire of which burned from our silent prayers
And our hopes...

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Categories: sad, cheer up, confidence, cry,

Seasonal Depression
I apologize perfusely,
seasonal depression creeps in and I become distant. 

I use the term existence loosely, 
as I slowly retreat and become resistant. 

The winter...

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Categories: sad, depression, feelings, how i

The Final Regret
That's what they say,
It's okay;
Made a mistake by way,
Never should've told anyway;
Hurt's me more when say-
Trembling on the way,
Dreams are fading away
But no regrets I...

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Categories: sad, depression, dream, feelings, heartbroken,

Already dead
Written on January 18, 2015: 10:35 PM

The girl close her eyes
She open her ears
She tied her feet
She cut her fingers
She'll be dead soon

Be here, do...

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Categories: sad, death, depression, emotions, family,

Lost world in a dying soul
Written on July 26, 2017

There was once a girl
Who's underneath the books
Her word's like a blue ribbon
with a pumping arteries 

The blue sky above her

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Categories: sad, depression, fear, grief, life,

Premium Member Thanks To The One And Only
Words of a mother melting your spirit despite it being cold. Her loving you no matter what chasing that heart of gold. 

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Categories: sad, appreciation, dedication, depression, growing

There is things called 
Feelings .
But where do they hide?
Where would one keep 
Them inside?
Or is it just a lie, 
A made up alution
To fill...

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Categories: sad, absence, addiction, anger, deep,

This society is quietly infusing love inside of me,
 Though testing my sobriety and everything that I believe,
A good man what I try to be...

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© Junior Bey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anger, conflict, depression, heartbroken,

Premium Member i needed a reason

and right on cue the sun rose to set aglitter the world before me

AP: Honorable Mention 2022, Honorable Mention 2022

Posted on October 24, 2022...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, depression, grief, hope,

I embrace myself for warmth,
   But my heart stays cold;
My mind becomes damp,
   Everything stands sod....

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Categories: sad, anxiety, corruption, depression, i

Not A Lot of Reasons to Sing, But Enough
Not a lot of reasons to sing but enough
This world is hard and people make it rough
But still I squeak out a note here and...

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© John Floyd  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, depression, happy, hope, inspiration,

car and a biker which is bipolar
off by all only slightly, like a biker wearing a white striped, black leather jacket passing through the middle of the lane.
"ive gone crazy before...

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Categories: sad, 10th grade, absence, anxiety,

Every I love you was just a lie.
Every friendship I had fake.
How much more deadly loneliness
Can I take before I break.

I would cry almost daily...

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Categories: sad, betrayal, confusion, deep, depression,

crying in bed
crying in bed
listening to the blues
reading a pippi longstocking book
indulging on bubble gum ice cream, the pink version

loving her was everything
loving her was the definition

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© Marty King  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, blue, depression, how i