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Depression Sad Poems

These Depression Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Sad Depression poems written by international poets.

Piece Of Paper
I’m like a piece of crumpled paper
I’ve been used, written all over
The words of a poet are all over me
I thought that I’d be the...

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Categories: sad, bullying, depression, discrimination, high

The Voices In Her Head
The voices in her head
The voices in her head
Here she lies
Trapped in this place

Till she dies
She is trapped in a deep and dark abyss
This isn’t...

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Categories: sad, 10th grade, abuse, anxiety,

Premium Member Great Escape
gone are the things that move me,
real and unreal. gone is the voice that
echoes my essence through me.
after the stuff of routine is done,
this mind...

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Categories: absence, depression, health, sad,

The Broken Mirror Of Time
Looking through the broken mirror of time, 
I visit times and places from the past.
To have loved never should have been a crime; 
Yet, somehow...

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Categories: sad, betrayal, break up, conflict,

She can't see her shine
Her feelings always intertwine
Making her feel alone and confined
She can be happy, Hell she can even be fine
But her Emotions are...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, conflict, depression, mental

Rebuke Sadness With Perspective
In sad times, I recall King’s harassment
Stabbed at a book-signing in NYC
(Did they tell us King refused prosecution?)
Now, let us not forget Bonhoeffer
Young Dietrich in...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, animal, appreciation, art, black

4:00 AM
My slumber can wait.
My depression alleviates.

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© Erik lopez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, depression, emo, sad,

This is Involuntary
Sometimes it comes back and hits you
Harder than the hit the fan.
You were just being you and doing
Whatever it is that you do and then

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Categories: sad, absence, depression, desire, grief,

Premium Member Happy to be here -re-post
Happy to be here

Is there someone you know,
who's dark days only grow,
And they can't say, they're happy to be here

When a bright, new day breaks,

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Categories: sad, depression, feelings, leaving, loneliness,

From the words of a broken heart
I have to say
I haven't seen the light for a day
I do not want to anyway
It won't ever agree...

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Categories: sad, allusion, betrayal, confusion, culture,

Premium Member Merry SAD Christmas
blood stained aeons
tiding astronomical
the birth of the sun

the near dead
seasonally depressed


It sure is nice
to celebrate
with everyone

*SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Beyond The Niceties Of Christmas Poetry Contest

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Categories: sad, atheist, celebration, christmas, depression,

The Travails of Man
Like a pack of cards, 
Olympus fell. 
Like the spear of a great warrior, 
Senzangekhona has swallowed a stone! 
Who will bear the pain,
Left on...

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Categories: sad, bereavement, confusion, dark, depression,

Premium Member How Could You
How could the arms that once held me with such a gentle touch, leave me with such a cold embrace?
Why do the hands that used...

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Categories: sad, cry, depression, heartbreak, hurt,

Ear against a crack in the door, 
“I’m leaving, I don’t love you anymore”
“Please don’t go, I’ll try my best”
I guess the flame has been...

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© s. grace  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anger, betrayal, conflict, dark,

Words of A Dying God, Part IV
...‘But for existence to continue on
a deity must always exist,
and each will consume all that went before,
then remake it, so that all will persist.

‘That is...

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Categories: depression, god, life, sad,

Words of A Dying God, Part III
...‘I belonged to a species like your own,
born of a mother of flesh and blood,
our people were guided by our own god,
who had lifted us...

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Categories: depression, god, life, sad,

Words of A Dying God, Part II
...It was from an old colleague of mine,
in southern Russian working a new dig,
of Proto Indo-European tribes,
he believed it would be something big.

Wanted me to...

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Categories: depression, god, life, sad,

Words of A Dying God, Part I
Ever since I was a kid in college
something troubling has been on my mind,
put evolution near morality
and many contradictions you will find.

Our instincts versus our...

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Categories: depression, god, life, sad,

Below the Low
It's going to be a different day
Maybe even a good one
Listening to the radio
"This is the day your life will surely change"
I feel so torn...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, conflict, cry, fantasy,

The memories come flooding back to you like a tsunami. 
You can't stop it. 
Your heart starts to race and head starts to pound. 

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© Emma Berg  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, hurt,