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Feeling Sad Poems

These Feeling Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Feeling. These are the best examples of Sad Feeling poems written by international poets.

Making a decision
A step forward

Saying yes or no
Weighing the pros and cons

Knowing the best
What it suits me

Being clear
Of the sacrifices and adjustment
In order to be...

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Categories: sad, angst, conflict, confusion, freedom,

Dark Velvet
Can be scary
Not knowing
Where it leads

Doubts and uncertainties
In the depths
Endless maze

Deeply hallucinated
In my mind

Part from reality
Part from fantasy
All at the same time

Deep in my...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, dark, emotions, fear,

I have a dream
Why it is not there

I am ready to go
Why I am stuck

Desperate for freedom
Yet unable to

The baggage on my shoulder
How long I...

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Categories: sad, dark, freedom, horror, how

Nineteen now,
You’d think I’d try take on the world. 
They say it’s at my hands,
For how long tho I question,
See I’m here writing this poem

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Categories: sad, anxiety, conflict, depression, passion,

Dreary Days
Dreary day, dreary day,
the gray hangs thick and deep;
why is it on dreary days
that I just want to sleep?

The rain’s coming steady,
rolls off of the...

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Categories: imagery, rain, sad, sleep,

Below is a copy of your poem:

This is for us who are 25 and older....
There was a question raised by the late Marvin Gaye


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Categories: sad, anger, blue, christian, city,

Vulnerable - Version 2
A lady
Nothing but a fluffy robe
Clinging onto her body
Indulging feeling light 
On her toes

Her safe space
In her room
The window
Away from harsh world

Where often fights
Deep crave...

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© Sue Sanzz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, culture, desire, dream, humanity,

First it was only a joke.
Something to poke fun at.
After all it wasn’t in our habitat.

Then it crept into our country like smoke.
Not a bother...

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Categories: sad, appreciation, confusion, emotions, endurance,

Premium Member Tears Never Die
I lie awake most nights,
just staring through the ceiling.
And soon it comes in sight,
that same old empty feeling.

No matter where I roam,
I find the truth...

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Categories: depression, sad,

How you looked at me.
Your fingers intertwined with mine.
The sound of your heart beating against my cheek.
The way your fingers brushed my tears away.
The happiness...

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Categories: betrayal, heartbreak, relationship, sad,

Lost in Havasu - a song dedicated to Shawn Mendes
I can’t take anymore of this…
I wish you had mercifulness…
Tension slits me like a knife…
All my life...all my life...all my life...

Don’t let go and stay...

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Categories: sad, deep, fear, hope, lost,

17 - It will never bee
It will never bee

Humble knocked on the door to BlondeBee’s parents home
And her Mom answered the door.
Hi Mrs. Friendly, I’m here to see BlondeBee.
I’ll just...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: family, love, relationship, sad,

13 - Bee-for

I’m no social butterfly, but I buzz from flower to flower.
I talk to all as I do the rounds, but my resting face looks dour.

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, hope, insect, life, love,


I want my next connection to be my last,
And I want it to be a connection that I know will truly last.
If the connection is...

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Categories: sad, age, cry, family, love,

Premium Member A VACANT ROOM
At first the sadness’s overwhelmed her…
It was with her everywhere she went
She couldn’t remove it’s ringing from her years
It’s taste
it’s feel
it’s scent

She knew if she...

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© Jim Yerman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: grief, sad,

Saudade :: CinqTroisDecaLa Rhyme

It's a Portuguese word for yearning for family member;
uncertain whether they would return as winner or loser.
It's a deep emotional state of melancholic longing 

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© PRATAP ROY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad love,

Feeling left out, all alone. It seems as if this won’t end soon.
So far away from reality, moons and moons yet still not amused.
Reaching out,...

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Categories: sad, 11th grade, absence, anxiety,

Sad morning Wednesday
i loved once in my life, once not enough
its was an extravagant feeling 
not so unlike the joy of the rain on drought soaked country


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Categories: sad, age, lost, lost love,

Premium Member Sad moon


The crescent moon was frowning
when I gazed up at the sky
Its glow diminished by the clouds
it seemed that it might cry
And I was feeling just...

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Categories: sad, good night,

Premium Member Sad Scarecrow
farm sold at auction
scarecrow sheds tears of sorrow
feeling redundant...

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Categories: sad, allegory, loss,