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Heartbreak Sad Poems

These Heartbreak Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Sad Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

Brain versus Heart
"Anarchy! Anarchy!" Slithered the tongue

"Order! Order!" Shrieked, Lord Lungs 

And so wane the day - when it's Heart or Brain

Drunk in orphins, with a punch...

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Categories: sad, angst, conflict, crush, heartbreak,

Promise by the River
We both made a promise yet neither to keep
It's easier to break than remain
Bound by words and a loving connection
None of that matters anymore
It was...

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© Isaac Rios  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, forgiveness, heartbreak, hurt, love,

Worlds Apart
I promised a poem for you one day
Before I knew it you went away
Now just memories of you I hold
I'd do it anyway, to myself...

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© Isaac Rios  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, friendship love, grief, heartbreak,

Emptiness of it All
To do or to not,
we shall regret both,
but to spurn the smallness of the stars,
still the spirit of their scintillation;
and the space between.
I lie there...

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Categories: sad, appreciation, beautiful, deep, nature,

Our Names In The Sand -Part 2
I was young when we met 
Thought a lifetime we would get
I enjoyed going out
On vacations all around
I loved to laugh
You said I was a...

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Categories: sad, boyfriend, break up, heartbreak,

Premium Member Inconsolable
I'm lying on my bed all alone.
Sad and Lonely,waiting here by the phone.
Praying silently,I hope it will ring.
Bring a message that will make my heart...

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Categories: sad, cheer up, cry, goodbye,

Premium Member Baby Love
that sweet paean 
where you and I began
the soft concern 
from those lips I yearn
was gently, quickly
coldly abandoned
tossed into a river 
to drown at the...

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© Ricky Muse  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heartbreak, love, relationship, sad

Premium Member Sonnet 21, Old Hiking Shoes
Sonnet 21, Old Hiking Shoes 
(Spenserian Format)

Don't grieve for me here on the attic shelf;
we're joined infinitely as one, you said.
In an old moldy box...

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Categories: sad, age, best friend, care,

Blood rivers
It’s fun craving pain
At least then I’m always satisfied 
I might miss you; I might love you; I might try so hard to keep you

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Categories: sad, anxiety, betrayal, corruption, deep,

i don’t want to be immune to life’s afflictions,
but find the peace within them.

i don’t want to be trembling in life’s adversities, 
but be cradled...

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Categories: sad, appreciation, blessing, dedication, growth,

Sole Expedition Of My Soul Exposition

Your sole expedition
of my soul exposition:
Day and night falls, 
My thought calls, 
Flushed faced as staring walls,
Vizarded like...

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Categories: sad, 1st grade, heartbreak, relationship,

pretty little lies
Stop messing
with my head
your pretty little lies
bring right back
to the day
I first fell for them
you lied to my face
to make me happy
how ironic
you told me

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Categories: sad, 8th grade, break up,

Dream of a Mermaid
Going on land with legs and heels
Be with humans in the world with heal
See the sunrise and evening sky shade
Is just a dream to me,...

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Categories: sad, cry, fate, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Waiting for Olaf
When I was three or four
I asked my mom whether snowflakes are true
Hearing they are not to us
My heart sank in deep sorrow dust

I see...

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Categories: sad, beautiful, change, cry, fate,

Out Of Love
I can say that I’m alright,
I can pretend to put up a fight,
But you were the one who made me see the light,
when you held...

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Categories: sad, break up, emotions, heartbroken,