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Heartbreak Sad Poems

These Heartbreak Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Sad Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

Memories Bring Back You
You never knocked before entering into my heart,
but when you had left, I had heard a breaking sound!
Nowhere, but in my memories,
our stories will be...

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Categories: sad, allegory, destiny, heartbreak, loss,

Premium Member When Deep Darkness And Shadows Race To Fore
When Deep Darkness And Shadows Race To Fore

Heartache is oft an invisible cut
Within the silent and deadly new field
Black boulders bring amidst deepening ruts,
Calamity, which...

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Categories: sad, dark, depression, heartbreak, hurt,

Fighting the tears

I stood on the corner of heartbreak and sadness
Collected the coins from the fountain below
Emptied my pockets of forgotten wishes
Held out my hands and had...

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Categories: sad,

Damn those boys
Damn those boys, those idiots, who,
with psychedelic lights flashing on blank faces
nurse their drinks, slowly caress glasses,
joke crudely with their friends —
while I yearn.

Damn you,...

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Categories: sad, anger, angst, break up,

Premium Member To good to ever last Song version
Too good - to ever last    

When we first met, I never thought
that you could ever love me...
You were the brightest star...

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Categories: sad, break up, goodbye, heartbreak,

Anywhere But There
He would lay me flat on the forest floor
among the leaves and the moss
In a pasture or a farmer's field
In the hatchback of his car

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Categories: sad, first love, heartbreak, irony,

Living for Love
The ink in my pen is running out
Because, of all the pages I write with you in thought
My life feels meaningless, I can’t think, what...

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Categories: sad, betrayal, depression, emotions, heartbreak,

Cold Hearted
In her voice I found love
In her touch I felt pain
but I still flew like a dove
Even when there was rain

From her mind I disappeared

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Categories: betrayal, heartbreak, heartbroken, sad,

Premium Member Hurtin' Songs
Someday, someone will bring back de Blues
Crying songs of yesterday
When we were young
When no better than de hurting songs were sung
Heartbreak caused us all to...

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Categories: sad, blue, love hurts, music,

I Strip For Foolish Eyes
Stripping out of my clothes and standing in the mirror,
Crying over the way my breasts mound,
(For they seem to make eyes stray from my face...

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Categories: heartbreak, loneliness, sad love,

Premium Member She Touched My Heart
A sweet little girl, possibly four, maybe five years old
Wearing a faded blue dress torn along the seam,
Living on the street with her drug-addicted parents

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Categories: sad, addiction, child, child abuse,

Premium Member Autumn Leaves Sigh

              separation turns euphoric world bleak

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Categories: heartbreak, sad,

Premium Member TRAPPED

I run through life wounded with a steel trap ensnared onto my 
foot restricting my life’s essence.  Day in and out I’m never able...

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Categories: sad, angst, anti bullying, anxiety,

Another Sad Story
I am trying very hard
To see the light
Along that dark boulevard
It's blinding my sight
The empty dark
Twisted leap of fate
Trying to start a spark
Building a stone...

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Categories: sad, break up, heartbreak, lost

Premium Member Friends

Friends                         ...

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Categories: sad, child, fun, giving, heartbreak,