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Heartbreak Sad Poems

These Heartbreak Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Sad Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

Fade Into Black
It was one thing to tell me that you loved me then
It's another to tell me you love me now
You leave me with all these...

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Categories: sad, betrayal, heartbreak, heartbroken, loss,

Premium Member Tired divide
A black, dark scarred burden hides inside my tired divide
Will you help me dig the hole that's deep enough to bury this sadness inside?
If I...

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Categories: sad, betrayal, deep, emotions, heartbreak,

Her virtue slipped silently into the void that never was....

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Categories: heartbreak, sad, sad love,

Premium Member Crazy Tante von Vogt
Never met her, yet I've heard
the crazy Tante von Vogt
lived her life as any would,
if they were crazy.

She'd walk to butcher's each week
no nod greeting...

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Categories: sad, age, animal, bereavement, heartbreak,

If only I had listened to you,
I would have told you what I heard,
I would probably be less hurt,
For the way you fulfilled her desire....

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Categories: sad, break up, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Goodbye to my Love
You say whatever it is, I can talk to you
But I'm finding it hard to believe it's true.
For you make me feel like a complete...

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Categories: sad, first love, for him,

Your blade
Your words are
a series of tumbling incisions
that contour
my dovish frame,
before your lips
swoosh across
and slice
this canvas of
marrow and bone,

How each utterance
metamorphized into
stippling strokes
that hue my corporeal...

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Categories: sad, heartbreak, love, romance, romantic,

Familiar strangers
When you saw me on the carrousel
You knew you had found love
You waited till I had fun with my friends
Before approaching me with steady steps;

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Categories: sad, devotion, heartbreak, longing, relationship,

Coin-Operated Despair
The vending machine, though filled to the brim 
now stands with a sign, my joy growing dim 
out of order it reads, my heart does...

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Categories: sad, candy, cry, emotions, funny,

what i could'nt have
I wanted you, 
you wanted me too,
but we couldn't have each other,
from all the glances and slight touches,
we both knew that this was a dream...

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Categories: sad, beautiful, confusion, heartbreak, love,

The Death of the Albatross
Today I witnessed another crime, that brings tears to granite or lime. I saw the albatross feeding their young, on midway island from what they...

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Categories: sad, anger, animal, bird, death,

Number 902 My Moonbeam
 "For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams" Edgar Allan Poe

 My true love was always my moonbeam
 To breathe her light

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Categories: sad, addiction, heartbreak, inspirational, poetry,

Premium Member Naked Heart

When a heart breaks, there is no indication,
Some sign, heralding the pause,
Between hope and hopeless, between
Music and total grief, between 
Poetry and prose, between
Light and...

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Categories: sad, heartbreak,

The Risk
Have I paved a path that’s not meant to be used?
Did my utmost plea turn vile to thy ears?
Still, I treaded the path towards your...

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Categories: depression, heartbreak, pain, sad

Premium Member She Said
She said that she was sorry,
she knows did me bad, 
but she was young and she was dumb,
she never knew just what she had,
and when...

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Categories: sad, goodbye, heartbreak, lonely, lost

Book: Shattered Sighs