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Heartbreak Sad Poems

These Heartbreak Sad poems are examples of Sad poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Sad Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

Premium Member An Unlove Poem
Just know this from today and on
I loved you once, it's true
But you made things impossible
And now I don't love you

My heart, my love were...

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Categories: sad, anger, betrayal, break up,

Premium Member At The Window
'Are you ok? ' I hear the words
But can't find a reply
'Yes.' At last I answer
I don't mean it, and I cry

I'm not ok. I'm...

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Categories: sad, bereavement, blessing, death, grief,

Premium Member Rainy Day Friend
It's one of those days 
Heavy rain fell 
Car windows down 
Now the dog smells 

There's a shadow on me
With no sign of sun. 

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Categories: sad, animal, best friend, break

Premium Member Stone Angel
The angel stands weeping
Her head in her hands
In perpetual mourning
Her vigil she stands

Ever trapped in the moment
She waits all alone
A figure of heartbreak
Carved from time...

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Categories: sad, angel, beautiful, beauty, death,

Premium Member Cold Light Of Dawn
When we turn out the lights 
We forget about fights 
And we hold each other tight 
Everything's alright 

I listen to you breathe 
And feel...

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Categories: sad, betrayal, break up, emotions,

Lonely Is My Lover
Lonely is my lover
She's all I've ever known
So comforting, familiar
I'm meant to be alone 
She's a jealous lover
She makes me hide away
Far from all the...

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Categories: sad, angst, depression, heartbroken, lonely,

Premium Member Sippin' Tea On The Porch
Sippin' tea out on the porch
In the soft light of a tiki torch
Watching the world pass me by
Wondering where things went awry
I had it all...

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© John Crowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, divorce, heartbreak, love, memory,

A Temporary Heartbreak
In the ferry , by the seaside on the way to Prince's island in Istanbul 
I saw you , looking down at your phone ,...

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Categories: sad, age, butterfly, lonely, longing,

Premium Member It Became Her Mother
Separated at birth
Raised by money
Ignored by parents
Rarely cuddled
Holding would spoil.

Distanced herself greatly
Built giant walls
So the confusion could stop
Sobbing stopped after awhile too
Alone in her crib...

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Categories: sad, abuse, baby, fate, heartbreak,

Give me one more chance & I'll right all my wrongs 
Give me one more chance & I'll write you a song 
I'll tell the...

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Categories: sad, black love, blessing, conflict,

Melancholy Shade
Melancholy Shade

As dark took over for the daylight
I gazed into the heavens all alone
Everyone else at home sleeping tight
As I'm  bathed in a melancholy...

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Categories: sad, day, heartbreak, moon, night,

Premium Member WHY MOMMY

It’s not fair
I love you so
Why are you so tired
Why are you always sick
You look so sad
I see you crying
Are you going to die
Where’s heaven

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Categories: sad, health, heartbreak, hurt, mother,

Premium Member When The World Ends
What do you do when the world ends
When two old lovers try to be friends
Trying to hold onto anything you can
Cause being alone wasn't part...

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© John Crowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, break up, goodbye, heartbreak,


She sat there
Lost in a nightmare
Now and then
Over and over again
Throbbing in her head
Echo of the words he said
Imagining a different rewrite
She would sit in...

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Categories: sad, anxiety, break up, heartbreak,

Premium Member Dead Man Walking
I'm dying inside but no one can see
My chest is hurting, I can’t breathe
Please God, have some mercy on me
End this pain now, I’m begging...

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© John Crowe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, death, faith, heartbreak, loneliness,

Premium Member I am broken
My heart shattered 
When you shut me out

I’m trying to repair it 
But there’s pieces missing

A piece remains with my late husband
Who I will love...

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Categories: heartbreak, hurt, sad,

High For Life
You're not satisfied

Eyes lacking passion
A burning sensation replaced with ice
Our intensity reduced to a mere glance
sitting in silence where the chatter used to live

I am...

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Categories: sad, devotion, heartbreak, integrity, jealousy,

Premium Member When Conscience Is Ignored
He said those words, “I love you.” 
   In your heart you know he really means,

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Categories: sad, boyfriend, conflict, for teens,

False Love
That which seemed to be possible
Was all along only just pretend.

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Categories: sad, break up, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Premium Member Shadows
to suffer
deeds of others
carrying the blame
for those who carry none
a heavy burden to bear
sadness descends in black and white
shadows create a darkness within...

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Categories: conflict, dark, heartbreak, sad,