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Short Masnavi Poems

Short Masnavi Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Masnavi poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Masnavi poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Holloween Night
they come you jump
some get bump
at a  holloween dance
you  hump and prance
you have a task
watch whats  the mask
stay near street lights

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Categories: betrayal,
Form: Masnavi

I wondered today,
As I drove on my way;
How far could I?
Be away...
From your way,
Could I even... Cross that highway?
Be out of your sight way,
Be far away!
Out on a new roadway.
I found out,
That you are in every path,
Every road and street...
Send me back to your sights,
Like a kid, I felt amusement
That you are omnipresent....

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© Siham Aka  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: spiritual, true love,
Form: Masnavi
We've been lost,
Between two earths,
Looking to become exalted with peace,
Somehow! This peace...
Was already there,
Between my notes,
Inside your eyes,
Rooted within our essences.
Too late!
Both our souls spoke out,
We were apart,
You and I were living on different earths,
But, fate let out:
I'm fate!
Who knows?
What will happen today...tomorrow...
Even if both are apart....

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© Siham Aka  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fate,
Form: Masnavi
Neurodeus Dophamine
Enthroned Qeis-Layla lay under God,
Propheted a mania in madness blood.

The spark of a padma has not died,
A sorrow Hansel-Gretel lacrimated.

A just far away lady likeness,
Adore God for the grimness.

Tristan- Isolde has begged Eden stair,
A chivalric ludus tore apart the affair.

Asking God to love is cup idly,
Anthony-Cleopatra quelled vividly.

When romantic feelings are triggered,
God laughed....

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Categories: for teens, romantic,
Form: Masnavi