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Long Kingston Poems

Long Kingston Poems. Below are the most popular long Kingston by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Kingston poems by poem length and keyword.

Proxy Wedding
Sweat is dribbling down my face, I am feeling hot
I can still hear the cracking sound swirling around 
And the night dancing to its own rhythm
The night suddenly fades in and the journey begin
That night...

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Categories: kingston, character, destiny, england, heaven, hope, love, romantic,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member PROLOGUE
Whether you have come to possess this compendium of doggerel confessions by chance or by choice, should you decide to venture beyond this page, I politely suggest you consider the contents to be nothing more...

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Categories: kingston, allegory, literature,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
i celebrate you my friend
The year that is about to make its last appearance 
before it dies and is buried to be only given a place 
in the history of our existence has brought  ?e joy, 
l° shall...

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Categories: kingston, adventuregod, people, god, love, people, time, perspective,
Form: ABC
History's Sad Song
History's Sad Song (Revised)

throughout my life
I've heard many a sad song
relating to the lyrics
that seemed to play too long

way back during the Crusade
where religious debt was paid
by the bloodlust of so many
could not ye God...

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© Bob shank  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingston, introspection, life, , western,
Form: Free verse
West Kingston Bad Man
Here I am again waiting for it to rain
Here I am again waiting to board the plane
I have been searching for the moon
But it is nowhere to be found
It seems as if it is buried...

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Categories: kingston, courage, creation, emotions, endurance, goodbye, journey, longing,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member 10 Conversations in ICU Part I
Number one.

"Good morning. Would you like tea with your breakfast?"

No. I want milk with my porridge but it hasn't yet come."

"You will have to ask them." 

"Who's them? Who should I ask? Which one?"

"The people...

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Categories: kingston, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 10 Conversations in ICU Part II
Number six.

"Good morning, my name is David Brown. I'm a humanist chaplain volunteer.
I like to do the rounds and have a natter."

"That's interesting, David. Do sit down. So what motivates you here? 
How do you...

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Categories: kingston, humor,
Form: Free verse

Thomas Flood                  ...

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Categories: kingston, analogy, celebration, community, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
Jamaica Jubilee Years

Remember it just like yesterday 
'Twas the sixth of August, independence day
Manley called the election, Busta took the drive
New nation at UN assembly, Jamaica arrived
Topsy turvy, hurly burly, brick brack, nick nacks
All this wondorous excitement

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Categories: kingston, anniversary, business,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Runaway
The girl was only thirteen but she decided to runaway from home,
     Her parents did not hit her but their words were like whips;
They called her stupid, and told her she...

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Categories: kingston, abuse, child,
Form: Verse
My Night on Thunder Road - A Parody
A profession that's not the norm.
It borders on the absurd.
In the mountains and down the hollers,
powerful engines could be heard.

I decided to try something new.
Put my driving skills to the test.
Driving from Harlan County to...

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Categories: kingston, adventure,
Form: Rhyme
Jones Town
Used to be a happy go around…later shrouded in frowns…?
For many a birth places…what are the shades of their faces…?
A log of many a cases…where are the words of their paces…
Memories of a ghetto…not in...

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Categories: kingston, memory, , western,
Form: ABC
im a war by sean kingston and lil wayne
Lil Wayne
Yung moola baby
I'm at War 

I'm at war
Fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need
I'm at war
Shawty I take a bullet for you girl
cause you mean the world...

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Categories: kingston, lovelife, me, war, world, heart, girl, heart,
Form: Lyric
The Heart Walls of the D R Canal
Every form of life has it's walls, nothing, no one stands alone
 some are trees, brush, branch, twig and wood and bark
 some are mortar and stone, mere workers flesh and bone
 others lay in...

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingston, america,
Form: Quatrain
Remission (In Memory of William Watt).
Birth begins the tragedy in us. Life's
First sound is a blank scream
Against sorrow's hidden portends of strifes
All we know are mirages and dream.

Mother took the news staring at the sky
She must have cried inside
For I...

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Categories: kingston, brother, death, nostalgiaworld, time,
Form: Elegy
Room C13
I raced through my chores, braided my hair in cornrows
Meticulously washed my body, daub the back of my ears
The insides of my elbow, and my wrist, with my then cheap perfume
There my pulse beat, no...

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Categories: kingston, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, passion, romanceme, me,
Form: Free verse
when a man love a woman
A man living in Tobago 
but he was born in Trinidad 
he loves his next door neighbor 
this is his story it might be funny or sad 

he really loves this woman 
he cant live...

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Categories: kingston, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, lost love, love,
Form: Light Verse
Pointing Forward to Jamaican Interlude by Karl Parboosingh
Let me show you the perimeter first Diamond with cool edges like water
Upon the shroudless sunshine of thirst That is the constellation he was after
Four well clad figures on the perimeter And a single soul...

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Categories: kingston, political
Form: ekphrasis
Jamaica 55
One cold red stripe 
Gi mi a white rum with a twist of lime 
Wi celebrating Jamaica at 55
Miss Matti pass the jerk chicken and festival don't forget to put the ackee and saltfish pan...

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Categories: kingston, memory,
Form: Free verse
Jon Konnu
Here they come the prancing drums and fife
That call the children from their village life
To run with glee and meet with fear horsehead,
Whooping bway or devil costumed in dread
And there pitchy patchy dancing for his...

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Categories: kingston, anniversary, fantasy, satire, social
Form: Couplet
Caterbury (12 1/2 Upper King Street)
Other children wanted to see 
Kingston with its bright lights and teeming markets
The contentious noise of cars, and loud rackets
Of tongues tattlering their glee
To watch the shrewd bargains at the finger tips
The clever hands, and...

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Categories: kingston, mother, placeschildren, children,
Form: Verse
Through Good and ... Good
Step by step, I steadily aged with time and wisdom.
I appreciatively obliged old bones to bow before kindred, king and kingdom.
Thank you mama for cleaning my snotty scum, 
thank you for caring when childish tears...

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Categories: kingston, lifesweet, sweet,
Form: Monorhyme
Tears in my eyes... Another child dies in the streets of Kingston
Another  mother stood and watch her child take his last breath 
I hear her screams.... shouting  " Judgment  "
Tears mixed with...

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Categories: kingston, death, sympathy, war,
Form: Free verse
Artistic Talents CONTEST
Today's artists are talented deficient
They lack truth in acting with only greed in mind
Yesterdays talent are dying slowly and disappearing
Computer generated images no talent just machines

Much like the videos games no talent just machines
Sports figures...

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© Bobby May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: kingston, art,
Form: Free verse
A Lightening Bolt
A bolt-on accessory capable of being
Bolted to truck without crumbling
One like a thunder bolt rumbling
On a hundred distant track

This thunder bolt is a super machine of sorts
Perfected into a system of receptacle ports
Bolt is an...

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Categories: kingston, adventure, places, race, strength, uplifting, visionary, youth,
Form: Free verse