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Long Admitted Poems

Long Admitted Poems. Below are the most popular long Admitted by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Admitted poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Megan's Quest Part 1of7
Moon sprites dotted the sky like lilies at dawn
    in a ballet meant to cause nocturnal delight.
While Fairies and Pixie Dust covered the lawn
    in a dance that would...

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Categories: admitted, adventure, courage, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Dad, continued

You once said to me,"I'm a man of extremes," and I understood immediately what you meant.  When you drank, you drank hard.  When you worked you expected perfection, in yourself not others, because...

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Categories: admitted, dad,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Candy Girl

"Candy Girl"

He had been watching her from the far end of the Ice Bar, where he was sitting propped up on an ice ledge which was cushioned in plush Reindeer hide and Yak fur, surrounded...

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Categories: admitted, adventure, muse, mystery,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Scare Me Good Poetry Contest
I crept into the pit of hell all alone. Contingent upon my lifestyle I knew this could be my last day alive…

She haunted me in my dreams. She terrorized me in the sunlight but through...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: admitted, dark, deep, fear, scary,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Strange and the Stranger - A Short Story
Due to some rare, genetic disorder, Cliff was born with physical features that made him different from everyone else.  Although, most people would say “different” was a kind term to use to describe Cliff....

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: admitted, life,
Form: Narrative

There are a select few people who are essential to my entire well-being
Embarrassed that I haven’t thanked you for the love you gave to me
I must tackle the troubles that double in size, strength and...

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Categories: admitted, appreciation, change, emotions, encouraging, growth, hope, hurt,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Light at the End of the Tunnel
"What a fine day for a picnic," my friends all said,
In the dog days of summer, with the hot sun overhead.

We would all go for a swim, and then have a fine lunch,
And would return...

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Categories: admitted, adventure, dark, fantasy, friendship love, home, light,
Form: Couplet
David Death
David Death

David Death was strong but handsome, 
But he suffered from much discrimination, 
Because his beauty was shaded, unlit, 
Which found him called ugly and unfit. 

He understood why this error occurred, 
So always made...

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Categories: admitted, computer, death, desire, internet, life, nature, self,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Premium Member Let's Go to Robotville
I have the greatest of the great ideas!” My husband said. 
“Best one I have ever had!” He uses this line weekly 
Since he is in sales, and we have been married a long time...

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Categories: admitted, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Deep CoTherapeutic Stimulation
Ms. Real Time,
an often stimulating Taoist,
but sometimes, admittedly, not so much,
more of a cannibal really
on her dark time of before and after
her Taoist stimulating period
if you know what I mean.

Ms. Real Time
invited her Prime Co-Partner,

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Categories: admitted, adventure, birth, earth, language, religion, space, time,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Picture This
Picture this.
Exploding pipe bombs.
Land fields that can take your arms off.
Driving off road, and frenzied, with excitement 
Adrenaline RAGING.
Oh, yes, Syrian Teenagers,
It is “Let’s See If We Are Really Alive” day.
Okay, we’ll let in some...

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Categories: admitted, malayalam, moving on, patriotic, perspective, political, presidents
Form: Free verse
The Battle for Betterment
Is it possible, in times like these, 
To fight off such adversity and selfishness
And to save other souls that you owe not to?
Gaze into these pain-filled eyes,
Contemplate their crushing calumny 
And see why I must...

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Categories: admitted, blessing, dark, evil, forgiveness, heaven, inspirational, war,
Form: Free verse
Calm - 'Dear Clementine'
I love the element of surprise which the present offers liberally
I love putting one into uncertainty or making them marvel—
It makes me feel extra special…

For a moment, I will only be a vile monster in...

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Categories: admitted, conflict, emotions, journey, life, miracle, philosophy, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
My love for you is brighter than the Sun
My heart is addicted and you are my drug,
I am committed to this like prison but I am not convicted 
Because my soul has risen, you are...

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Categories: admitted, anniversary, beauty, memory, missing you, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Grazing the Garden
I retired a couple years ago
and decided to take a gardening class
because otherwise I probably would starve
even with food stamps,
given my retirement plan
was mainly to live off my still-freeloading adult perpetual-children.

This gardening class cost more...

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Categories: admitted, age, garden, humor, poverty,
Form: Prose Poetry

(Nigeria poem)

They gave us an inch
We took eels,
Left four jugs
At the shore, pronounced our future loaves of bread in them
Then waved to the wind.

They left their ancestors on our soil
So we worship it.
They tie...

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Categories: admitted, 2nd grade,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Getting Her Goat
There once was a young lass 
Who wanted some quick cash, 
And one Sunday she did pray at mass 
With God’s answer was ‘this surely will pass’. 

Not knowing what to say  
She left...

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Categories: admitted, 10th grade, atheist, for teens, god, high
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Crawling Toward My Grave
I'm barely crawling toward my grave
And lucky to have come this far! 
A life lived mostly not a knave, 
Or specimen in someone's jar.

It's not so easy to stay clear
Of folks who'd label us at...

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Categories: admitted, anti bullying, humor, life, political,
Form: Rhyme
Witch hunt
“I never said “no”, or tried to fight back,?and I never spoke up about the attack.?But I never said “yes”, or chose to undress,?and I never did think it was safe to confess ?his filthy...

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Categories: admitted, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, child
Form: Lyric
Intriguing Odour
Me cars down at the doctors ‘cause there’s trouble with the coil,
and somewhere I’m losing water so once or twice I’ve had it boil.
It needs another set of spark plugs and me mufflers had the...

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Categories: admitted, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Infinite Blue, Pirate's Abandon01
vast x-pan(d)s
Symbullic Prower
each let-ter numb
my hands
my oh my
the seimene


its all backwards
the wizard? states plainly

you should grow your hair long and sail the sea once more
with a handshake and a heavy chest being loaded onto...

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Categories: admitted, adventure, analogy, art, baptism, beach, best friend,
Form: Dramatic Verse
sigh of sin ? (part - 2)
the cause of spreading over of the fragrance
from our secret myrobalan to every side of the pillows
is not only such that in the morning 
an empty ink-pot says to the rain-water 
you are beautiful 


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Categories: admitted, fantasy
Form: Prose Poetry
Do you believe in Angels
  Diane, a Christian University student, was visiting
some hometown friends while on a summer vacation
from College.
  She was catching up on all the stories her girlfriends
and she wanted to share with each other.

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Categories: admitted, angel,
Form: Narrative
Multi Million Giveaways
Millionaire Giveaways

There are millionaires and then again there are multi millionaires…
How many zeroes to each of their fortunes and how much do they care….

In this nation I read of a multi millionaire that’s one of...

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Categories: admitted, appreciation, caregiving, community, dedication, giving, inspirational, tribute,
Form: Narrative
How was it missed.
I recently went to see my doctor. I suffer with a degenerative disease in my spine, only after 
a car accident did the disease wake up and its been down hill all the way for...

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Categories: admitted, lifeme, people, me, people,
Form: I do not know?