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Megan's Quest Part 1of7

Moon sprites dotted the sky like lilies at dawn in a ballet meant to cause nocturnal delight. While Fairies and Pixie Dust covered the lawn in a dance that would last through the night. As the Wee Folk played at their heavenly display, others were asleep and not in their sight. Except for a house where even at the end of the day, a Tailor continued to work by a shimmering light. The candle flickered and glistened straining his eyes trying to sew and make the most perfect of cuts. As the dress he was making was due at sunrise and if he was late... a shilling would be hers to deduct. The old Man paused for a moment on hearing a sound and grew cautious at what to behold. But it was only his children... Megan and Regan playing around and not sleeping as they had been told. He thought he should rise and climb up the stairs to tell the Children to stop with the fuss. But Children are Children and such time should be theirs and the dress was still a bit of a rush. But his mind started to wander and found it compelling on a Spring morning just one year ago. When his dear Wife and their Mother had left their dwelling and not returned from the valley below. In total nine Women had gone missing that day and the search had been fruitless and bare. The pain he still felt was fresh and would not go away but he must be strong with two Children to care. With a last touch of lace the dress was complete as he stretched and gave his head a good shake. When another loud sound rose from the street and the old Man was now completely awake. Before he could see to the Children and consider a plan there stood at the door a Troll of monstrous size. Who looked slowly around then grabbed at the Man while a fierce fire burned in his eyes. This Troll was ugly beyond any belief with hair scored flaming red. He stood 40 palms... weighed thirty stones with both feet the size of sleds. His skin was course with bloodshot eyes and breath like garlic wine. His nose was huge and his teeth grotesque... he smelled of putrid swine. 'Stay where you are and don't try to resist.' growled the Troll to make the man see. 'My King wishes you to be brought to work in his midst. So for that... you're coming with me.' The Troll took the old Man and left by the door and disappeared into the dead of the night. While Megan and Regan had watched from their floor and were both shaking and speechless from fright. The Neighbors soon gathered and truly were sorry but the whole thing was a bit of a bother. As they were fearful of Trolls and no matter their story would not challenge them to rescue the Father. One Man said, 'I will send a note to your Aunt and hope she will come soon to help with your needs. And if by the slightest of chance... she claims that she can't then you may stay with my Family and me.' The crowd soon departed with the Children in fear at a future that seemed less than right. When Megan reached over and brushed from Regan a tear and said, 'It's up to us to put an end to our plight.' 'We will rescue our Father from the grip of these Trolls no matter the danger and pain. And I pledge as your Sister to be true to this goal that we will see our dear Father again.' 'What can we do?' said Regan while wiping his nose on a sleeve. 'Trolls are much bigger and do as they please. And with a sword or a hammer... could easily cleave any part of our body they choose to with ease.' Megan had to admit that her young Brother was right and their quest had quickly come to a stall. When they heard a strange voice from out of the night, 'The bigger they are... the harder they fall.' The Children turned to see an old Bumpalump who was a bit smaller than Megan in size. They were seen as great grumps with their clothes in a frump and known to tell all assortment of lies. 'What did you say?' said Regan still feeling the strain to the Bumpalump who might be mocking their pain. 'I passively refrained that it would be a great shame should your Father be not seen again.' 'Go about your business,' said Megan in quiet disgust, 'Leave us alone to suffer this blow. Everyone knows a 'lump is not worthy of trust and more likely to add to our woe.' The Bumpalump sat at the table and slowly replied, 'It is true what you say about me. The stories you've heard about a 'lumps lack of pride and our tendency to cheat all for a fee.' 'But I have to question these things that you say whether they be verbal or something you've read. Or are you just blindly repeating the thoughts of the day that others have put in your head?' The 'lump had a point as the Children gave thought to any experience to back up their view. And they freely admitted these things had been taught and could not think of a single Bumpalump they knew. 'My name is Slaygon,' the 'lump said with a boast, 'I admire your courage and drive. I would jump at the chance to get away from this coast and be of service so your vengeance to thrive.' The Bumpalump continued, 'A long time ago before my people became mired in this dreaded state. We were merchants and farmers whose lives were aglow with a passion that was the envy of those filled with hate.' 'And the Trolls were the worst who invaded our land destroying all that I loved and adored. And for those who survived... we were egregiously banned to a life of destitution on these lonely shores. 'Now you don't know me and have a good reason to suspect to my motives but remember your goal. I think I can be of assist and earn your respect by helping rescue your Father now held by the Trolls.' End of Part 1/7 *For those who might be interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' on my homepage. A new on will appear every second day.

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Date: 7/24/2019 7:53:00 AM
I enjoyed instalment one and of course your cartoon.
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Date: 7/3/2019 8:10:00 PM
All I can say is WOW. How do you think these up?! And to think, this is only part one. Your imagination and creativity are on fire, David. Bravo. Epic stuff. ~ gw
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McHattie Avatar
David McHattie
Date: 7/4/2019 2:28:00 AM
Be prepared my friend... this is a long one. Have a great day.
Date: 7/2/2019 11:32:00 PM
So GREAT to read you again David. I can't wait for the next installment. But always remember, "Up the airy mountain/Down the rusty glen/We daren't to go a hunting/For fear of little men." I do truly wish my grandson and son were younger so that I could read these to them at bedtime, and tell them lets wait to see what will come.......
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McHattie Avatar
David McHattie
Date: 7/4/2019 2:29:00 AM
I was laid up sick for a while but I'm back at it. Thanks for the encouragement. Have a great day my friend.
Date: 7/1/2019 10:37:00 AM
What a ripe imagination you have! Do you draw the cartoons?
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