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Image Poems. Read and share great examples of all types of image poems and poetic imagery. This list of image poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Share and read poems about self-image, who we really are, how do you picture yourself, and more. We often create an image of ourselves in our mind, but what do others see? Is the image we perceive reality? Does that persona appeal to the eyes and ears, or emotions? Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of image poetry. This list of works about an image is an excellent resource for examples of how to write image poems.

New Poems

Winters Song

Winter’s Song

The darkness of the pewter moon
Casts its light 
Upon the dreary December night
Curtains close for autumn’s harvest 
Leaves and cones and needles swept underground 

The arctic brisks fill the air 
Crystals and icicles adorn bare forest wood
Fluffy snow mount...Read More
Categories: image, death, depression, snow, spring, storm, suicide, sunshine,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member WINTER, NO

            Winter, No!      

            Fingers of winter,
            Sneaking...Read More
Categories: image, winter,
Form: Haiku
I can’t abstain playing of this water-flow-air-soil ;
River arrive to my home breaking bank.
Kite arrive to fly me cloud by cloud
Fire arrive to burn it’s branch through me.
Fish arrive with net catching me
Steamer arrive to ride on me
Library arrive to...Read More
Categories: humor, image, spiritual,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The Missing
Just a grainy photo
in a missing persons file
A blurry time worn image
of a fading face and smile

Forgotten people through the cracks
have slipped and gone away
By whose hand to God knows where
there is no clue to say

They wandered off the beaten...Read More
Categories: image, grief, lost, mystery, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Fat Girl Problems
She says
That her belly is too big
That her favourite jean cant seem to fit
That her skin is showing signs of spilling over ,she says she's afraid of going to the shop she looks like a freak
She's convinced that her momentum...Read More
Categories: image, body,
Form: Verse

Social Media
Hopeless, mental fatigue
Social media – a toxic cerebral disease?

We’re addicted to an image
Humanity - an insatiable virtual lust
Greed, gluttony, and envy
The juxtapositions - intrigue woven with disgust

Intoxicated by the fantastic stories
A dark emotional bottomless hole
We do our best to disconnect
Troubled...Read More
Categories: image, addiction, anger, anxiety, conflict, courage, depression, desire,
Form: Rhyme
You came into the shop I was waiting in. 
You told me, the threat if I said ‘No’ implicit,
For only I to see
A supposed gift, explicit
For all to see
“I got a tattoo at 18. I have booked you to have...Read More
Categories: image, abuse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Seeing You See
I am seeing you see
what you think was me
and you're seeing more
than you think you see

I am seeing you see
this soul waiting to see
another who sees more
than the essence of me

Within this image you see
this gaze confirms it is me
I...Read More
Categories: image, gothic, riddle,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Leading With L
Lately I have likely been leaning
Towards penning lots of lofty lines
And start looking for lonely lagoons
To pick laurels, lilacs and lilies
Frogs leaping into languid, lush ponds
Ducks landing lightly on silent lakes
Lilting laments from past lovely times
Images of lost lands lingering...Read More
Categories: image, lonely, lost, love, nature, poetry, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member LADIES in silenced imagination
under wraps
       forbidden eyes
       reciprocating feelings
       of speculation
  remains a bond
   set aside
      ...Read More
Categories: image, senses, sensual,
Form: Verse

What defines us becomes very clear at times,
when the generous spirit works in echoes of frames.
Beside the task of generating month end meets,
are the relations and trust with its deeds.
When prejudice and temptations are wrought,
establishing a particular colour in random...Read More
Categories: image, character, education, emotions,
Form: Ballade
Sad Eyes
I don’t recognize the image reflected in my mirror
Be gone I scream
She moves her lips but I can’t hear her
Please disappear
She can’t be me, I refuse to believe her
This must be a dream
I try to get away but she pulls...Read More
Categories: image, depression, sad,
Form: I do not know?
Green Tree Frogs
Another nightly ascent up the stairs towards my solitary bedroom

Glistening green totems await, slighty tainted with opiate night perfumes

O souls beyond time before time was time

Is there a bright future ahead?

Only the note of B flat spills out of nocturnal...Read More
Categories: analogy, animal, environment, green, howl, image,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Flat Out
It was once believed
the earth was flat.
This is no longer the case:
we all know now
that the earth is flat-lining....Read More
Categories: earth, environment, image,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Portal Ponderings
Will it be a half naked fat man 
   rubbing sleep out of his eyes
      Pajama clad toddler that managed 
            to...Read More
Categories: christian, image, people,
Form: Free verse
Inside me
A particular path to take everyday to walk in a fashion on the way. Only to pass beautiful things, flowers and trees only to get a whith of a cool breeze. At least for a moment enternally, only convinced by...Read More
Categories: image, absence, adventure, age, allusion, butterfly, corruption, words,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Autumn's Dead
My breath morphs into a November ghost
spectral mist the slightest breeze dissipates.
And barren trees lament the loss of leaves
as Autumn approaches where Winter waits.

The wind whistles through the twigs and branches
rattling the bare bones of the naked trees.
And drums a...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade, analogy, autumn, image,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Prisoner of conscious truth
To get behind the cobwebs 
this harsh cold wind awakens a soul 

Under a veil watching the spider darn it's web 
cutting to a heart whispering chills deeply bound 
Trapped as the sparkle of morning dew in shimmering light...Read More
Categories: image, blessing, deep, emotions, faith, heart, rain, truth,
Form: Couplet
Cracks In The Facade
Bright ,cheerful,jovial is his visage
You sense a fragile sadness
Belied by his soft smile

In  quieter mood his face relaxes
Worry lines fragment his calm
Tears threaten like raindrops

The pent up  dam now  bursts,his bulwark gone
Broken,beaten and bereft
A sad shell of...Read More
Categories: image, pain, sad,
Form: Kimo
I Saw A Dragon Fly
I saw a dragon fly.
This wasn't my imagination
He was a reflection in the water near my boat
From the clouds in the sky.
Pictures don't lie.
The dragon was there for a short duration.
I saw a dragon fly.
I saw it with my own...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation, art, beautiful, education, image, magic,
Form: Villanelle
Milk For Shakespeare


Did you milk the goat, Juliet?
Oh, sorry Romeo, not yet !!!
What about the cow?
Oh, I don't know how, !?
So, go milk Shakespeare's sonnets

'' life is not always Romantic ''

...Read More
Categories: image, cute love, humor, romance, satire,
Form: Limerick
The Greatest Wealth
The Greatest Wealth

Your everchanging hue,
The chameleon inside of you
All the black and the blue 
That you pulled yourself through
I must n’t change for anything
Your window of light
Your hello and goodnight 
Your sand and your shore
Your today and tomorrow 
Your shadow...Read More
Categories: blue, devotion, good night, image, light, love,
Form: Free verse
The Wisdom Of The Trees
They know everything, viewing unsuspecting beings, as they pass beneath, they whisper their secrets upon the air.  Leaf-songs no human can interpret, ride the winds like a bird, winging its way across azure skies.

on a branch 
rustling leaves

Owls...Read More
Categories: animal, bird, environment, image, nature, poems, poetry,
Form: Haibun
prisms reflecting
the light
...Read More
Categories: image, imagery, light, poems, poetry,
Form: Haiku
Driftwood Floating
driftwood floating -
a trout leaps

...Read More
Categories: image, nature, poems, poetry, water,
Form: Haiku

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