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How I Look Image Poems

These How I Look Image poems are examples of poetry about How I Look Image. These are the best examples of Image How I Look poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Lets Rhyme
Soon it will be a cold winter's day, 
hot chocolate is great for any holiday. 
I want to go out and play, 
let's go riding...

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Categories: image, bird, body, day, food,

Premium Member Shifting Shapes in Clouds
The clouds are swirling in the wind,
Unique designs appear within.
An artist’s brush could be the air,
For many forms are found up there.

Look up there, it’s...

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© Bill Baker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: image, change, children, fear, fun,

Take a Second Look and See What's Underneath the Scars On Me
Don't stare at me it's not nice
This is how I paid the price
For rescuing a child who
From a fire I would pull
To safety but in...

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Categories: feelings, image, judgement,

Inside Beauty Not Out
Girls and guys should NEVER be
Fixated on someones beauty
They should look from inside out
To know what pretty's all about

Big blue eyes and a dark tan

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Categories: beauty, image, self,

Take a stroll

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, happiness, image,

Premium Member Lets Minichu on Dreams
It's time to go to bed,
After a long day I lay my head down to sleep,
Sleep I dread.

Reading a book,
Will it be about a pink...

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Categories: image, books, car, dream, humor,

Premium Member The Hidden Nature Trail
Do you like trekking through the woods in Fall;
did you know it's a way to relieve stress?
The crunch of leaves, or a scolding crow's call,

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Categories: image, adventure, autumn, beautiful, change,

Look Inside This Heart
Look inside this heart,
And see the world within,
A tapestry of love and light,
Where all things begin.

See the dreams that dance and play,
The hopes that soar...

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Categories: image, imagery, imagination, inspirational,

The Monster
My heart ached dull and wallowing
Like an itch that won’t go away
I feel  hollow and carved out
Like a piece of me is missing

My spindly...

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Categories: anxiety, emotions, image,

i can never be myself
skin stretching around fat around tissue around blood around bones
pushing through, spreading out, im aching
but never breaking through 
i never wanted...

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Categories: gender, identity, image, self,

Premium Member Face Value John Stezaker Image
We only see what we want to see
Reluctant to acknowledge what doesn't fit
The safety of face value
Not valuable or safe at all
Look beyond my face

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Categories: image, perspective,

Premium Member I Am
Who are you to look upon I as if I can fit into the pages of a book?
As if one glance can fit this eternal...

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© Tahj Jones  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: image, black african american, i

Alter Image
There it is -
                  a giant lizard
or is...

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Categories: image, poetry,

Premium Member Image
Everyone has an image of how they want to look

From super models on TV to fashion in a book

Super skinny models to muscleman who are...

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Categories: image, care,

The Ancient Eyes of the Ethiopian
The ancient eyes of the Ethiopian sky,
Gaze down upon the land, where time drifts by.
In their depths, a history etched in every hue,
Stories of a...

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Categories: image, imagery, imagination, introspection,