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Self Image Poems

These Self Image poems are examples of Image poems about Self. These are the best examples of Image Self poems written by international poets.

Gulity Pleasure
He is like sugary cookie
I seriously need to resist
To maintain self control

Damn he looks so delicious
Making me loose my common sense
Withstand my desire

All my reasons

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© Sue Sanzz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: image, art, cute love, fantasy,

My Journey to Invisibility
I mark the days I failed to starve up on my wrist in tallies.
 It's gotten to the point where I have almost ran out...

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Categories: body, depression, image, journey,

You're a Weirdo
You are so very weird
Your weirdness shines true
There are so very few,
Who are weirder than you.

You see, weirdness is relative
Weirdness is wacky
But the right kind...

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Categories: image, character, confidence, nonsense, wisdom,

The scale starts to call and I cannot resist; constantly drawn to my biggest fear. 
The painful number that I see, never leaves my mind.

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Categories: image, addiction, angst, body, depression,

Is the Mirror Unkind, for an Anorexic
Is the Mirror Unkind?, for an Anorexic
by Michael R. Burch

for anyone struggling with self-image and self-worth

She has a comely form
and a smile that brightens her...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, image,

Image :: Bina Form

Negative emotions destroy, damage
the personality of a person.
Constant negative thinking makes person
selfish, aloof, self-centered and damage
good will; damage image of that person.

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© PRATAP ROY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: image, emotions,

a poem for society
roses are white
and although that’s a lie
color doesn’t change
the beauty inside...

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Categories: image, analogy, introspection, prejudice, roses

Premium Member The Mirrored War Room

"The Mirrored War Room"

We are all mirrors
cloned reflections

The Key of Life

Inside Woman

Womb eternal
Fallopian armed

for Love and War
left and right

Inside Woman

past into future

through other worldly...

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Categories: birth, i am, image,

Premium Member Sport - Naught
Although I understand I ought,
I've never had much time for sport,
On the pitch, the field, or court.

I was not much good at sport -
Why should...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: how i feel, image,

Premium Member Anchored To Her Soul

Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu had a surreal journey through life,
inspired by a vision
she left her home in the rural countryside
of Albania and went to Calcutta India

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Categories: image, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Self Reflection, for an Anorexic
Self Reflection
by Michael R. Burch

(for anyone struggling with self-image)

She has a comely form
and a smile that brightens her dorm . . .
but she’s grossly unthin

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Categories: image, absence, anti bullying, beauty,

Man in the Mirror what do you see
Man in the mirror what do you see?
I see man who is shy as can be.
Man in the mirror what do you see?
I see a...

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Categories: faith, god, identity, image,

Lonely Is the Mirror
Damn you Narcissus,
You've locked her in this cage
A cage so empty from blindness
She sees what I deny

Cause lonely is the mirror 
She sees your soul

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Categories: image, analogy, feelings, hilarious, identity,

Tuxedo night
Get the limo
Me Lady
I am in the car
Stepping out
We gonna dance the
Night away

Wretched Behavior beat Tuxedo Big Breed
At the rap and roll Jamba...

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Categories: image, business, community, creation, education,

To Frida

The frayed thread that rips from our body,
 unravels us.
This is my condition with existence,
but, this isn't me,
I am a dream!

"Artist Frida Kahlo was considered...

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Categories: image, allusion, art, body, change,

The Greatest Wealth
The Greatest Wealth

Your everchanging hue,
The chameleon inside of you
All the black and the blue 
That you pulled yourself through
I must n’t change for anything
Your window...

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Categories: image, blue, devotion, good night,

The mirror of truth
Once upon a time in a perfect world therein,
exist a golden mirror showing only the truth divine.
Where remembrance in perfect light revealing 
the simple fact,

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Categories: image, life, love,

Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes
See the humanity inside
See where beauty resides
See them blue, green or brown
See them smile or frown

Look into my eyes
In my eyes the...

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Categories: image, beautiful, beauty, fear, feelings,

Premium Member Busy Business Above
Scratchy, scratchy, what's that sound,
Atop my home space, high and round?
Could there be one self-served mouse,
Schemed to steal my sweet, dry house?

No, those sounds don't...

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Categories: animal, happy, home, image,

Counterbalancing Self
Counterbalancing Self

I found her in absent withdrawal
A study of confusion and nerves
Countermanding the calm exterior
Presented to face the day

Hand applied radiance 
Giving her face a...

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Categories: conflict, courage, image, introspection,