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Self Image Poems

These Self Image poems are examples of Image poems about Self. These are the best examples of Image Self poems written by international poets.

The self 
is but a wicked dream 
that lifts you high 
to let you fall.

"Inflatable", men call such boast 
that stretches the imagine 
so to...

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Categories: feelings, image, integrity, vanity,

First-Person Personal
First-Person Personal
By Sy Roth

Here adrift wrapped in a coat of heebeejeebies
Fearful of using the first-person personal
Masking it instead by holograms of itself,
Playful non-entities cavorting among...

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© Sy Roth  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: image, 3rd grade, allegory, angst,

Premium Member My True Self Is That banner Of Moral Victory
I don't excel at life because of modesty and honesty,
there are other reasons, aspects, and perceptions I decry;
my true self is that banner of moral...

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Categories: image, discrimination, emotions, feelings, hope,

The Mask
Behind the Mask
A story unknown to those deceived
The pain, the anguish
The stress, the troubled anxiety

There's a glorious presentation
It's a beautiful, wonderful life
But when the curtain...

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Categories: image, allegory, angst, anxiety, change,

Premium Member Token
Flight from the cities
excerpts from my hearts of hope
my best memories
keeper of the forever flame
before the ancient Green mile

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Categories: image, desire, extended metaphor, history,

Premium Member Self Reflections

These are poems about mirrors, images, self-image, reflections and self-reflection. How do we see ourselves differently than other people see us? Why do our...

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Categories: identity, image, imagery, metaphor,

Premium Member Musing on Being Famous or Not
Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers 
Wound up famous in a nursery rhyme 
Plied their trades, were movers and shakers 
Remembered from a long-forgotten time. 


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Categories: fantasy, identity, image, self,

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
A picture says a thousand words…
I’ll just take the words to give me a picture!


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Categories: image, irony, philosophy, self,

Premium Member Image Of Self
"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought
and the thought has found words." Robert Frost

I write upon thin silicon wafers of time
etching words into...

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Categories: image, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Voices
The Voice of reason
The Voice on the phone
The Voice of the radio

Voice of the Movies
Voice of the television
The Voice of the news

The Voice of the...

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Categories: image, allegory, allusion, america, analogy,

Premium Member mirror image - time
consciousness is a
fleeting reflection
time-space being as
a three dimensional effect

fourth dimensional causes
abstractly hidden by our 3d input
being as...

the causes themselves are just leftovers
from past effects continuing...

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© sand blown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: image, absence, endurance, time,

Better you understand
   I would wish to be a hat 
   carried on top of your head 
rather than being a mat 

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© V. Deepa   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, hurt, identity, image,

Premium Member Another Toast To Ploutos
How do I judge
people who wear fine clothes
with an attitude?
Hippocrates, nothing else!

I have worn trendy clothes
and made me look great,
many likes and compliments 
I got...

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Categories: celebrity, desire, growth, image,

Premium Member MY TRUE SELF IV-
my soul in the consciousness of my spiritual physical heart my mind choices do impart my longevity in heaven  beginning in God's image~

Written words...

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Categories: image, analogy, god, how i

Premium Member MY TRUE SELF III-
I am  myself is a soul in the beginning and end of God's image~

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr ©...

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Categories: image, analogy, god, how i